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Synthesis and characterization of carbon‐doped ZnSn(OH)6 with enhanced photoactivity by hydrothermal method

18-Nov-2015 | Hongxia Lu, Jun Lei, Xuexue Li, Gang Shao, Tiecui Hou, Bingbing Fan, Deliang Chen, Liwei Zhang, Hailong Wang, Hongli ..., Crystal Research and Technology, 2015

Well‐dispersed carbon‐doped ZnSn(OH)6 submicrocubes were successfully synthesized through a facile and economical hydrothermal method at 433K, which used green chemical glucose (C6H12O6) as the carbon‐doping source. Photocatalytic activity of the as‐synthesized C‐doped ZnSn(OH)6 was evaluated by ...


Color change of an iodinated poly(vinyl alcohol) film by physical deformation

18-Nov-2015 | Hyun Ouk Ha, Dae Su Kim, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT The color change of an iodinated poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) film caused by physical deformation was investigated in this study. The color of a PVA film soaked in an aqueous potassium iodide (KI)/I2 solution was light yellow, but it turned light blue when the film was physically ...


Column preconcentration and electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric determination of rhodium in some food and standard samples

17-Nov-2015 | Mohammad Ali Taher, Fatemeh Pourmohammad, Hamid Fazelirad, Journal of Separation Science, 2015

In the present work, an electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric method has been developed for the determination of ultra‐trace amounts of rhodium after adsorption of its 2‐(5‐bromo‐2‐pyridylazo)‐5‐diethylaminophenol/tetraphenylborate ion associated complex at the surface of alumina. ...


Long- and Short-Range Structure of Ferrimagnetic Iron–Chromium Maghemites

17-Nov-2015 | Marco García-Guaderrama; María E. Montero-Cabrera; Emilio Morán; Miguel A. Alario-Franco; Luis E. Fuentes-Cobas; Edg ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

Maghemite-like materials containing Fe3+ and Cr3+ in comparable amounts have been prepared by solution-combustion synthesis. The conditions of synthesis and the magnetic properties are described. These materials are ferrimagnetic and are much more stable than pure iron maghemite since their ...


Iron–Carbonyl Aqueous Vesicles (MCsomes) by Hydration of [Fe(CO){CO(CH2)5CH3}(Cp)(PPh3)] (FpC6): Highly Integrated Colloids with Aggregation‐Induced Self‐Enhanced IR Absorption (AI‐SEIRA)

13-Nov-2015 | Nimer Murshid, Xiaosong Wang, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract Self‐assembly of hydrophobic molecules into aqueous colloids contradicts common chemical intuition, but has been achieved through hydration of [Fe(CO){CO(CH2)5CH3}(Cp)(PPh3)] (FpC6). FpC6 has no surface activity, no NMR signals in D2O and no critical aggregation concentration (CAC) in ...


Absorption Spectrum of a Ru(II)-Aquo Complex in Vacuo: Resolving Individual Charge-Transfer Transitions

13-Nov-2015 | Shuang Xu; J. Mathias Weber, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

Ruthenium(II) complexes are of great interest as homogeneous catalysts and as photosensitizers; however, their absorption spectra are typically very broad and offer only little insight into their electronic structure. We present the electronic spectrum of the aquo complex [(trpy)(bipy)RuII–OH2]2+ ...


Femtosecond Heterodyne Transient-Grating Studies of Nonradiative Decay of the S2 (11Bu+) State of β-Carotene: Contributions from Dark Intermediates and Double-Quantum Coherences

12-Nov-2015 | Soumen Ghosh; Michael M. Bishop; Jerome D. Roscioli; Jenny Jo Mueller; Nolan C. Shepherd; Amy M. LaFountain; Harry A ..., Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

Femtosecond transient-grating spectroscopy with heterodyne detection was employed to characterize the nonradiative decay pathway in β-carotene from the S2 (11Bu+) state to the S1 (21Ag–) state in benzonitrile solution. The results indicate definitively that the S2 state populates an intermediate ...


Isolation of a Tetranuclear Intermediate Complex in the Synthesis of Paddlewheel‐Type Dirhodium Tetraacetate

10-Nov-2015 | Yusuke Kataoka, Natsumi Yano, Tatsuya Kawamoto, Makoto Handa, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract To investigate the detailed mechanism of formation of the paddlewheel‐type dirhodium tetraacetate [Rh2(O2CCH3)4(L)2] ([1‐(L)2]; L = axial‐coordinated solvent ligand), we performed a step‐by‐step synthesis. The isolated red intermediate complex [Rh4(μ‐Cl)4(O2CCH3)4(L)4] ([2‐(L)4]) was ...


Theoretical and experimental investigation of doping M in ZnSe (M = Cd, Mn, Ag, Cu) clusters: optical and bonding characteristics

10-Nov-2015 | Shuhong Xu, Xiaojing Xu, Chunlei Wang, Zengxia Zhao, Zhuyuan Wang, Yiping Cui, Luminescence, 2015

Abstract The optical and bonding characteristics of doping ZnSe quantum dots (QDs) were investigated. Cd‐, Mn‐, Ag‐ and Cu‐doped ZnSe were synthesized in aqueous solution. Theoretically, the intensity of the Cd–Se bond was similar to that of the Zn–Se bond, which illustrates that Cd can be ...


Ultrafast Excited-State Dynamics of a Cyano-Substituted “Proton Sponge”

10-Nov-2015 | Grzegorz Balkowski; Anna Szemik-Hojniak; Wybren Jan Buma; Hong Zhang; Irena Deperasińska; Lionell Poisson; Jean Mich ..., Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

The dynamics of a substituted proton sponge—the 1,8-bis(dimethylamino)-4-cyanonaphthalene (DMAN-CN) molecule—was investigated after excitation in the S1 state. Experimental and theoretical information are reported. The former includes absorption, fluorescence, and time-resolved transient ...


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