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Optimization of Grade Transitions in Polyethylene Solution Polymerization Processes

21-Nov-2015 | Jun Shi, Lorenz T. Biegler, Intan Hamdan, AIChE Journal, 2015

Abstract This study considers the development of optimization models for grade transition of polyethylene solution polymerization processes. A detailed mathematical model is developed to capture the dynamics of the solution polymerization process. This includes time delay models for vapor and ...


A Transparent, Smooth, Thermally Robust, Conductive Polyimide for Flexible Electronics

20-Nov-2015 | Joshua A. Spechler, Tae‐Wook Koh, Jake T. Herb, Barry P. Rand, Craig B. Arnold, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015

In this work, a thermally and mechanically robust, smooth transparent conductor composed of silver nanowires embedded in a colorless polyimide substrate is introduced. The polyimide is exceptionally chemically, mechanically, and thermally stable. While silver nanowire networks tend not to be ...


Ionic‐Liquid‐Based Polymer Electrolytes for Battery Applications

19-Nov-2015 | Irene Osada, Henrik de Vries, Bruno Scrosati, Stefano Passerini, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015

Abstract The advent of solid‐state polymer electrolytes for application in lithium batteries took place more than four decades ago when the ability of polyethylene oxide (PEO) to dissolve suitable lithium salts was demonstrated. Since then, many modifications of this basic system have been ...


Colorimetric Humidity and Solvent Recognition Based on a Cation-Exchange Clay Mineral Incorporating Nickel(II)–Chelate Complexes

19-Nov-2015 | Hitoshi Hosokawa; Tomoyuki Mochida, Langmuir, 2015

Solvatochromic nickel(II) complexes with diketonato and diamine ligands were incorporated into a saponite clay by ion exchange, and their colorimetric humidity- and solvent-recognition properties were investigated. These powders exhibit color change from red to blue-green depending on humidity, ...


Selective Coordination of Gallium(III), Zinc(II), and Copper(II) by an Asymmetric Dinucleating Ligand: A Model for Metallophosphatases

18-Nov-2015 | Simone Bosch, Peter Comba, Lawrence R. Gahan, Graeme R. Hanson, Christopher Noble, Gerhard Schenk, Hubert Wadepohl, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract Complexation studies of the dinucleating ligand H3L (H3L=2‐{[bis(pyridin‐2‐ylmethyl)amino]methyl}‐6‐{[bis(6‐pivaloylamidopyridin‐2‐ylmethyl)amino]methyl}‐4‐methylphenol), with metal‐binding sites A and B, which both provide four donors to a metal ion; a tertiary amine; two pyridines ...


Osmotic power production from seawater brine by hollow fiber membrane modules: Net power output and optimum operating conditions

18-Nov-2015 | Sui Zhang, Tai‐Shung Chung, AIChE Journal, 2015

Abstract This study analyzes the net energy output and optimum operating conditions for osmotic power generation from seawater brine based on the currently available hollow fiber membranes in the module scale. Factors that are influential on membrane performances, such as external ...


Solution‐Processed Crystalline n‐Type Organic Transistors Stable against Electrical Stress and Photooxidation

17-Nov-2015 | Hee Taek Yi, Zhihua Chen, Antonio Facchetti, Vitaly Podzorov, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015

The field of organic electronics is still lacking ubiquitous organic transistors with an efficient electron (n‐type) transport that are environmentally and electrically robust. Here, solution‐processed n‐type N,N′‐1H,1H‐perfluorobutyldicyanoperylene‐carboxydi‐imide organic field‐effect ...


Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Assessment of Phase Equilibria in the PLLA/Dioxane/Water Ternary System for Applications in the Biomedical Field

17-Nov-2015 | Flavia Ruggiero; Paolo Antonio Netti; Enza Torino, Langmuir, 2015

Fundamental understanding of thermodynamic of phase separation plays a key role in tuning the desired features of biomedical devices. In particular, phase separation of ternary solution is of remarkable interest in processes to obtain biodegradable and biocompatible architectures applied as ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 13021-13032: Effects of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals on N-Containing Species Release during Rice Straw Pyrolysis

17-Nov-2015 | Gao, Pan ; Xue, Lu ; Lu, Qiang ; Dong, Changqing, Energies, 2015

To study the effects of inherent and external alkali and alkaline earth metallic species (AAEMs, i.e., K, Ca and Mg) on the behavior of N-containing species release during rice straw (RS) pyrolysis, different pretreatments were applied in numerous experiments. Results indicate that ammonia (NH3) ...


Synthesis, structure, and mechanical properties of silica nanocomposite polyrotaxane gels

16-Nov-2015 | Kazuaki Kato, Daisuke Matsui, Koichi Mayumi and Kohzo Ito, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract A significantly soft and tough nanocomposite gel was realized by a novel network formed using cyclodextrin-based polyrotaxanes. Covalent bond formation between the cyclic components of polyrotaxanes and the surface of silica nanoparticles (15 nm diameter) resulted in an infinite ...


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