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Black Phosphorus (BP) Nanodots for Potential Biomedical Applications

20-Nov-2015 | Hyun Uk Lee, So Young Park, Soon Chang Lee, Saehae Choi, Soonjoo Seo, Hyeran Kim, Jonghan Won, Kyuseok Choi, Kyoung ..., Small, 2015

Recently, the appeal of 2D black phosphorus (BP) has been rising due to its unique optical and electronic properties with a tunable band gap (≈0.3–1.5 eV). While numerous research efforts have recently been devoted to nano‐ and optoelectronic applications of BP, no attention has been paid to ...


Verification of Radicals Formation in Ethanol–Water Mixture Based Solution Plasma and Their Relation to the Rate of Reaction

20-Nov-2015 | Tomohito Sudare; Tomonaga Ueno; Anyarat Watthanaphanit; Nagahiro Saito, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

Our previous research demonstrated that using ethanol–water mixture as a liquid medium for the synthesis of gold nanoparticles by the solution plasma process (SPP) could lead to an increment of the reaction rate of ∼35.2 times faster than that in pure water. This drastic change was observed when ...


From static micrographs to particle aggregation dynamics in three dimensions

19-Nov-2015 | H. HÄBEL, A. SÄRKKÄ, M. RUDEMO, C. HAMNGREN BLOMQVIST, E. OLSSON, C. ABRAHAMSSON, M. NORDIN, Journal of Microscopy, 2015

Summary Studies on colloidal aggregation have brought forth theories on stability of colloidal gels and models for aggregation dynamics. Still, a complete link between developed frameworks and obtained laboratory observations has to be found. In this work, aggregates of silica nanoparticles ...


In Situ Study of Fe3Pt–Fe2O3 Core–Shell Nanoparticle Formation

19-Nov-2015 | Wen-I Liang; Xiaowei Zhang; Yunlong Zan; Ming Pan; Cory Czarnik; Karen Bustillo; Jun Xu; Ying-Hao Chu; Haimei Zheng, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

We report an in situ study of Fe3Pt-Fe2O3 core–shell nanoparticle growth using liquid cell transmission electron microscopy. By controlling the Fe-to-Pt ratio in the precursor solution, we achieved the growth of nanoparticles with the formation of an iron–platinum alloy core followed by an iron ...


Formation of 4(5)‐Methylimidazole in Aqueous d‐Glucose‐Amino Acids Model System

18-Nov-2015 | Faris Karim, J. Scott Smith, Journal of Food Science, 2015

Abstract The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC) has classified 4(5)‐methylimidazole (4‐MeI) as a group 2B possible human carcinogen. Thus, how 4‐MeI forms in a d‐glucose (Glu) amino acids (AA) model system is important, as it is how browning is affected. An aqueous solution of ...


Coordination of {C5Me5Ir}2+ to [M6O19]8– (M = Nb, Ta) – Analogies and Differences between Rh and Ir, Nb and Ta

18-Nov-2015 | Pavel A. Abramov, Cristian Vicent, Nikolay B. Kompankov, Artem L. Gushchin, Maxim N. Sokolov, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract The reactions of [Cp*IrCl2]2 (Cp* = pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) with [M6O19]8– (M = Nb, Ta) anions lead to the formation of new hybrid organometallic–polyoxometalate (organometallic–POM) complexes, namely, single‐capped Na8[H2{Cp*IrNb6O18}2(O)]·47H2O (Na8‐IrNb12) and ...


Probing Cellulose Acetylation in Binary Mixtures of an Ionic Liquid with Dimethylsulfoxide and Sulfolane by Chemical Kinetics, Viscometry, Spectroscopy, and Molecular Dynamics Simulations

17-Nov-2015 | Haq Nawaz, Paulo A. R. Pires, Elizabeth P. G. Arêas, Naved I. Malek, Omar A. El Seoud, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Acetylation of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) by ethanoic anhydride (Ac2O) in mixtures of the ionic liquid (IL) 1‐allyl‐3‐methylimidazolium chloride and the (structurally related) mole­cular solvents (MSs), dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and sulfolane (Sulfn), is studied. Values of the reaction ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 13021-13032: Effects of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals on N-Containing Species Release during Rice Straw Pyrolysis

17-Nov-2015 | Gao, Pan ; Xue, Lu ; Lu, Qiang ; Dong, Changqing, Energies, 2015

To study the effects of inherent and external alkali and alkaline earth metallic species (AAEMs, i.e., K, Ca and Mg) on the behavior of N-containing species release during rice straw (RS) pyrolysis, different pretreatments were applied in numerous experiments. Results indicate that ammonia (NH3) ...


Synthetic Mimics of Bacterial Lipid A Trigger Optical Transitions in Liquid Crystal Microdroplets at Ultralow Picogram-per-Milliliter Concentrations

17-Nov-2015 | Matthew C. D. Carter; Daniel S. Miller; James Jennings; Xiaoguang Wang; Mahesh K. Mahanthappa; Nicholas L. Abbott; D ..., Langmuir, 2015

We report synthetic six-tailed mimics of the bacterial glycolipid Lipid A that trigger changes in the internal ordering of water-dispersed liquid crystal (LC) microdroplets at ultralow (picogram-per-milliliter) concentrations. These molecules represent the first class of synthetic amphiphiles to ...


Synthesis, structure, and mechanical properties of silica nanocomposite polyrotaxane gels

16-Nov-2015 | Kazuaki Kato, Daisuke Matsui, Koichi Mayumi and Kohzo Ito, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract A significantly soft and tough nanocomposite gel was realized by a novel network formed using cyclodextrin-based polyrotaxanes. Covalent bond formation between the cyclic components of polyrotaxanes and the surface of silica nanoparticles (15 nm diameter) resulted in an infinite ...


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