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Insight into Al existing form and its role on microstructure and properties of Cr1−xAlxN films

20-Nov-2015 | Yingying Fu, Hongxuan Li, Li Ji, Xiaohong Liu, Liu Liu, Huidi Zhou, Jianmin Chen, Surface and Interface Analysis, 2015

A series of Cr1−xAlxN (where x denotes the atom fraction of Al in Cr1−xAlxN film) films with different Al contents have been deposited by unbalanced reactive magnetron sputtering technique. The chemical composition, microstructure, surface morphology, cross‐sectional structure, mechanical ...


Polymorphism of Two-Dimensional Cyanine Dye J-Aggregates and Its Genesis: Fluorescence Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy Study

20-Nov-2015 | Valery V. Prokhorov; Olga M. Perelygina; Sergey I. Pozin; Eugene I. Mal’tsev; Anatoly V. Vannikov, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

Polymorphic J-aggregates of monomethine cyanine dye 3,3′-di(γ-sulfopropyl)-5,5′-dichlorotiamonomethinecyanine (TC) have been studied by fluorescence optical microscopy (FOM) and by atomic force microscopy (AFM). The in situ FOM observations in a solution drop distinguish two J-aggregate ...


Development of a Smart, Anti‐Water Polyurethane Polymer Hair Coating for Style Setting

19-Nov-2015 | Liu Yan, Liu Yijun, Jinlian Hu, Ji FengLong, Lv Jing, Chen Shao Jun, Zhu Yong, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2015

Abstract Objective The goal of this work was to develop a novel polyurethane polymer coating for the surface of the hair that could be used for style setting via the shape memory effect. The features of the films are in accordance with conventional hair styling methods used in the ...


Coating Platinum Nanoparticles with Methyl Radicals: Effects on Properties and Catalytic Implications

13-Nov-2015 | Ronen Bar‐Ziv, Israel Zilbermann, Michael Shandalov, Vladimir Shevchenko, Dan Meyerstein, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract It was recently reported that the reaction of methyl radicals with Pt0 nanoparticles (NPs), prepared by the reduction of Pt(SO4)2 with NaBH4, is fast and yields as the major product stable (Pt0‐NPs)(CH3)n and as side products, in low yields, C2H6, C2H4, and some oligomers. We decided ...


Morphology and toughness enhancements in recycled high‐density polyethylene (rHDPE) via solid‐state shear pulverization (SSSP) and solid‐state/melt extrusion (SSME)

05-Nov-2015 | Evan V. Miu, Andrew J. Fox, Samuel H. Jubb, Katsuyuki Wakabayashi, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Solid‐state, mechanochemical polymer processing techniques are explored as an effective and sustainable solution to appearance and performance issues commonly associated with recycled plastic products. Post‐consumer high‐density polyethylene (HDPE) from milk jugs is processed via ...


Self-Assembly of a Functional Oligo(Aniline)-Based Amphiphile into Helical Conductive Nanowires

05-Nov-2015 | O. Alexander Bell; Guanglu Wu; Johannes S. Haataja; Felicitas Brömmel; Natalie Fey; Annela M. Seddon; Robert L. Harn ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

A tetra(aniline)-based cationic amphiphile, TANI-NHC(O)C5H10N(CH3)3+Br– (TANI-PTAB) was synthesized, and its emeraldine base (EB) state was found to self-assemble into nanowires in aqueous solution. The observed self-assembly is described by an isodesmic model, as shown by temperature-dependent ...


Chloride Incorporation Process in CH3NH3PbI3–xClx Perovskites via Nanoscale Bandgap Maps

05-Nov-2015 | Jungseok Chae; Qingfeng Dong; Jinsong Huang; Andrea Centrone, Nano Letters, 2015

CH3NH3PbI3–xClx perovskites enable fabrication of highly efficient solar cells. Chloride ions benefit the morphology, carrier diffusion length, and stability of perovskite films; however, whether those benefits stem from the presence of Cl– in the precursor solution or from their incorporation in ...


Electrodeposition in Ionic Liquids

04-Nov-2015 | Qinqin Zhang, Qian Wang, Suojiang Zhang, Xingmei Lu, Xiangping Zhang, ChemPhysChem, 2015

Abstract Due to their attractive physico‐chemical properties, ionic liquids (ILs) are increasingly used as deposition electrolytes. This review summarizes recent advances in electrodeposition in ILs and focuses on its similarities and differences with that in aqueous solutions. The ...


Effect of Ionic Strength and Surface Charge on Convective Deposition

04-Nov-2015 | Kedar Joshi; Tanyakorn Muangnapoh; Michael D. Stever; James F. Gilchrist, Langmuir, 2015

Particle–particle and particle–substrate interactions play a crucial role in capillary driven convective self-assembly for continuous deposition of particles. This systematic study demonstrates the nontrivial effects of varying surface charge and ionic strength of monosized silica microspheres in ...


Sub-micron Polymer–Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Layered Hybrids via Controlled Chemical Transformation of Naked ZnO Nanocrystal Films

02-Nov-2015 | Stephen M. Meckler; Changyi Li; Wendy L. Queen; Teresa E. Williams; Jeffrey R. Long; Raffaella Buonsanti; Delia J. M ..., Chemistry of Materials, 2015

Here we show that sub-micron coatings of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) and even ZIF–ZIF bilayers can be grown directly on polymers of intrinsic microporosity from zinc oxide (ZnO) nanocrystal precursor films, yielding a new class of all-microporous layered hybrids. The ZnO-to-ZIF ...


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