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Poly(ferulic acid-co-tyrosine): Effect of the Regiochemistry on the Photophysical and Physical Properties en Route to Biomedical Applications

14-10-2014 | Amandine Noel; Yannick P. Borguet; Jeffery E. Raymond; Karen L. Wooley, Macromolecules, 2014

The photophysical and mechanical properties of novel poly(carbonate-amide)s derived from two biorenewable resources, ferulic acid (FA) and l-tyrosine ethyl ester, were evaluated in detail. From these two bio-based precursors, a series of four monomers were generated (having amide and/or carbonate ...


Coloring: Coloring of Polystyrene Nanoparticles Assembling on Graphene in Aqueous Solution (Part. Part. Syst. Charact. 10/2014)

13-10-2014 | Jun Dong, Qing Yang, Jian Weng, Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 2014

Solution photonic crystals can be prepared by assembling polystyrene nanoparticles on graphene functionalized with hydrophilic polymers, as J. Dong and co‐workers report on page 1072. The solution photonic crystal can be stably dispersed in water and can change from blue to white very quickly ...


Syntheses, crystal structures and antioxidant study of Zn(II) complexes with morin-5′-sulfonic acid (MSA)

12-10-2014 | Author(s): Elżbieta Pieniążek , Jan Kalembkiewicz , Maciej Dranka , Elżbieta Woźnicka, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2014

Publication date: December 2014 Source:Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Volume 141 Author(s): Elżbieta Pieniążek , Jan Kalembkiewicz , Maciej Dranka , Elżbieta Woźnicka The study of modified synthetic procedure of water soluble morin-5′-sulfonic acid sodium salt (NaMSA) involving less ...


Supramolecular Fullerene Polymers and Networks Directed by Molecular Recognition between Calix[5]arene and C60

10-10-2014 | Takehiro Hirao, Masatoshi Tosaka, Shigeru Yamago, Takeharu Haino, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract A biscalix[5]arene–C60 supramolecular structure was utilized for the development of supramolecular fullerene polymers. Di‐ and tritopic hosts were developed to generate the linear and network supramolecular polymers through the complexation of a dumbbell‐shaped fullerene. The ...


Structural and Optical Properties of Self-Assembled Chains of Plasmonic Nanocubes

10-10-2014 | Anna Klinkova; Héloïse Thérien-Aubin; Aftab Ahmed; Dmytro Nykypanchuk; Rachelle M. Choueiri; Brandon Gagnon; Anastas ..., Nano Letters, 2014

Solution-based linear self-assembly of metal nanoparticles offers a powerful strategy for creating plasmonic polymers, which, so far, have been formed from spherical nanoparticles and cylindrical nanorods. Here we report linear solution-based self-assembly of metal nanocubes (NCs), examine the ...


Enhancement of Phosphorescence and Unimolecular Behavior in the Solid State by Perfect Insulation of Platinum–Acetylide Polymers

10-10-2014 | Hiroshi Masai; Jun Terao; Satoshi Makuta; Yasuhiro Tachibana; Tetsuaki Fujihara; Yasushi Tsuji, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

Controlling the thermal fluctuations and molecular environment of a phosphorescent polymer backbone is vital to enhancing its phosphorescence intensity in the solid state. Here, we demonstrate enhanced phosphorescence control through a systematic investigation of cyclodextrin-based insulated ...


Catalytic Behaviour of Transition Metal Cations In Electrosynthesis and Growth of Nanostructure Conducting Polypyrrole Films On/Between the Passive Cu Interdigital Electrodes: Application In Gas Sensors

09-10-2014 | Naader Alizadeh, Arash Ghoorchian, Electroanalysis, 2014

Abstract The electrosynthesis of nanostructured polypyrrole (PPy) on copper interdigital electrodes (Cu‐IDEs) surfaces was performed by anodic oxidation of pyrrole in the presence of oxalic acid in aqueous solution (passivation technique) by potentiostatic method. Some divalent transition ...


Fibers Mechanically Similar to Sheep Wool Obtained by Wet Spinning of Gelatin and Optional Plasticizers

07-10-2014 | Philipp R. Stoessel, Renzo A. Raso, Tim Kaufmann, Robert N. Grass, Wendelin J. Stark, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2014

Abstract Gelatin is an exceptional and versatile biopolymer with applications in various industries. As the most abundant structural protein in vertebrates it is available in megaton quantities. On these grounds, it would be a plausible substitute for synthetic polymers. Gelatin processing ...


Smart carboxymethylchitosan hydrogels that have thermo‐ and pH‐responsive properties

07-10-2014 | Nantharak Rodkate, Boonjira Rutnakornpituk, Uthai Wichai, Gareth Ross, Metha Rutnakornpituk, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT Thermo‐responsive poly(N‐isopropylacrylamide) (poly(NIPAAm)) and pH‐responsive poly(N,N′‐diethylaminoethyl methacrylate) (poly(DEAEMA)) polymers were grafted to carboxymethylchitosan (CMC) via radical polymerization to form highly water swellable hydrogels with dual responsive ...


Diffusion-Coupled Molecular Assembly: Structuring of Coordination Polymers Across Multiple Length Scales

07-10-2014 | Kenji Hirai; Julien Reboul; Nobuhiro Morone; John E. Heuser; Shuhei Furukawa; Susumu Kitagawa, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

Porous coordination polymers (PCPs) are an intriguing class of molecular-based materials because of the designability of framework scaffolds, pore sizes and pore surface functionalities. Besides the structural designability at the molecular scale, the structuring of PCPs into ...


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