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26-Apr-2016 | Mónica Benicia Mamián-López; Paola Corio; Marcia Temperini, Analyst, 2016

The formation of cooperative hydrogen bonds between the thymine-adenine pair was used to indirectly determine thymine in aqueous solution by Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS), therefore improving the limit of detection (LOD) values up to two orders of magnitude. The concentration of ...


Cefixime detection by a novel electrochemical sensor based on glassy carbon electrode modified with surface imprinted polymer/multiwall carbon nanotubes

25-Apr-2016 | Author(s): N. Karimian, M.B. Gholivand, Gh. Malekzadeh, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: 15 June 2016 Source:Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 771 Author(s): N. Karimian, M.B. Gholivand, Gh. Malekzadeh A new selective voltammetric sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer immobilized on multiwall carbon nanotube surface was reported for ...


Elimination of radiocontrast agent Diatrizoic acid from water by electrochemical advanced oxidation: Kinetics study, mechanism and mineralization pathway

25-Apr-2016 | Author(s): Elvira Bocos, Nihal Oturan, M. Ángeles Sanromán, Mehmet A. Oturan, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: 1 July 2016 Source:Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 772 Author(s): Elvira Bocos, Nihal Oturan, M. Ángeles Sanromán, Mehmet A. Oturan Diatrizoic acid (DIA) is an iodinated X-ray contrast media commonly used in hospitals. It is persistent and ...


Gamma-radiolytic preparation of multi-component oxides

24-Apr-2016 | Author(s): Lenka Procházková, Jan Bárta, Václav Čuba, Christian Ekberg, Sabrina Tietze, Ivo Jakubec, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: July 2016 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 124 Author(s): Lenka Procházková, Jan Bárta, Václav Čuba, Christian Ekberg, Sabrina Tietze, Ivo Jakubec The preparation of solid precursors to Zn1−x Cd x O and (Lu,Y)3Al5O12:Ce induced by 60Co gamma-ray ...


A Novel Composite Nafion/Anodized Aluminium Oxide Proton Exchange Membrane

22-Apr-2016 | R. Gloukhovski, V. Freger, Y. Tsur, Fuel Cells, 2016

Abstract The high proton conductivity of proton exchange membranes (PEMs) made of Nafion® is attributed to a random 3D network of elongated water channels formed by bundles of rod‐like inverted micelles. Alignment of bundles, e.g., by stretching, is known to significantly enhance the in‐plane ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 584: Optimizing Colorimetric Assay Based on V2O5 Nanozymes for Sensitive Detection of H2O2 and Glucose

22-Apr-2016 | Sun, Jiaheng ; Li, Chunyan ; Qi, Yanfei ; Guo, Shuanli ; Liang, Xue, Sensors, 2016

Nanozyme-based chemical sensing is a rapidly emerging field of research. Herein, a simple colorimetric assay for the detection of hydrogen peroxide and glucose based on the peroxidase-like activity of V2O5 nanozymes has been established. In this assay, the effects of pH, substrate, nanozyme ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 576: Measuring Electrolyte Impedance and Noise Simultaneously by Triangular Waveform Voltage and Principal Component Analysis

22-Apr-2016 | Xu, Shanzhi ; Wang, Peng ; Dong, Yonggui, Sensors, 2016

In order to measure the impedance variation process in electrolyte solutions, a method of triangular waveform voltage excitation is investigated together with principal component analysis (PCA). Using triangular waveform voltage as the excitation signal, the response current during one duty cycle ...


Optimization of Malachite Green Dye Removal by Chrysanthemum Indicum Using Response Surface Methodology

21-Apr-2016 | J. Chukki, S. Shanthakumar, Environmental Progress, 2016

This study investigates the adsorption capacity of Chrysanthemum indicum flower for removal of Malachite Green dye from aqueous solution. Batch experiments were conducted to study the effects of six independent variables including pH (4–8), adsorbent dose (2–4 g/L), initial dye concentration ...


Effect of temperature and concentration of acetylated‐lignin solutions on dry‐spinning of carbon fiber precursors

20-Apr-2016 | Meng Zhang, Amod A. Ogale, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016

ABSTRACT Carbon fibers derived from biomass such as lignin have received increasing attention due to the sustainability of the precursor. In this study, partially acetylated softwood Kraft lignin (Ace‐SKL) was investigated for the purpose of dry‐spinning into carbon fiber precursors. The ...


The Complexation of Cm(III) with Succinate Studied by Time-Resolved Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Quantum Chemical Calculations

20-Apr-2016 | Daniel R. Fröhlich; Michael Trumm; Andrej Skerencak-Frech; Petra J. Panak, Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

The complexation of Cm(III) with succinate in an aqueous NaCl solution was studied as a function of ionic strength, ligand concentration, and temperature using time-resolved laser fluorescence spectroscopy (TRLFS). After the Cm(III) speciation was determined by peak deconvolution, the ...


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