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Solution scattering studies of the hierarchical assembly of porphyrin trimers based on benzene triscarboxamide

28-10-2014 | Richard van Hameren; Arend van Buul; Dirk Visser; Richard K Heenan; Stephen M King; Alan Rowan; Roeland J.M. Nolte; ..., Soft Matter, 2014

The self-assembly of achiral and chiral porphyrin trimers based on benzene triscarboxamide in solution is studied with the help of NMR, FT-IR, UV-vis, and CD spectroscopy. These studies revealed that in apolar solvents the porphyrin trimers self-assembled in columnar stacks via a combination of ...


Hydrogen-bond relaxation dynamics: Resolving mysteries of water ice

26-10-2014 | Author(s): Yongli Huang , Xi Zhang , Zengsheng Ma , Yichun Zhou , Weitao Zheng , Ji Zhou , Chang Q. Sun, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2014

Publication date: Available online 23 October 2014 Source:Coordination Chemistry Reviews Author(s): Yongli Huang , Xi Zhang , Zengsheng Ma , Yichun Zhou , Weitao Zheng , Ji Zhou , Chang Q. Sun We present recent progress in understanding the anomalous behavior of water ice under ...


Ultrahigh-Resolution Differential Ion Mobility Separations of Conformers for Proteins above 10 kDa: Onset of Dipole Alignment?

23-10-2014 | Alexandre A. Shvartsburg, Analytical Chemistry, 2014

Biomacromolecules tend to assume numerous structures in solution or the gas phase. It has been possible to resolve disparate conformational families but not unique geometries within each, and drastic peak broadening has been the bane of protein analyses by chromatography, electrophoresis, and ion ...


A Novel Anaerobic Electrochemical Membrane Bioreactor (AnEMBR) with Conductive Hollow-fiber Membrane for Treatment of Low-Organic Strength Solutions

22-10-2014 | Krishna P. Katuri; Craig M. Werner; Rodrigo J. Jimenez-Sandoval; Wei Chen; Sungil Jeon; Bruce E. Logan; Zhiping Lai; ..., Environmental Science & Technology, 2014

A new anaerobic treatment system that combined a microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) with membrane filtration using electrically conductive, porous, nickel-based hollow-fiber membranes (Ni-HFMs) was developed to treat low organic strength solution and recover energy in the form of biogas. This new ...


Cooperative Hydrogen-Bond Pairing in Organocatalytic Ring-Opening Polymerization

22-10-2014 | Oleg I. Kazakov; Partha P. Datta; Meghedi Isajani; Elizabeth T. Kiesewetter; Matthew K. Kiesewetter, Macromolecules, 2014

Thiourea (TU)/amine base cocatalysts are commonly employed for well-controlled, highly active “living” organocatalytic ring-opening polymerizations (ROPs) of cyclic esters and carbonates. In this work, several of the most active cocatalyst pairs are shown by 1H NMR binding studies to be highly ...


Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 7145-7156: Co-Precipitation of YAG Powders for Transparent Materials: Effect of the Synthesis Parameters on Processing and Microstructure

22-10-2014 | Palmero, Paola ; Traverso, Rebecca, Materials, 2014

The fabrication of transparent polycrystalline Y3Al5O12 (YAG) is still a challenge, requiring the achievement of highly pure and fully dense, homogeneous materials. An important role is played by the powder characteristics: pure, fine and unagglomerated powders are essential for achieving full ...


Proton and Electron Transfer Mechanisms in the Formation of Neutral and Charged Quinhydrone-Like Complexes: A Multilayered Computational Study

21-10-2014 | Vincenzo Barone; Ivo Cacelli; Alessandro Ferretti; Giacomo Prampolini; Giovanni Villani, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2014

The redox and proton transfer processes involving the several dimers arising from quinones are studied by quantum mechanical methods using second order perturbation theory (MP2) and a medium size basis set optimized for reproducing dispersion interactions. Furthermore, bulk solvent effects are ...


Surface-Based Supramolecular Chemistry Using Hydrogen Bonds

20-10-2014 | Anna G. Slater; Luis M. A. Perdigão; Peter H. Beton; Neil R. Champness, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2014

ConspectusThe arrangement of molecular species into extended structures remains the focus of much current chemical science. The organization of molecules on surfaces using intermolecular interactions has been studied to a lesser degree than solution or solid-state systems, and unanticipated ...


Rhodium(III) cationic methyl complexes containing dimethylformamide ligand, cis-[Rh(β-diket)(PPh3)2(CH3)(DMF)][BPh4] (β-diket = acetylacetonate or benzoylacetonate), in comparison with their acetonitrile analogs

17-10-2014 | Author(s): Elizaveta P. Shestakova , Yuri S. Varshavsky , Victor N. Khrustalev , Galina L. Starova , Sergei N. ..., Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2014

Publication date: 15 December 2014 Source:Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 774 Author(s): Elizaveta P. Shestakova , Yuri S. Varshavsky , Victor N. Khrustalev , Galina L. Starova , Sergei N. Smirnov The rhodium(III) cationic methyl complexes, ...


Organic Mixed Valency in Quadruple Hydrogen-bonded Triarylamine Dimers Bearing Ureido Pyrimidinedione Moieties

15-10-2014 | Keishiro Tahara; Tetsufumi Nakakita; Shohei Katao; Jun-ichi Kikuchi, Chemical Communication, 2014

Triarylamine derivatives bearing an ureido pyrimidinedione moiety were synthesised and formed dimers in the solid state and solution through quadruple hydrogen-bonds. These bonding interactions stabilized the mixed-valence states of the tri-arylamine dimers without any electronic coupling between ...


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