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Ultraviolet photopolymerization and performances of fast‐water absorbing sodium polyacrylate

21-Aug-2015 | Banugul Dolat, Amatjan Sawut, Mamatjan Yimit, Ismayil Nurulla, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT A kind of fast‐water absorbing sodium polyacrylate was prepared by UV polymerization under no crosslinker or initiator condition. Influence of factors, such as exposure time, neutralization degree, polymerization temperature, and monomer concentration on the absorption rate of the ...


Theoretical and experimental 15N NMR study of enamine–imine tautomerism of 4‐trifluoromethyl[b]benzo‐1,4‐diazepine system

20-Aug-2015 | Valentin A. Semenov, Dmitry O. Samultsev, Alexander Yu. Rulev, Leonid B. Krivdin, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 2015

Abstract The tautomeric structure of 4‐trifluoromethyl[b]benzo‐1,4‐diazepine system in solution has been evaluated by means of the calculation of 15N NMR chemical shifts of individual tautomers in comparison with the averaged experimental shifts to show that the enamine–imine equilibrium is ...


Utilization of (18‐Crown‐6)‐2,3,11,12‐tetracarboxylic Acid as a Chiral NMR Solvating Agent for Diamines and β‐Amino Acids

18-Aug-2015 | Yolanda C. Rodriguez, Tayla M. Duarte, Zsolt Szakonyi, EnikŐ Forró, Ferenc Fülöp, Thomas J. Wenzel, Chirality, 2015

Abstract The compound (18‐crown‐6)‐2,3,11,12‐tetracarboxylic acid was evaluated as a chiral nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solvating agent for a series of diamines and bicyclic β‐amino acids. The amine must be protonated for strong association with the crown ether. An advantage of ...


Dielectric properties of poly(4‐vinylphenol) with embedded PbO nanoparticles

18-Aug-2015 | WooJe Han, Hong‐Sub Lee, Uzma K. H. Bangi, Byungwook Yoo, Hyung‐Ho Park, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2015

An organic/inorganic nanocomposite film was synthesized using poly(4‐vinylphenol) (PVPh) as an organic insulating polymer and PbO nanoparticles as a high‐k inorganic material to serve as an organic insulator with enhanced dielectric properties. PbO nanoparticles were dispersed into propylene ...


Computational screening of renewably sourced polyalkylene glycol plasticizers for nylon polyamides

18-Aug-2015 | Jarod M. Younker, Raja H. Poladi, Herbert V. Bendler, Hari B. Sunkara, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2015

A high‐throughput computational method is used to screen new plasticizers for nylon polyamides. Condensed‐phase molecular dynamic simulations are used to describe the interaction of the plasticizer and the polymer. A radial distribution function is utilized to quantify the degree of hydrogen ...


Preparation and characterization of nanostructured thin films of Au and Ag nanoparticles synthesized by ascorbic acid on modified glass surface

18-Aug-2015 | Saadat Rastegarzadeh, Mohammad Azarkish, Shirin Abdali, Surface and Interface Analysis, 2015

Immobilization of Ag and Au nanoparticles (NPs) synthesized by ascorbic acid on chemically modified glass surface has been studied. 3‐[2‐(2‐Aminoethylamino)ethylamino]propyl‐trimethoxysilane (AMPTS), N‐(2‐aminoethyl)‐3‐aminopropyltrimethoxysilan, and 3‐trimethoxysilyl‐1‐propanethiol (MSPT) were ...


Fluorescence chemical sensor based on water‐soluble poly(p‐phenylene ethynylene)–graphene oxide composite for Cu2+

18-Aug-2015 | Naoya Adachi, Mai Nakajima, Mari Okada, Masafumi Sugeno, Takayuki Norioka, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2015

A chemical sensor for metal ions was fabricated based on a water‐soluble conjugated polymer–graphene oxide (GO) composite. Water‐soluble poly(p‐phenylene ethynylene) (PPE) with sulfonic acid side chain groups was used to prepare a very stable water‐soluble PPE–GO composite with strong π–π ...


Synthesis of poly(ethylene‐co‐vinyl alcohol)‐g‐polystyrene graft copolymer and their applications for ordered porous film and compatibilizer

18-Aug-2015 | Haotian Wu, Tao Jiang, Jun Zhu, Kun Cui, Qiaoling Zhao, Zhi Ma, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2015

ABSTRACT A series of new functional poly(ethylene‐co‐vinyl alcohol)‐g‐polystyrene graft copolymers (EVAL‐g‐PS) with controlled molecular weight (Mn = 38,000–94,000 g mol−1) and molecular weight distribution (Mw/Mn = 2.31–3.49) were synthesized via a grafting from methodology. The molecular ...


Synthesis of cubic ZnS microspheres exhibiting broad visible emission for bioimaging applications

17-Aug-2015 | P. Sajan, R. S. Jayasree, S. Agouram, M. Junaid Bushiri, Luminescence, 2015

Abstract Biocompatible ZnS microspheres with an average diameter of 3.85 µm were grown by solvo‐hydrothermal (S‐H) method using water–acetonitrile–ethylenediamine (EDA) solution combination. ZnS microspheres were characterized by X‐ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), ...


Random photografting of polymers to nanoparticles for well‐dispersed nanocomposites

17-Aug-2015 | Adam W. Hauser, Ryan C. Hayward, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2015

ABSTRACT A simple method to achieve dispersion of nanoparticles (NPs) within polymer matrices by solution‐state photografting of benzophenone (BP)‐containing random copolymers is presented. A benzyl ether ligand that stabilizes NPs in solution while possessing selectivity toward hydrogen ...


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