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Revisit of a dipropargyl rhodamine probe reveals its alternative ion sensibility in both a solution and live cells

17-09-2013 | Kaibin Li; Xiao-Li Wei; Yi Zang; Xiao-Peng He; Guo-Rong Chen; J. Li; Kaixian Chen, Analyst, 2013

This study reveals that a dipropargyl rhodamine B derivative previously described as a reaction-based irreversible palladium probe responds, however, more sensitively to mercury with a reversible “turn-on” fluorescence. The probe also shows a much better imaging ability for mercury than for ...


Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and FRET‐Induced Intracellular Redistribution of Tat‐Conjugated Quantum Dot Nanoparticles through Interaction with a Phthalocyanine Photosensitiser

13-09-2013 | Elnaz Yaghini, Francesca Giuntini, Ian M. Eggleston, Klaus Suhling, Alexander M. Seifalian, Alexander J. MacRobert, Small, 2013

The interaction of Tat‐conjugated PEGylated CdSe/ZnS quantum dots (QD) with the amphiphilic disulfonated aluminium phthalocyanine photosensitiser is investigated in aqueous solution and in a human breast cancer cell line. In aqueous solution, the QDs and phthalocyanine form stable ...


“Higher Energy Gap” Control in Fluorescent Conjugated Polymers: Turn-On Amplified Detection of Organophosphorous Agents

12-09-2013 | Deepa Pangeni; Evgueni E. Nesterov, Macromolecules, 2013

Chemo- and biosensors based on fluorescent conjugated polymers benefit from greater detection sensitivity due to amplification of the electronic perturbations produced by analyte binding. This amplification stems from the exciton-transporting properties of conjugated polymers. In a conventional ...


Ligand dissociation/recoordination in fluorescent ionic zinc–salicylideneimine compounds: synthesis, characterization, photophysical properties, and 1H NMR studies

11-09-2013 | Ho-Wen Chiang; Yo-Ting Su; Jing-Yun Wu, Dalton Transactions, 2013

A series of ionic zinc–salicylideneimine compounds, [HNEt3][Zn(L)Cl2] (L = salH-4-CN, 1; salCl-4-CN, 2; salBr-4-CN, 3; salOMe-4-CN, 4) and [NEt4][Zn(salH-4-CN)Cl2] (5), have been synthesized and structurally characterized. Compounds 1–5 all display an intense fluorescence band in both solution ...


Effect of the Substitution Pattern on the Intramolecular Charge‐Transfer Emissions in Organoboron‐Based Biphenyls, Diphenylacetylenes, and Stilbenes

10-09-2013 | Yi‐Qiao Yan, Yan‐Bang Li, Jian‐Wu Wang, Cui‐Hua Zhao, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2013

Abstract Three series of organoboron‐based molecules, including biphenyls 1 a–c, diphenylacetylenes 2 a–c, and stilbenes 3 a–c, in which the electron‐accepting boryl and the electron‐donating amino groups are introduced at different positions, have been comprehensively investigated to explore ...


Study of factors affecting the results of natural water analyses by total reflection X‐ray fluorescence

10-09-2013 | G. V. Pashkova, A. G. Revenko, A. L. Finkelshtein, X-Ray Spectrometry, 2013

The study aims to choose the conditions for the direct analysis of different types of natural water samples by total reflection X‐Ray fluorescence spectrometry (TXRF). The effect of some factors on TXRF results was studied such as the surface density of dried water residue on the sample carrier, ...


Large Scale Solution Assembly of Quantum Dot–Gold Nanorod Architectures with Plasmon Enhanced Fluorescence

10-09-2013 | Dhriti Nepal; Lawrence F. Drummy; Sushmita Biswas; Kyoungweon Park; Richard A. Vaia, ACS Nano, 2013

Tailoring the efficiency of fluorescent emission via plasmon–exciton coupling requires structure control on a nanometer length scale using a high-yield fabrication route not achievable with current lithographic techniques. These systems can be fabricated using a bottom-up approach if problems of ...


Diarylpyrenes vs. Diaryltetrahydropyrenes: Crystal Structures, Fluorescence, and Upconversion Photochemistry

09-09-2013 | Author(s): Ala’a O. El-Ballouli , Rony S. Khnayzer , Jihane C. Khalife , Alexandr Fonari , Kassem M. Hallal , T ..., Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2013

Publication date: Available online 6 September 2013 Source:Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry Author(s): Ala’a O. El-Ballouli , Rony S. Khnayzer , Jihane C. Khalife , Alexandr Fonari , Kassem M. Hallal , Tatiana V. Timofeeva , Digambara Patra , elix N. ...


Preparation and antioxidant potential of maillard reaction products from (MRPs) chitooligomer

09-09-2013 | Author(s): Won-Kyo Jung , Pyo-Jam Park , Chang-Bum Ahn , Jae-Young Je, Food Chemistry, 2013

Publication date: 15 February 2014 Source:Food Chemistry, Volume 145 Author(s): Won-Kyo Jung , Pyo-Jam Park , Chang-Bum Ahn , Jae-Young Je Maillard reaction products (MRPs) were prepared from a chitooligomer solution by heating at 80°C for different times. A time-dependent increase in ...


Self-Assembly of Diphenylalanine Peptide into Microtubes with “Turn on” Fluorescence by an Aggregation-Induced Emission Molecule

04-09-2013 | Na Na; Xiaoyan Mu; Qiuling Liu; Jiying Wen; Fangfang Wang; Jin Ouyang, Chemical Communication, 2013

In this work, the self-assembly of Phe-Phe peptides (FF) into microtubes with “turn on” fluorescence by a new AIE molecule of 9,10-bis[4-(3-sulfonatopropoxyl)-styryl] anthracene (BSPSA) was reported. As demonstrated, the microtubes can be obtained by the self-assembly of FF in both water and ...


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