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Solution structure of a cucurbit[8]uril induced compact supramolecular protein dimer

21-10-2014 | Dang Dang; Ralph Bosmans; Christian Moitzi; Ilja Karina Voets; Luc Brunsveld, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014

Supramolecular assembly of a beta-barrel protein via cucurbit[8]uril results in compact z-shaped protein dimers. SAXS data reveal the formation of a well ordered protein dimer, notwithstanding being connected by a reversible and flexible peptide linker, and highlight the supramolecular induced ...


Luminescence Color Tuning of PtII Complexes and a Kinetic Study of Trimer Formation in the Photoexcited State

20-10-2014 | T. Kayano, S. Takayasu, K. Sato, K. Shinozaki, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract We investigated the luminescence properties and color tuning of [Pt(dpb)Cl] (dpbH=1,3‐di(2‐pyridyl)benzene) and its analogues. An almost blue emission was obtained for the complex [Pt(Fmdpb)CN] (FmdpbH=4‐fluoro‐1,3‐di(4‐methyl‐2‐pyridyl)benzene), modified by the introduction of F and ...


Preparation and evaluation of nonphosphate terpolymer as scale inhibitor and dispersant for Ca3(PO4)2, BaSO4, and Iron (III) hydroxide scales

18-10-2014 | Yunyun Bu, Yuming Zhou, Qingzhao Yao, Yiyi Chen, Wei Sun, Wendao Wu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT The polymeric scale inhibition and dispersion agents (PAYS) were prepared by graft copolymerization of acrylic acid, allylpolyethoxy carboxylate (APEY) and 2‐acrylamido‐2‐methyl‐propanesulfonic acid by using ammonium persulfate as a radical initiator in aqueous solution, among which ...


The reactivity of N,C,N-intramolecularly coordinated antimony(III) and bismuth(III) oxides with the sterically encumbered organoboronic acid 2,6-i-Pr2C6H3B(OH)2

17-10-2014 | Author(s): Monika Kořenková , Milan Erben , Roman Jambor , Aleš Růžička , Libor Dostál, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2014

Publication date: 1 December 2014 Source:Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volumes 772–773 Author(s): Monika Kořenková , Milan Erben , Roman Jambor , Aleš Růžička , Libor Dostál The reactivity of N,C,N-intramolecularly coordinated antimony(III) and bismuth(III) oxides (LMO)2 [where ...


Analysis of the transformation behaviors of a Chinese coal ash using in‐/ex‐situ XRD and SEM‐EXD

17-10-2014 | Xiongchao Lin, Caihong Wang, Jin Miyawaki, Yonggang Wang, Seongho Yoon, Isao Mochida, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014

ABSTRACT Crystal and phase transitions of a Chinese Datong coal ash were evaluated using room temperature X‐ray diffraction (RT‐XRD), in‐situ high temperature (HT)‐XRD, and scanning electron microscope combining energy dispersive X‐ray analysis (SEM‐EDX) as temperature varied from 300 °C to ...


In Situ Observation of Ca2+ Diffusion-Induced Superstructure Formation of a Rigid Polyanion

17-10-2014 | Zi Liang Wu; Riku Takahashi; Daisuke Sawada; Md. Arifuzzaman; Tasuku Nakajima; Takayuki Kurokawa; Jian Hu; Jian Ping ..., Macromolecules, 2014

Diffusion of multivalent metallic ions into aqueous solution of rigid, negatively charged macromolecules of high concentration is an effective approach to prepare macroscopically anisotropic hydrogels. However, the mechanism for superstructure formation is still not clear. By observing the mixing ...


Real-Time UV-Visible Spectroscopy Analysis of Purple Membrane-Polyacrylamide Film Formation Taking into Account Fano Line Shapes and Scattering

17-10-2014 | María Gomariz et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by María Gomariz, Salvador Blaya, Pablo Acebal, Luis Carretero We theoretically and experimentally analyze the formation of thick Purple Membrane (PM) polyacrylamide (PA) films by means of optical spectroscopy by considering the absorption of bacteriorhodopsin and scattering. We have applied ...


Formation of a CdO Layer on CdS/ZnO Nanorod Arrays to Enhance their Photoelectrochemical Performance

16-10-2014 | Thanh Khue Van, Long Quoc Pham, Do Yoon Kim, Jin You Zheng, Dokyoung Kim, Amol U. Pawar, Young Soo Kang, ChemSusChem, 2014

Abstract The performance and photocatalytic activity of the well‐known CdS/ZnO nanorod array system were improved significantly by the layer‐by‐layer heterojunction structure fabrication of a transparent conductive oxide (TCO) CdO layer on the CdS/ZnO nanorods. Accordingly, a CdO layer with a ...


Mechanistic Studies of Silica Polymerization from Supersaturated Aqueous Solutions by Means of Time-Resolved Light Scattering

16-10-2014 | M. Kley; A. Kempter; V. Boyko; K. Huber, Langmuir, 2014

Silica polymerization in a supersaturated aqueous solution of sodium silicate is a fundamental mineralization process with broad relevance for technical applications as well as for biological processes. To contribute to a better understanding of the mechanism underlying the polymerization of ...


Mono‐Oxido‐Bridged Heterobimetallic and Heterotrimetallic Compounds Containing Titanium(IV) and Chromium(III)

15-10-2014 | Tao Huang, Xinyuan Wu, Walter W. Weare, Roger D. Sommer, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract A series of oxido‐bridged heterobi‐ and heterotrimetallic complexes, [(tmtaa)Ti=O→Cr(Por)Cl] and [(tmtaa)Ti=O→Cr(Por)←O=Ti(tmtaa)]+ (tmtaa = 7,16‐dihydro‐6,8,15,17‐tetramethyldibenzo[b,i][1,4,8,11]tetraazacyclotetradecine; Por = 5,10,15,20‐tetraarylporphyrin), have been synthesized. ...


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