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Self-healable polymer networks based on the cross-linking of epoxidised soybean oil by an aqueous citric acid solution

18-09-2013 | Facundo Ignacio Altuna; Valeria Pettarin; Roberto Williams, Green Chemistry, 2013

Epoxidised soybean oil (ESO) was cross-linked with an aqueous citric acid (CA) solution without the addition of any other catalyst or solvent. Completely bio-based polymer networks were generated. The initial system was an emulsion but it became a homogeneous and transparent polymer network by ...


Reversible dispersion-precipitation of single-walled carbon nanotubes using pH change and addition of organic component

18-09-2013 | Yoshiro Imura; Clara Morita; Takeshi Kawai, New Journal of Chemistry, 2013

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) were dispersed in an aqueous solution of a long-chain amidoamine surfactant (C18AA) at a high concentration (


Calcium-selective optodes for the management of plant nutrient solutions

16-09-2013 | Author(s): Matthew T. Bamsey , Alain Berinstain , Michael A. Dixon, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2013

Publication date: January 2014 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 190 Author(s): Matthew T. Bamsey , Alain Berinstain , Michael A. Dixon Robust, real-time, ion-selective sensors are much needed by the greenhouse and controlled environment plant production sectors. ...


Montmorillonite‐reinforced sulfonated poly(phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone) nanocomposite proton exchange membranes for direct methanol fuel cells

13-09-2013 | Zhengwen Hu, Gaohong He, Shuang Gu, Yuanfa Liu, Xuemei Wu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT To produce a composite membrane with high conductivity and low permeability, SPPESK with a degree of sulfonation of 101% was carefully selected for the preparation of montmorillonite (MMT)‐reinforced SPPESK using solution intercalation. The fundamental characteristics such as water ...


Extraction of protein from skim natural rubber latex using PEG as a surfactant via low speed centrifugation and continuous flow

13-09-2013 | Duangkamol Danwanichakul, Ornthana Rattanaphan, Jirarat Srisatjang, Panu Danwanichakul, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT Protein extractions from skim natural rubber latex using 3 %w/v polyethylene glycol (PEG6000) via both low speed centrifugation and continuous flow were investigated. In centrifugal extraction, when the speed was 1000 rpm, the extractable protein (EP) content in serum increased with ...


Spray‐Dried Structured Lipid Containing Long‐Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids for Use in Infant Formulas

11-09-2013 | Supakana Nagachinta, Casimir C. Akoh, Journal of Food Science, 2013

Abstract Human milk fat (HMF) analogs are structured lipids (SLs) modified to have palmitic acid content at the sn‐2 position of the triacylglycerol (TAG) and fatty acid composition comparable to HMF. Some of these SLs are also designed to incorporate long‐chain polyunsaturated fatty acids ...


Tetrahedral [HnPt4(CO)4(P∧P)2]n+ (n = 1, 2; P∧P = CH2═C(PPh2)2) Cationic Mono- and Dihydrido Carbonyl Clusters Obtained by Protonation of the Neutral Pt4(CO)4(P∧P)2

11-09-2013 | Iacopo Ciabatti; Cristina Femoni; Maria Carmela Iapalucci; Giuliano Longoni; Stefano Zacchini, Organometallics, 2013

The reaction of [Pt12(CO)24]2– with CH2═C(PPh2)2 (P∧P) results in the neutral tetrahedral cluster Pt4(CO)4(P∧P)2. This reacts with strong acids such as HBF4 to afford, first, the [HPt4(CO)4(P∧P)2]+ monohydride monocation and, then, the [H2Pt4(CO)4(P∧P)2]2+ dihydride dication. The three clusters ...


Effect of the Substitution Pattern on the Intramolecular Charge‐Transfer Emissions in Organoboron‐Based Biphenyls, Diphenylacetylenes, and Stilbenes

10-09-2013 | Yi‐Qiao Yan, Yan‐Bang Li, Jian‐Wu Wang, Cui‐Hua Zhao, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2013

Abstract Three series of organoboron‐based molecules, including biphenyls 1 a–c, diphenylacetylenes 2 a–c, and stilbenes 3 a–c, in which the electron‐accepting boryl and the electron‐donating amino groups are introduced at different positions, have been comprehensively investigated to explore ...


A highly sensitive “test paper” for Hg2+ ions based on polyurethane membrane

10-09-2013 | Xianghong Li, Zhen Yang, Xinjian Cheng, Huijuan Zhang, Guiping Wu, Aiqing Zhang, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2013

Heavy metals have caused a lot of serious problems to human beings. A reusable, highly sensitive metal sensor based on polyurethane membrane, which can detect and remove Hg2+ ions, was prepared and tested in this work. A sensor with hydroxyl (−OH) group was grafted to polyurethane, and the heavy ...


Solvent effect on UV/Vis absorption and emission spectra in aqueous solution based on a modified form of solvent reorganization energy

09-09-2013 | Author(s): HaiSheng Ren , MeiJun Ming , Jun Zhu , JianYi Ma , XiangYuan Li, Chemical Physics Letters, 2013

Publication date: 17 September 2013 Source:Chemical Physics Letters, Volume 583 Author(s): HaiSheng Ren , MeiJun Ming , Jun Zhu , JianYi Ma , XiangYuan Li In this Letter, novel form of solvatochromic shifts for absorption and emission spectra are proposed. As a typical test, the lowest ...


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