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4‐Cyano‐α‐methyl‐l‐phenylalanine as a Spectroscopic Marker for the Investigation of PeptaibioticMembrane Interactions

16-Apr-2015 | Marta De Zotti, Sara Bobone, Annalisa Bortolotti, Edoardo Longo, Barbara Biondi, Cristina Peggion, Fernando Formaggi ..., Chemistry & Biodiversity, 2015

Abstract Two analogs of the ten‐amino acid residue, membrane‐active lipopeptaibiotic trichogin GA IV, mono‐labeled with 4‐cyano‐α‐methyl‐L‐phenylalanine, a potentially useful fluorescence and IR absorption probe of the local microenvironment, were synthesized by the solid‐phase methodology and ...


Small Iminocoumarin Derivatives as Red Emitters: from Biological Imaging to Highly Photoluminescent Non‐doped Micro‐ and Nanofibres

14-Apr-2015 | Kacem Khemakhem, Marine Soulié, Rémy Brousses, Houcine Ammar, Souhir Abid, Suzanne Fery‐Forgues, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract The fluorescence properties of four derivatives of 3‐thienyl‐2‐(N‐dicyanovinyl)iminocoumarin, bearing a diethylamino group in the 7‐position or a methoxy group in the 6, 7 and 8 positions, were compared in solution and in the solid state. The 7‐diethylamino derivative was strongly ...


Rhodamine-6G can photosensitize folic acid decomposition through electron transfer

12-Apr-2015 | Author(s): Kazutaka Hirakawa , Hiroki Ito, Chemical Physics Letters, 2015

Publication date: 1 May 2015 Source:Chemical Physics Letters, Volume 627 Author(s): Kazutaka Hirakawa , Hiroki Ito Rhodamine-6G photosensitized folic acid decomposition in aqueous solution, and its quantum yield in the presence of 10μM folic acid was 9.9×10−6. A possible mechanism of this ...


Tetraphenylethene-Based Star Shaped Porphyrins: Synthesis, Self-assembly, and Optical and Photophysical Study

07-Apr-2015 | Anushri Rananaware; Rajesh S. Bhosale; Kei Ohkubo; Hemlata Patil; Lathe A. Jones; Sam L. Jackson; Shunichi Fukuzumi; ..., The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2015

Supramolecular self-assembly and self-organization are simple and convenient ways to design and create controlled assemblies with organic molecules, and they have provoked great interest due to their potential applications in various fields, such as electronics, photonics, and light-energy ...


High sensitivity sensing of nitroaromatic explosive vapors based on polytriphenylamines with AIE‐active tetraphenylethylene side groups

03-Apr-2015 | Wenyue Dong, Yuyu Pan, Martin Fritsch, Ullrich Scherf, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2015

ABSTRACT Two polytriphenylamines (PTPAs) (P1 and P2) with aggregation induced emission (AIE)‐active tetraphenylethylene side groups have been designed and successfully synthesized. Both polymers only faintly emit in dilute solution but show strong emission in aggregated state, meaning that ...


A novel polynorbornene-based chemosensor for the fluorescence sensing of Zn2+ and Cd2+ and subsequent detection of pyrophosphate in aqueous solutions

02-Apr-2015 | Pei-Shui Yao; Zhanghua Liu; Jin-Zhu Ge; Yong Chen; Qian-Yong Cao, Dalton Transactions, 2015

A hydroxyquinoline functionlized polynorbornene (P1) was designed and synthesized. In an aqueous solution, P1 shows a “turn-on” fluorescence response for Zn2+ and Cd2+ with a 50 nm blue shift. Furthermore, both P1-Zn2+ and P1-Cd2+ complexes were found to respond to pyrophosphate (PPi) over other ...


pH‐responsive fluorescence chemical sensor constituted by conjugated polymers containing pyridine rings

01-Apr-2015 | Naoya Adachi, Yuki Kaneko, Kazuki Sekiguchi, Hiroki Sugiyama, Masafumi Sugeno, Luminescence, 2015

Abstract Poly(p‐pyridinium phenylene ethynylene)s (PPyPE) functionalized with alternating donor–acceptor repeat units were synthesized by a Pd‐catalyzed Sonogashira coupling reaction between diethynyl monomer and di‐iodopyridine for use as a pH‐responsive fluorescence chemical sensor. The ...


Dynamic Control of Full‐Colored Emission and Quenching of Photoresponsive Conjugated Polymers by Photostimuli

30-Mar-2015 | Kazuyoshi Watanabe, Hiroyuki Hayasaka, Tatsuaki Miyashita, Kenta Ueda, Kazuo Akagi, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015

A series of photoresponsive and full‐colored fluorescent conjugated copolymers is synthesized by combining phenylene‐ and thienylene‐based main chains with photochromic dithienylethene (DE) side chains. Solutions and cast films of the polymers exhibit various colored fluorescence in visible ...


[Research Article] Dynamic DNA devices and assemblies formed by shape-complementary, non–base pairing 3D components

27-Mar-2015 | Thomas Gerling; Klaus F. Wagenbauer; Andrea M. Neuner; Hendrik Dietz, Science , 2015

We demonstrate that discrete three-dimensional (3D) DNA components can specifically self-assemble in solution on the basis of shape-complementarity and without base pairing. Using this principle, we produced homo- and heteromultimeric objects, including micrometer-scale one- and two-stranded ...


Supramolecular interaction of 18‐crown‐6 ether with mesalazine and spectrofluorimetric determination of mesalazine in pharmaceutical formulations

25-Mar-2015 | Abdalla A. Elbashir, Fatima Altayib Alasha Abdalla, Hassan Y. Aboul‐Enein, Luminescence, 2015

Abstract The supramolecular interaction of protonated mesalazine (MSZ) and 18‐crown‐6 ether (18C6) has been examined by Ultraviolet–visible, FT‐IR and fluorescence spectroscopy. The formation of the inclusion complex has been confirmed based on the changes of the spectral properties. The ...


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