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Reversible dispersion-precipitation of single-walled carbon nanotubes using pH change and addition of organic component

18-09-2013 | Yoshiro Imura; Clara Morita; Takeshi Kawai, New Journal of Chemistry, 2013

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) were dispersed in an aqueous solution of a long-chain amidoamine surfactant (C18AA) at a high concentration (


Novel uv spectrophotometer methods for quantitative estimation of metronidazole and furazolidone using mixed hydrotropy solubalization

16-09-2013 | Author(s): Ruchi Jain , Nilesh Jain , Deepak Kumar Jain , Vijay Kumar patel , Harish Rajak , Surendra Kumar Jain, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2013

Publication date: Available online 10 September 2013 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry Author(s): Ruchi Jain , Nilesh Jain , Deepak Kumar Jain , Vijay Kumar patel , Harish Rajak , Surendra Kumar Jain Two simple, accurate, novel, safe and precise methods were developed for the ...


Production of polyamic acid in supercritical carbon dioxide with N,N‐dimethylformamide

13-09-2013 | Masashi Haruki, Yumi Hasegawa, Naoya Fukui, Shin‐ichi Kihara, Shigeki Takishima, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT To develop a microscale processing technique for aromatic polyimides (APIs) in supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2), the relationships between the polymerization condition, the phase behavior during polymerization and the molecular weight of polyamic acid (PAA)—an intermediate in the ...


NMR Investigations of the Interaction Between the Azo-Dye Sunset Yellow and Fluorophenol

13-09-2013 | Jonathan R. Katz; Lucy J. Day; Iain J. Day, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2013

The interaction of small molecules with larger noncovalent assemblies is important across a wide range of disciplines. Here, we apply two complementary NMR spectroscopic methods to investigate the interaction of various fluorophenol isomers with sunset yellow. This latter molecule is known to ...


Botryticidal Activity of Nanosized Silver‐Chitosan Composite and Its Application for the Control of Gray Mold in Strawberry

11-09-2013 | Shaaban H. Moussa, Ahmed A. Tayel, Abdullah S. Alsohim, Reda R. Abdallah, Journal of Food Science, 2013

Abstract Botrytis cinerea Pers, the gray mold fungus, is among the most dangerous plant pathogens that cause great losses in agricultural crops. The botryticidal activities of nanosized silver (nano Ag), fungal chitosan (CTS) irradiated fungal chitosan (IrCTS), and nano Ag‐IrCTS composite were ...


Plum Coatings of Lemongrass Oil‐incorporating Carnauba Wax‐based Nanoemulsion

11-09-2013 | In‐Hah Kim, Hanna Lee, Jung Eun Kim, Kyung Bin Song, Youn Suk Lee, Dae Sung Chung, Sea C. Min, Journal of Food Science, 2013

Abstract Nanoemulsions containing lemongrass oil (LO) were developed for coating plums and the effects of the nanoemulsion coatings on the microbial safety and physicochemical storage qualities of plums during storage at 4 and 25 °C were investigated. The emulsions used for coating were ...


Spray‐Dried Structured Lipid Containing Long‐Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids for Use in Infant Formulas

11-09-2013 | Supakana Nagachinta, Casimir C. Akoh, Journal of Food Science, 2013

Abstract Human milk fat (HMF) analogs are structured lipids (SLs) modified to have palmitic acid content at the sn‐2 position of the triacylglycerol (TAG) and fatty acid composition comparable to HMF. Some of these SLs are also designed to incorporate long‐chain polyunsaturated fatty acids ...


Remarkably stable amphiphilic random copolymer assemblies: A structure‐property relationship study

11-09-2013 | Krishna Dan, Priya Rajdev, Jolly Deb, Siddhartha S. Jana, Suhrit Ghosh, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2013

ABSTRACT Synthesis of a library of amphiphilic random copolymers from a single reactive pre‐polymer and their self‐assembly is reported. Post‐polymerization modifications of the parent polymer containing pendant N‐hydroxy succinimide (NHS) ester groups with various oligooxyethylene (OE) amines ...


Effects of NaNbO3 concentration on the Relaxor and Dielectric Properties of the Lead-Free (Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3 ceramics

11-09-2013 | Chia-Ching Wu; Yang Cheng-Fu, CrystEngComm, 2013

In this study, lead-free (1-x) (Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3- x NaNbO3 [(1-x) NBT- x NN] compositions with different NN concentrations [x = 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4] were sintered by using the solid-state reaction method. The dielectric constant-temperature (εr-T) curves revealed that the solid solution ...


Self-Assembly Mechanism of Folate-Templated Mesoporous Silica

11-09-2013 | Rambabu Atluri; Muhammad Naeem Iqbal; Zoltan Bacsik; Niklas Hedin; Luis Angel Villaescusa; Alfonso E. Garcia-Bennett, Langmuir, 2013

A method to form ordered mesoporous silica based on the use of folate supramolecular templates has been developed. Evidence based on in situ small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, and in situ conductivity measurements are used to investigate the ...


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