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Functionalized C@TiO2 hollow spherical architectures for multifunctional applications

10-Feb-2016 | Shreyasi Chattopadhyay; Manish Kr Mishra; Goutam De, Dalton Transactions, 2016

Hierarchical anatase titania (TiO2) hollow spherical architecture decorated with functionalized carbon dots (CF@THS) was synthesized by solvothermal decomposition of titanium (IV) isopropoxide (TTIP) in presence of a mixture solution containing thiourea and citric acid. Interestingly, the ...


Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 103: Dual Function Behavior of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer in Simulated Pore Solution

06-Feb-2016 | Zhu, Ji-Hua ; Guo, Guanping ; Wei, Liangliang ; Zhu, Miaochang ; Chen, Xianchuan, Materials, 2016

The mechanical and electrochemical performance of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) were investigated regarding a novel improvement in the load-carrying capacity and durability of reinforced concrete structures by adopting CFRP as both a structural strengthener and an anode of the impressed ...


Using eshelby‐mori‐tanaka scheme for 3D free vibration analysis of sandwich curved panels with functionally graded nanocomposite face sheets and finite length

04-Feb-2016 | Vahid Tahouneh, Mohammad Hasan Naei, Polymer Composites, 2016

This article deals with free vibration analysis of thick nanocomposite laminated curved panels with finite length resting on two‐parameter elastic foundations, based on the three‐dimensional elasticity theory. The main objective of this research paper is to present a 3D elasticity solution for ...


An investigation of electrochemical contact processes for silver-wire|glassy carbon and silver-coated cotton textile|glassy carbon

03-Feb-2016 | Demudu Babu Gorle; Sembanadar Karuppusamy; M. Anbu Kulandainathan; Daping He; Frank Marken, New Journal of Chemistry, 2016

The electrochemical contact between a glassy carbon substrate and a silver wire or a silver-coated cotton fabric (mechanically fastened to the electrode) is investigated in aqueous phosphate buffer media (with and without sulfide). In contrast to a conventional silver electrode immersed in ...


Stochastic Detection and Characterisation of Individual Ferrocene Derivative Tagged Graphene Nanoplatelets

02-Feb-2016 | Haoyu Wu; Qianqi Lin; Christopher Batchelor-McAUley; Luís M Gonçalves; Carlos F. R. A. C. Lima; Richard G Compton, Analyst, 2016

Graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) are ‘tagged’ with 1-(biphen-4-yl)ferrocene. Chronoamperometry is then utilised to observe single particle impacts when GNPs suspended in solution collide with a carbon fibre micro wire electrode held at an oxidising potential, resulting in current/time transient ...


Highly selective transformation of glycerol to dihydroxyacetone without using oxidants by PtSb/C-catalyzed electrooxidation process

02-Feb-2016 | Seonhwa Lee; Hyung Ju Kim; Eun Ja Lim; Youngmin Kim; Yuseong Noh; George Huber; Won Bae Kim, Green Chemistry, 2016

We demonstrate an electrocatalytic reactor system for the partial oxidation of glycerol in an acidic solution to produce value-added chemicals, such as dihydroxyacetone (DHA), glyceraldehyde (GAD), glyceric acid (GLA), and glycolic acid (GCA). Under optimized conditions, the carbon-supported ...


Adsorption and separation of binary and ternary mixtures of SO2, CO2 and N2 by ordered carbon nanotube arrays: grand-canonical Monte Carlo simulations

02-Feb-2016 | Mahshid Rahimi; Jayant K. Singh; Florian Müller-Plathe, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

The adsorption and separation behavior of SO2–CO2, SO2–N2 and CO2–N2 binary mixtures in bundles of aligned double-walled carbon nanotubes is investigated using the grand-canonical Monte Carlo (GCMC) method and ideal adsorbed solution theory. Simulations were performed at 303 K with nanotubes of 3 ...


Highly Sensitive Detection of Arsenite Based on Its Affinity toward Ruthenium Nanoparticles Decorated on Glassy Carbon Electrode

29-Jan-2016 | Ruma Gupta; Jayashree S. Gamare; Ashok K. Pandey; Deepak Tyagi; Jayshree V. Kamat, Analytical Chemistry, 2016

Metallic ruthenium nanoparticles (Ru NPs) are formed on the glassy carbon electrode (GC) at electrodeposition potential of −0.75 V, as observed from X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Thus formed Ru NPs have the arsenite selective surface and conducting core that is ideally suited for designing a ...


Solution Layer Deposition: A Technique for the Growth of Ultra‐Pure Manganese Oxides on Silica at Room Temperature

28-Jan-2016 | Jérémy Cure, Kilian Piettre, Yannick Coppel, Eric Beche, Jérôme Esvan, Vincent Collière, Bruno Chaudret, Pierre Fau, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016

Abstract With the ever increasing miniaturization in microelectronic devices, new deposition techniques are required to form high‐purity metal oxide layers. Herein, we report a liquid route to specifically produce thin and conformal amorphous manganese oxide layers on silicon substrate, which ...


The Bond Order of C2 from an Strictly N‐Representable Natural Orbital Energy Functional Perspective

28-Jan-2016 | Mario Piris, Xabier Lopez, Jesus M. Ugalde, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

Abstract The bond order of the ground electronic state of the carbon dimer has been analyzed in the light of natural orbital functional theory calculations carried out with an approximate, albeit strictly N‐representable, energy functional. Three distinct solutions have been found from the ...


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