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Coherent vibration and ultrafast dynamics upon bond formation in excited dimers of an Au(I) complex

03-Feb-2016 | Munetaka Iwamura; Ryo Wakabayashi; Junichi Maeba; Koichi Nozaki; Satoshi Takeuchi; Tahei Tahara, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

Au–Au bond strengthening in photoexcited dimers of an Au(i) complex is captured in solution as oscillations of femtosecond absorption signals. The subsequent dynamics, when compared to the trimer's data, confirm that the bent-to-linear structural change of the trimer occurs in the first few ...


Self-assembled systems of water soluble metal 8-hydroxyquinolates with surfactants and conjugated polyelectrolytes

03-Feb-2016 | Hugh D. Burrows; Telma Costa; M. Luisa Ramos; Artur J. M. Valente; Beverly Stewart; Licinia L. G. Justino; Aline I. ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

We have studied the interaction of 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonate (8-HQS) with the metal ions Al(iii) and Zn(ii) in aqueous solution in the presence of tetraalkylammonium surfactants using UV/vis absorption, fluorescence, NMR spectroscopy and electrical conductivity measurements, complemented by ...


Removal of SO2 from Flue Gas Using Basic Aluminum Sulfate Solution with the Byproduct Oxidation Inhibition by Ethylene Glycol

29-Jan-2016 | Min Chen; Xianhe Deng; Feiqiang He, Energy & Fuels, 2016

This paper presents a novel wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technology based on a basic aluminum sulfate (BAS) desorption regeneration process, in which ethylene glycol (EG) was first employed to inhibit the byproduct oxidation. The operating parameter effect on SO2 absorption efficiency and ...


Spectral Features and Charge Dynamics of Lead Halide Perovskites: Origins and Interpretations

28-Jan-2016 | Tze Chien Sum; Nripan Mathews; Guichuan Xing; Swee Sien Lim; Wee Kiang Chong; David Giovanni; Herlina Arianita Dewi, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2016

ConspectusLead halide perovskite solar cells are presently the forerunner among the third generation solution-processed photovoltaic technologies. With efficiencies exceeding 20% and low production costs, they are prime candidates for commercialization. Critical insights into their light ...


Radical Monocationic Guanidino-Functionalized Aromatic Compounds (GFAs) as Bridging Ligands in Dinuclear Metal Acetate Complexes: Synthesis, Electronic Structure, and Magnetic Coupling

27-Jan-2016 | Benjamin Eberle; Marko Damjanović; Markus Enders; Simone Leingang; Jessica Pfisterer; Christoph Krämer; Olaf Hübner; ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

In this work, the oxidation of several new dinuclear metal (M) acetate complexes of the redox-active guanidino-functionalized aromatic compound (GFA) 1,2,4,5-tetrakis(tetramethylguanidino)benzene (1) was studied. The complexes [1{M(OAc)2}2] (M = Ni or Pd) were oxidized to the radical monocationic ...


DFTB/PCM Applied to Ground and Excited State Potential Energy Surfaces

27-Jan-2016 | Yoshio Nishimoto, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2016

Accounting for solvent effects in quantum chemical calculations is vital for the accurate description of potential energy surfaces in solution. In this study, we derive a formulation of the analytical first-order geometrical derivative of ground- and excited-state energies within the ...


Simultaneous Study of Brownian and Néel Relaxation Phenomena in Ferrofluids by Mössbauer Spectroscopy

27-Jan-2016 | J. Landers; S. Salamon; H. Remmer; F. Ludwig; H. Wende, Nano Letters, 2016

We demonstrate the ability of Mössbauer spectroscopy to simultaneously investigate Brownian motion and Néel relaxation in ferrofluidic samples. For this purpose, Mössbauer spectra of coated iron oxide nanoparticles with core diameters of 6.0–26.4 nm dissolved in 70 vol % glycerol solution were ...


Y1–xScxBaZn3GaO7 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1): Structure Evolution by Sc-Doping and the First Example of Photocatalytic Water Reduction in “114” Oxides

26-Jan-2016 | Xiaolong Li; Pengfei Jiang; Mufei Yue; Rihong Cong; Wenliang Gao; Tao Yang, Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

“114” oxides have shown intriguing physical properties while their performance in photocatalysis has not yet been reported probably due to the instability in aqueous solution. YBaZn3GaO7 is an exception, which is stable and indeed shows observable photocatalytic H2 evolution (∼2 μmol/h/g) in ...


Dietary Strategies To Reduce the Bioaccessibility of Arsenic from Food Matrices

25-Jan-2016 | María Jesús Clemente; Vicenta Devesa; Dinoraz Vélez, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2016

The main route of exposure to arsenic (As) is the consumption of water and foods, in which the forms with greatest toxicity are inorganic As and dimethylarsinic acid, DMA(V). The objective of this study was to search for dietary components that reduce the bioaccessibility of As from food and ...


Kinetics of CO2 Absorption into Aqueous Basic Amino Acid Salt: Potassium Salt of Lysine Solution

25-Jan-2016 | Shufeng Shen; Ya-nan Yang; Yangyang Bian; Yue Zhao, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

Aqueous amino acid salts are considered as an attractive alternative to alkanolamine solvents (e.g., MEA) for carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption. The kinetics of CO2 into unloaded aqueous solutions of potassium lysinate (LysK) was studied using a wetted wall column at concentrations ranging from ...


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