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Europium doped LaF3 nanocrystals with organic 9-oxidophenalenone capping ligands that display visible light excitable steady-state blue and time delayed red emission

16-12-2014 | Mir Irfanullah; Arindam Chowdhury; Dharmendar Kumar Sharma; Ramya Chulliyil, Dalton Transactions, 2014

A visible light excitable and colour tunable ~5% Eu3+-doped LaF3 nanocrystals (NCs) containing 9-oxidophenalenone ligands bound to the surface as visible light sensitizers for Eu3+ dopants, have been synthesized by a facile solution based method. The crystalline phase structure, size, ...


Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Coordination Polymer from [Cu(DMF)4(SCN)2] as a Precursor

12-12-2014 | Xiaotong Liu, Feng Zhou, Qiuxuan Zhou, Lihua Wang, Yong Zhang, Qingfeng Xu, Jianmei Lu, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Abstract This paper is focused on investigation of coordination polymers constructed by Cu(II) and rigid pyridyl ligands, such as 4,4′‐bipyridyl‐1,2,4‐triazole (Hpytz) and 1,10‐phenanthroline (phen) from a mononuclear precursor [Cu(DMF)4(NCS)2] (1). As expected, the complex was self‐assembled ...


Homoleptic Tris(α,ω-alkanediyl)yttriates of the Type [{Li(dme)}3{Y(CH2-X-CH2)3}] (X = C2H4, C3H6, Si(CH3)2)

12-12-2014 | Reinald Fischer; Stefan Bode; Mathias Köhler; Jens Langer; Helmar Görls; Martin D. Hager; Ulrich S. Schubert; Matthi ..., Organometallics, 2014

The metathesis reaction of anhydrous yttrium(III) chloride with ethereal solutions of 1,4-dilithiobutane, 1,5-dilithiopentane as well as bis(lithiomethyl)dimethylsilane in the molar ratio of 1:3 yields the homoleptic yttriates [{Li(dme)}3{Y(C4H8)3}] (2), [{Li(dme)}3{Y(C5H10)3}] (3), and ...


The Effect of the Spacer of Bis(biurea) Ligands on the Structure of A2L3‐type (A=anion) Phosphate Complexes

11-12-2014 | Biao Wu, Shaoguang Li, Yibo Lei, Huaiming Hu, Nader de Sousa Amadeu, Christoph Janiak, Jennifer S. Mathieson, De‐Lia ..., Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract By tuning the length and rigidity of the spacer of bis(biurea) ligands L, three structural motifs of the A2L3 complexes (A represents anion, here orthophosphate PO43−), namely helicate, mesocate, and mono‐bridged motif, have been assembled by coordination of the ligand to phosphate ...


Structural Diversity in Sterically Demanding Diiminophosphinato Alkali Metal Complexes

11-12-2014 | Andrew L. Hawley, Andreas Stasch, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract We have prepared the new aminophosphine Ph2PNHMes 2 [Mes = mesityl (2,4,6‐Me3C6H2)], and the aminoiminophosphorane Ph2P(=NMes)NHMes 4 (MesLH), and obtained the new alkali metal complexes [(DipLLi)2] 5 [DipL = Ph2P(NDip)2, Dip = 2,6‐iPr2C6H3], [(MesLLi)2] 6, [(DipL)(DipN2L)Li2] 7 ...


Molecules, Vol. 19, Pages 20709-20730: Chemically Synthesized Glycosides of Hydroxylated Flavylium Ions as Suitable Models of Anthocyanins: Binding to Iron Ions and Human Serum Albumin, Antioxidant Activity in Model Gastric Conditions

11-12-2014 | Al Bittar, Sheiraz ; Mora, Nathalie ; Loonis, Michèle ; Dangles, Olivier, Molecules, 2014

Polyhydroxylated flavylium ions, such as 3',4',7-trihydroxyflavylium chloride (P1) and its more water-soluble 7-O-β-d-glucopyranoside (P2), are readily accessible by chemical synthesis and suitable models of natural anthocyanins in terms of color and species distribution in aqueous solution. ...


Formazanate Ligands as Structurally Versatile, Redox-Active Analogues of β-Diketiminates in Zinc Chemistry

10-12-2014 | Mu-Chieh Chang; Peter Roewen; Raquel Travieso-Puente; Martin Lutz; Edwin Otten, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

A range of tetrahedral bis(formazanate)zinc complexes with different steric and electronic properties of the formazanate ligands were synthesized. The solid-state structures for several of these were determined by X-ray crystallography, which showed that complexes with symmetrical, unhindered ...


Synthesis and Reactivity of NHC-Based Rhodium Macrocycles

10-12-2014 | Rhiann E. Andrew; Adrian B. Chaplin, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Using a general synthetic procedure employing readily accessed terminal alkene-functionalized pro-ligands and macrocyclization by ring-closing olefin metathesis, rhodium carbonyl complexes have been prepared that contain lutidine (1a; n = 1) and pyridine (1b; n = 0) derived tridentate CNC ...


A Bowl‐Shaped Circular Trinuclear Helicate Generated from a TiO4N2 Motif by a Multicomponent Self‐Assembly Approach

09-12-2014 | Pierre Mobian, Nathalie Baradel, Nathalie Kyritsakas, Georges Khalil, Marc Henry, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract The synthesis of a bowl‐shaped trinuclear circular titanium‐based helicate is reported. The strategy allowing access to this neutral architecture is based on a multicomponent self‐assembly approach in which the ligands involved in the process are a bis‐biphenol strand and 2,2′‐ ...


Organolanthanide Complexes Supported by Thiazole-Containing Amidopyridinate Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activity in Isoprene Polymerization

08-12-2014 | Lapo Luconi; Dmitrii M. Lyubov; Andrea Rossin; Tatyana A. Glukhova; Anton V. Cherkasov; Giulia Tuci; Georgy K. Fukin ..., Organometallics, 2014

Neutral bis(alkyl)-organolanthanide complexes supported by tridentate {N–,N,N} monoanionic 5-methylthiazole- or benzothiazole-amidopyridinate ligands have been prepared and completely characterized: (LThiaMe2)Ln(CH2SiMe3)2 [Ln = Lu3+ (3), Er3+ (7), Yb3+ (8)] and (LBnThMe2)Lu(CH2SiMe3)2 (5). ...


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