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Deciphering Ligands’ Interaction with Cu and Cu2O Nanocrystals Surface by NMR Solution Tools

13-11-2014 | Arnaud Glaria, Jérémy Cure, Kilian Piettre, Yannick Coppel, Cédric‐Olivier Turrin, Bruno Chaudret, Pierre Fau, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract The hydrogenolysis of [Cu2{(iPrN)2(CCH3)}2] in the presence of hexadecylamine (HDA) or tetradecylphosphonic acid (TDPA) in toluene leads to 6–9 nm copper nanocrystals. Solution NMR spectroscopy has been used to describe the nanoparticle surface chemistry during the dynamic phenomenon ...


Radiolytic Method as a Novel Approach for the Synthesis of Nanostructured Conducting Polypyrrole

13-11-2014 | Zhenpeng Cui; Cecilia Coletta; Alexandre Dazzi; Patrice Lefrançois; Matthieu Gervais; Stéphane Néron; Samy Remita, Langmuir, 2014

In this study, a novel and extremely facile method for the synthesis of conducting polypyrrole (PPy) was achieved in aqueous solution. This radiolytic method is totally free of template and environmentally friendly compared with traditional chemical methods. According to ultraviolet–visible ...


Oxidation of ascorbic acid by a (salen)ruthenium(VI) nitrido complex in aqueous solution

12-11-2014 | Qian Wang; Wai-Lun Man; William W. Y. Lam; Tai-Chu Lau, Chemical Communication, 2014

The oxidation of ascorbic acid (H2A) by [RuVI(N)(L)(MeOH)]+ in aqueous acidic solutions has the following stoichiometry: 2[RuVI(N)] + 3H2A → 2[RuIII(NH2–HA)]+ + A. Mechanisms involving HAT/N-rebound at low pH (≤2) and nucleophilic attack at the nitride at high pH (≥5) are proposed.


Voltammetric Determination of 2‐Aminofluoren‐9‐one and Investigation of Its Interaction with DNA on a Glassy Carbon Electrode

11-11-2014 | Andrea Hájková, Jiří Barek, Vlastimil Vyskočil, Electroanalysis, 2014

Abstract Voltammetric behavior of the genotoxic environmental pollutant 2‐aminofluoren‐9‐one (2‐AFN) was investigated using direct current voltammetry (DCV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) at a glassy carbon electrode (GCE) in both negative and positive potential regions. For the ...


Extraction Techniques and Stability of Carotenoprotein from Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Root

06-11-2014 | Qiaojiao Zhao, Weiwei Zhang, Yanwen Wu, Jie Ouyang, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2014

Abstract The key technological parameters for the extraction of water‐soluble carotenoprotein from carrot root by enzymatic hydrolysis and partial characteristics of carotenoprotein were studied. The extraction yield of carotenoprotein reached 11.99 μg β‐carotene equivalent/g fresh weight by ...


Nature of Li2O2 Oxidation in a Li–O2 Battery Revealed by Operando X-ray Diffraction

05-11-2014 | Swapna Ganapathy; Brian D. Adams; Georgiana Stenou; Maria S. Anastasaki; Kees Goubitz; Xue-Fei Miao; Linda F. Nazar; ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

Fundamental research into the Li–O2 battery system has gone into high gear, gaining momentum because of its very high theoretical specific energy. Much progress has been made toward understanding the discharge mechanism, but the mechanism of the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) on charge (i.e., ...


Synthesis of Fluorescent C2-Bridged Teraryls and Quateraryls for Blue, Sky-Blue, and Green Color Light-Emitting Devices

03-11-2014 | Atul Goel; Ashutosh Sharma; Madhu Rawat; R. S. Anand; Ruchir Kant, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014

A series of fluorescent teraryls and quateraryls were prepared from a ketene-S,S-acetal under mild conditions. These compounds exhibited blue, sky-blue and green color emissions both in the solid state and in a solution with good quantum yields, positive solvatochromic behavior, and reversible ...


Kinetics and Mechanism of the Oxidation of Bromide by Periodate in Aqueous Acidic Solution

03-11-2014 | Viktor Szél; György Csekő; Attila K. Horváth, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2014

The periodate–bromide reaction has been studied spectrophotometrically mainly in excess of bromide ion, monitoring the formation of the total amount of bromine at 450 nm at acidic buffered conditions and at a constant ionic strength in the presence of a phosphoric acid/dihydrogen phosphate ...


H2 Generation and Sulfide to Sulfoxide Oxidation with H2O and Sunlight with a Model Photoelectrosynthesis Cell

02-11-2014 | Author(s): Pau Farràs , Carlo Di Giovanni , John Noel Clifford , Emilio Palomares , Antoni Llobet, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2014

Publication date: Available online 28 October 2014 Source:Coordination Chemistry Reviews Author(s): Pau Farràs , Carlo Di Giovanni , John Noel Clifford , Emilio Palomares , Antoni Llobet A summary of the recent advances in homogeneous light-driven catalytic oxidation reactions is ...


The cyclometalated nickel complex [(Phbpy)NiBr] (Phbpy− = 2,2′-bipyridine-6-phen-2-yl) – Synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical studies

01-11-2014 | Author(s): Axel Klein , Benjamin Rausch , Andre Kaiser , Nicolas Vogt , Alexander Krest, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2014

Publication date: 15 December 2014 Source:Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 774 Author(s): Axel Klein , Benjamin Rausch , Andre Kaiser , Nicolas Vogt , Alexander Krest The new organometallic nickel complex [(Phbpy)NiBr] containing the anionic tridentate N,N,C ligand ...


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