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Metformin and respiratory chain complex I: the last piece of the puzzle?

01-11-2014 | Fontaine E, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Metformin is the most widely prescribed drug used to treat patients affected by Type2 diabetes. Metformin has also been shown to prevent some forms of cell death; however, evidence suggests that it may have anti-neoplastic properties. All of these effects have been attributed to complex I ...


Sodium Aspartate as a Specific Enhancer of Salty Taste Perception—Sodium Aspartate Is a Possible Candidate to Decrease Excessive Intake of Dietary Salt

01-11-2014 | Tomohiro Nakagawa; Jun Kohori; Shin Koike; Yoshihisa Katsuragi; Takayuki Shoji, Chemical Senses, 2014

The excessive intake of dietary salt is a global issue in health. Attempts have been made to address this issue, including the development of salt substitutes. Yet, none of these substances are currently in wide use, because of their weak saltiness. The purpose of this study was to assess the ...


Oxidation-responsive Eu2+/3+-liposomal contrast agent for dual-mode magnetic resonance imaging

21-10-2014 | Levi A. Ekanger; Meser M. Ali; Matthew J. Allen, Chemical Communication, 2014

An oxidation-responsive contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging was synthesized using Eu2+ and liposomes. Positive contrast enhancement was observed with Eu2+, and chemical exchange saturation transfer was observed before and after oxidation of Eu2+. Orthogonal detection modes render the ...


Luminescence Color Tuning of PtII Complexes and a Kinetic Study of Trimer Formation in the Photoexcited State

20-10-2014 | T. Kayano, S. Takayasu, K. Sato, K. Shinozaki, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract We investigated the luminescence properties and color tuning of [Pt(dpb)Cl] (dpbH=1,3‐di(2‐pyridyl)benzene) and its analogues. An almost blue emission was obtained for the complex [Pt(Fmdpb)CN] (FmdpbH=4‐fluoro‐1,3‐di(4‐methyl‐2‐pyridyl)benzene), modified by the introduction of F and ...


Biochemical and morphological alterations in the Achilles tendon of mdx mice

18-10-2014 | Andrea Aparecida Aro, Flávia Guerra, Marcelo Augusto Marretto Esquisatto, Wilson Romero Nakagaki, Laurecir Gomes, Ed ..., Microscopy Research and Technique, 2014

ABSTRACT Dystrophin‐deficient muscles have repeated cycles of necrosis and regeneration, being susceptible to injury induced by muscle contractions. Some studies have demonstrated that tendons are also affected in mdx mice, based especially on the changes in biomechanical properties arising ...


Separation of Peanut Protein by Reverse Micelles: Optimization of the Forward Extraction

18-10-2014 | Xiaoyan Zhao, Jun Chen, Xiangyan Chen, Xianchang Wang, Yifeng Wang, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2014

Abstract Bis(2‐ethylhexyl) sodium sulfosuccinate (AOT) reverse micelles were applied to extract the protein from peanut cake. In this study, the effect of temperature, amounts of peanut cake flour, particle size of peanut cake flour, pH, water content (W0), KCl concentration and time on the ...


Reaction Kinetics of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorption in Sodium Salts of Taurine and Proline Using a Stopped‐Flow Technique

18-10-2014 | Ahmed Sodiq, Aravind V. Rayer, Akinola A. Olanrewaju, Mohammad R. M. Abu Zahra, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 2014

ABSTRACT The pseudo–first‐order reaction rate constants (k0, s−1) for the reaction of carbon dioxide in aqueous solutions of sodium taurate (NaTau) and sodium prolinate (NaPr) were measured using a stopped‐flow technique at a temperature range of 298–313 K. The solutions concentration varied ...


The effects of nesfatin‐1 in the paraventricular nucleus on gastric motility and its potential regulation by the lateral hypothalamic area in rats

18-10-2014 | Fei‐fei Guo, Luo Xu, Sheng‐li Gao, Xiang‐rong Sun, Zhi‐ling Li, Yan‐ling Gong, Journal of Neurochemistry, 2014

Abstract The current study investigated the effects of nesfatin‐1 in the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVN) on gastric motility and the regulation of the lateral hypothalamic area (LHA). Using single unit recordings in the PVN, we show that nesfatin‐1 inhibited the majority of the ...


Effect of fiber size on structural and tensile properties of electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride fibers

18-10-2014 | Avinash Baji, Yiu‐Wing Mai, Shing‐Chung Wong, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

We use electrospinning to obtain polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) fibers and demonstrate simultaneous improvements in β‐crystal microstructure and in tensile properties of fibers with reduction of their diameter. PVDF fibers with average diameters ranging from 70 to 400 nm are obtained by ...


Effect of interfacial area on heterogeneous free radical grafting of vinyl monomers in supercritical carbon dioxide: Grafting of acrylic acid on poly(vinylidenefluoride) nanoparticles

18-10-2014 | Sonia Lanzalaco, Onofrio Scialdone, Alessandro Galia, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT The role of the polymer interfacial area on free radical grafting of acrylic acid (AA) onto poly(vinylidenefluoride) (PVDF) was studied at 65°C using supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) as a solvent and swelling agent, benzoylperoxide (BPO) as chemical initiator and PVDF ...


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