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Bubble-Surface Interactions with Graphite in the Presence of Adsorbed Carboxymethylcellulose

26-11-2014 | Jueying Wu; Iliana Delcheva; Yung Ngothai; Marta Krasowska; David Beattie, Soft Matter, 2014

The adsorption of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), and the subsequent effect on bubble-surface interactions, has been studied for a graphite surface. CMC adsorbs on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) in specific patterns: when adsorbed from a solution of low concentration it forms stretched, ...


Selective detection of Al3+ and citric acid with a fluorescent amphiphile

26-11-2014 | Ziya Köstereli; Kay Severin, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014

An amphiphilic fluorescent dye with a disulfonated BODIPY head group and a heptadecyl side chain is described. In buffered aqueous solution, the amphiphile can form aggregates with a critical micelle concentration of [[similar]] 20 μM. The aggregation of the dye is associated with a strong ...


Solution immersed silicon (SIS) based biosensors: a new approach in biosensing

25-11-2014 | Mangesh S. Diware; H. M. Cho; Won Chegal; Y. J. Cho; J. H. Jo; S.W. O; Se-Hwan Paek; Y. H. Yoon; D. Kim, Analyst, 2014

A novel solution immersed silicon (SIS) based sensor has been developed which employs the Non-Reflecting Condition (NRC) for p-polarized wave. The SIS sensor's response is almost independent of change in refractive index (RI) of a buffer solution (BS) which makes it capable of measuring low ...


Destabilization of Thiolated Gold Clusters for the Growth of Single‐Crystalline Gold Nanoparticles and Their Self‐Assembly for SERS Detection

21-11-2014 | Guijian Guan, Michelle Low, Shuhua Liu, Yongqing Cai, Shuangyuan Zhang, Dongsheng Geng, Cui Liu, Zhongping Zhang, Yu ..., Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 2014

Thiolate‐protected gold nanoclusters with high chemical stability are exploited extensively for fundamental research and utility in chosen applications. Here for the first time, the controlled destabilization of extraordinarily stable thiolated gold clusters for the growth of single‐crystalline ...


Novel heterocyclic poly(pyridine‐imide)s with unsymmetric carbazole substituent and noncoplanar structure: High thermal, mechanical and optical transparency, electrochemical, and electrochromic properties

21-11-2014 | Ying‐Chi Huang, Kun‐Li Wang, Wei‐Yi Lee, Yi‐An Liao, Der‐Jang Liaw, Kueir‐Rarn Lee, Juin‐Yih Lai, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2014

ABSTRACT A diamine containing heterocyclic pyridine and unsymmetrical carbazole substituents, 4‐(9‐ethyl‐3‐carbazole)‐2,6‐bis(4‐aminophenyl)pyridine (CBAPP), was prepared for use in the synthesis of poly(pyridine‐imide)s PI‐1–8 by direct polycondensation with dianhydrides in ...


LC–MS/MS determination and pharmacokinetic study of columbianadin in rat plasma after intravenous administration of pure columbianadin

21-11-2014 | Chang, Yan-xu; Wang, Chun-peng; Li, Jin; Bai, Yang; Luo, Qian; He, Jun; Lu, Bing; Wang, Tao; Zhang, Bo-li; Gao, Xiu-mei, Chemistry Central Journal , 2014

Background: Columbianadin, one of the active coumarins, is isolated from Radix Angelicae pubescentis which has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of rheumatic diseases for thousands of years. A fast and sensitive method is required for the determination of columbianadin ...


The Influence of Two‐Dimensional Organization on Peptide Conformation

21-11-2014 | Simon J. White, Steven D. Johnson, Mark A. Sellick, Agnieszka Bronowska, Peter G. Stockley, Christoph Wälti, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014

Abstract Molecular crowding plays a significant role in regulating molecular conformation in cellular environments. It is also likely to be important wherever high molecular densities are required, for example in surface‐phase studies, in which molecular densities generally far exceed those ...


A Two‐in‐one Pincer Ligand and its Diiron(II) Complex Showing Spin State Switching in Solution through Reversible Ligand Exchange

21-11-2014 | Subhas Samanta, Serhiy Demesko, Sebastian Dechert, Franc Meyer, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014

Abstract A novel pyrazolate‐bridged ligand providing two {PNN} pincer‐type compartments has been synthesized. Its diiron(II) complex LFe2(OTf)3(CH3CN) (1; Tf=triflate) features, in solid state, two bridging triflate ligands, with a terminal triflate and a MeCN ligand completing the octahedral ...


Modélisation par homogénéisation d'une colonne d'absorption réactive

19-11-2014 | Coralie Girard, Frédéric Couture, Jean‐Michel Reneaume, Pierre Cezac, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014

RESUME Le garnissage d'une colonne d'absorption réactive est assimilé à un milieu poreux. Ainsi la modélisation des phénomènes de transports réactifs est basée sur une méthode d'homogénéisation par prise de moyenne volumique, technique originale pour le domaine. Le modèle est appliqué à ...


Ion current rectification effect of porous graphene membrane

19-11-2014 | Jian Zeng, Huijun Yao, Dan Mo, Jinglai Duan, Jiande Liu, Dianliang Cao, Pengfei Zhai, Jie Liu, Youmei Sun, physica status solidi (c), 2014

Abstract Graphene, as an important ideal two‐dimensional material, is driving more and more attention because of its unique mechanical strength and chemical stability. In this work, the rectification effect of nanopores in graphene/PET structure at different KCl concentration is investigated. ...


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