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Determination of Er3+ using a highly selective and easy-to-synthesize fluorescent probe based on Rhodamine 6G

04-Jan-2015 | Author(s): Yan-na Dai , Qiang Fei , Hong-Yan Shan , Yan-Fu Huan , Guo-Dong Feng, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: Available online 2 January 2015 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry Author(s): Yan-na Dai , Qiang Fei , Hong-Yan Shan , Yan-Fu Huan , Guo-Dong Feng A inducible fluorescent ligand 2-(2-(2-amino-ethylamino) ethyl)-3’,6’- bis (ethylamino)-2’, ...


A Label-Free Fluorescence Sensing Approach for Selective and Sensitive Detection of 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol (TNP) in Aqueous Solution Using Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets

30-Dec-2014 | Mingcong Rong; Liping Lin; Xinhong Song; Tingting Zhao; Yunxin Zhong; Jiawei Yan; Yiru Wang; Xi Chen, Analytical Chemistry, 2014

An effective and facile fluorescence sensing approach for the determination of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol (TNP) using the chemically oxidized and liquid exfoliated graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) nanosheets was developed. The strong inner filter effect and molecular interactions (electrostatic, π–π, ...


Ultrafast Hydrolysis of a Lewis Photoacid

29-Dec-2014 | Joseph D. Henrich; Scott Suchyta; Bern Kohler, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014

This study explores the concept that electronic excitation can dramatically enhance Lewis acidity. Specifically, it is shown that photoexcitation transforms an electron-deficient organic compound of negligible Lewis acidity in its electronic ground state into a potent excited-state Lewis acid ...


Non‐toxic luminescent carbon dot/poly(dimethylacrylamide) nanocomposite reagent for latent fingermark detection synthesized via surface initiated RAFT polymerization

26-Dec-2014 | Jessirie Dilag, Hilton Kobus, Yang Yu, Christopher T. Gibson, Amanda V. Ellis, Polymer International, 2014

Abstract Here, non‐toxic luminescent carbon nanoparticles, namely carbon dots (C‐dots), were facilely synthesized via a one pot hydrothermal route. Raman, Fourier transform infra‐red, fluorescence, carbon nuclear magnetic resonance and X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopies revealed the carbon ...


Coumarin 545: an emission reference dye with a record-low temperature coefficient for ratiometric fluorescence based temperature measurements

25-Dec-2014 | Deqi Mao; Xiaogang Liu; Qinglong Qiao; Wenting Yin; Miao Zhao; Jacqueline Cole; Jingnan Cui; Zhaochao Xu, Analyst, 2014

The emission intensities of coumarin 545 solution exhibit a low temperature dependence, with a record-low temperature coefficient of only ~0.025% per °C. This monomer-aggregate coupled fluorescence system can be used for ratiometric temperature measurements with high spatial and temporal ...


A Novel VS2 Nanosheets-Based Biosensor for Rapid Fluorescence Detection of Cytochrome C

24-Dec-2014 | Xuehua Yin; Jin cai; Hongyan Feng; zeming wu; Jianmei Zou; Qingyun Cai, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

A novel ultrasensitive sensing system for rapid fluorescence detection of cytochrome c (cyt c) was proposed by combining aptamer-based bioassay with VS2 nanosheets. VS2 nanosheets with high fluorescence quenching ability were synthesized by the solution route. Cyt c-binding aptamer was tagged ...


Interplay of Hole Transfer and Host–Guest Interaction in Molecular Dyad and Triad: Ensemble and Single‐Molecule Spectroscopy and Sensing Applications

23-Dec-2014 | Xiangyang Wu, Fang Liu, Kym L. Wells, Serena L. J. Tan, Richard D. Webster, Howe‐Siang Tan, Dawei Zhang, Bengang Xin ..., Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract A new molecular dyad consisting of a Cy5 chromophore and ferrocene (Fc) and a triad consisting of Cy5, Fc, and β‐cyclodextrin (CD) are synthesized and their photophysical properties investigated at both the ensemble and single‐molecule levels. Hole transfer efficiency from Cy5 to Fc ...


Synthesis of a Phenazine‐Based 1,2,3‐Triazole from Naturally Occurring Naphthoquinone Designed as a Probe for Cd2+ Ions

23-Dec-2014 | Guilherme A. M. Jardim, Hállen D. R. Calado, Luiz A. Cury, Eufrânio N. da Silva Júnior, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract The synthesis of a phenazine‐based 1,2,3‐triazole luminescent probe was successfully accomplished from the available natural product lapachol, which was easily extracted from the heartwood of Tabebuia sp. (Tecoma). Photophysics and fluorescence studies were conducted by using the ...


Ultrafast fluorescence up‐conversion technique and its applications on proteins

22-Dec-2014 | Haik Chosrowjan, Seiji Taniguchi, Fumio Tanaka, FEBS Journal, 2014

Abstract Basic principles and main characteristics of ultrafast time resolved fluorescence up‐conversion technique (conventional and space resolved) including requirements on the non‐linear crystals, mixing spectral bandwidth, acceptance angle, etc. have been presented. Applications on ...


Epindolidiones—Versatile and Stable Hydrogen‐Bonded Pigments for Organic Field‐Effect Transistors and Light‐Emitting Diodes

22-Dec-2014 | Eric Daniel Głowacki, Giuseppe Romanazzi, Cigdem Yumusak, Halime Coskun, Uwe Monkowius, Gundula Voss, Max Burian, Ra ..., Advanced Functional Materials, 2014

Hydrogen‐bonded pigments are remarkably stable high‐crystal lattice energy organic solids. Here a lesser‐known family of compounds, the epindolidiones, which demonstrates electronic transport with extraordinary stability, even in highly demanding aqueous environments, is reported. Hole ...


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