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Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 21535-21548: Magnetic Bead-Based Colorimetric Immunoassay for Aflatoxin B1 Using Gold Nanoparticles

14-11-2014 | Wang, Xu ; Niessner, Reinhard ; Knopp, Dietmar, Sensors, 2014

A competitive colorimetric immunoassay for the detection of aflatoxin B1 (AFB) has been established using biofunctionalized magnetic beads (MBs) and gold nanoparticles (GNPs). Aflatoxin B1-bovine serum albumin conjugates (AFB-BSA) modified MBs were employed as capture probe, which could ...


Biocompatible Infinite‐Coordination‐Polymer Nanoparticle–Nucleic‐Acid Conjugates for Antisense Gene Regulation

13-11-2014 | Colin M. Calabrese, Timothy J. Merkel, William E. Briley, Pratik S. Randeria, Suguna P. Narayan, Jessica L. Rouge, D ..., Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014

Abstract Herein, we report the synthesis of DNA‐functionalized infinite‐coordination‐polymer (ICP) nanoparticles as biocompatible gene‐regulation agents. ICP nanoparticles were synthesized from ferric nitrate and a ditopic 3‐hydroxy‐4‐pyridinone (HOPO) ligand bearing a pendant azide. Addition ...


Ionic‐liquid‐based, manual‐shaking‐ and ultrasound‐assisted, surfactant‐enhanced emulsification microextraction for the determination of three fungicide residues in juice samples

13-11-2014 | Xiaochu Chen, Xiangwei You, Fengmao Liu, Fan Hou, Xu Zhang, Journal of Separation Science, 2014

A novel manual shaking and ultrasound‐assisted surfactant‐enhanced emulsification microextraction method was developed for the determination of three fungicides in juice samples. In this method, the ionic liquid, 1‐ethyl‐3‐methylimidazolium bis[(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl]imide, instead of a ...


Application of the Zr/Hf Ratio in the Determination of Hafnium in Geochemical Samples by High-Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

12-11-2014 | Ya Xuan Liu; Qing Xia Li; Na Ma; Xiao Ling Sun; Jin Feng Bai; Qin Zhang, Analytical Chemistry, 2014

Hafnium content and its change are of significance in geochemistry and cosmochemistry; however, the determination of hafnium has always been problematic in analytical chemistry. In this paper, a new idea is proposed for the determination of hafnium in geochemical samples, including rocks, soils, ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 21281-21315: Online Variational Bayesian Filtering-Based Mobile Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

11-11-2014 | Zhou, Bingpeng ; Chen, Qingchun ; Li, Tiffany Jing; Xiao, Pei, Sensors, 2014

The received signal strength (RSS)-based online tracking for a mobile node in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is investigated in this paper. Firstly, a multi-layer dynamic Bayesian network (MDBN) is introduced to characterize the target mobility with either directional or undirected movement. In ...


Relaxor Ferroelectric BaTiO3–Bi(Mg2/3Nb1/3)O3 Ceramics for Energy Storage Application

06-11-2014 | Tong Wang, Li Jin, Chunchun Li, Qingyuan Hu, Xiaoyong Wei, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2014

Perovskite solid solution ceramics of (1−x)BaTiO3–xBi(Mg2/3Nb1/3)O3 (BT–BMN) (x=0.05–0.2) were synthesized by solid‐state reaction technique. The results show that the BMN addition could lower the sintering temperature of BT‐based ceramics. X‐ray diffraction results reveal a pure perovskite ...


New Water-Soluble Iridium(I)–N-Heterocyclic Carbene–Tertiary Phosphine Mixed-Ligand Complexes as Catalysts of Hydrogenation and Redox Isomerization

06-11-2014 | Henrietta Horváth; Ágnes Kathó; Antal Udvardy; Gábor Papp; Dorina Szikszai; Ferenc Joó, Organometallics, 2014

Seven new [Ir(NHC)(η4-cod)(L)] complexes (4–9, 11) with NHC = bmim, emim, L = Cl–, H2O, or the water-soluble phosphines mtppms-Na, mtppts-Na3, and pta were synthesized and characterized. Na2[Ir(bmim)(η4-cod)(mtppts)] (6) and [Ir(bmim)(η4-cod)(pta)]Cl (7) actively catalyzed hydrogenation of ...


Purification, crystallization and preliminary X‐ray diffraction analysis of pyridoxal kinase from Plasmodium falciparum (PfPdxK)

05-11-2014 | Thales Kronenberger, Sergey Lunev, Carsten Wrenger, Matthew R. Groves, Acta Crystallographica Section F, 2014

Pyridoxal kinases (PdxK) catalyze the phosphorylation of vitamin B6 precursors. Thus, these enzymes are an essential part of many metabolic processes in all organisms. The protozoan parasite Plasmodium falciparum (the main causative agent of Malaria tropica) possesses a unique de novo ...


Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 7304-7313: Electrical Properties of CZO Films Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

05-11-2014 | Chen, Lung-Chien ; Hsieh, Cheng-An ; Zhang, Xiuyu, Materials, 2014

CuZnO (CZO) films have attracted increasing amounts of attention due to their promising potential applications in semiconductor devices. ZnO shows n-type conductivity, and attempts have been made to dope several elements in ZnO to improve the electrical properties. This study investigated the ...


Specific Interactions of Ag+ Ions with Anionic Polyacrylate Chains in Dilute Solution

05-11-2014 | A. Ezhova; K. Huber, Macromolecules, 2014

A detailed light scattering investigation is presented on dilute solutions of two long-chain sodium polyacrylates (NaPA) in the presence of monovalent Ag+ ions in 0.01 M NaNO3 aqueous solution at a pH of 9. The relevance for the investigation is based on two features: (i) despite its monovalency, ...


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