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Facile and Scalable Preparation of Pure and Dense DNA Origami Solutions

24-10-2014 | Evi Stahl, Thomas G. Martin, Florian Praetorius, Hendrik Dietz, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014

Abstract DNA has become a prime material for assembling complex three‐dimensional objects that promise utility in various areas of application. However, achieving user‐defined goals with DNA objects has been hampered by the difficulty to prepare them at arbitrary concentrations and in ...


A Discrete Amphiphilic Organoplatinum(II) Metallacycle with Tunable Lower Critical Solution Temperature Behavior

23-10-2014 | Peifa Wei; Timothy R. Cook; Xuzhou Yan; Feihe Huang; Peter J. Stang, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

Oligo(ethylene glycol) (OEG)-decorated supramolecular assemblies are distinguished by their neutral character and macroscopic temperature-sensitive phase transition behavior. OEG functionalization is an emerging strategy to obtain thermoresponsive macrocyclic amphiphiles, although known methods ...


Experimental Measurement and Thermodynamic Modeling of Hydrate Dissociation Conditions for the Argon + TBAB + Water System

23-10-2014 | Saeedeh Babaee; Hamed Hashemi; Amir H. Mohammadi; Paramespri Naidoo; Deresh Ramjugernath, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2014

Gas hydrate (clathrate hydrate) dissociation data at low to moderate pressures are necessary for practical applications, e.g., for gas separation. However, it is often known or recognized that the separation conditions encountered exist at high pressures and low temperatures. One solution to this ...


Role of Intrachain Rigidity in the Plasticization of Intrinsically Microporous Triptycene-Based Polyimide Membranes in Mixed-Gas CO2/CH4 Separations

22-10-2014 | Raja Swaidan; Bader Ghanem; Majed Al-Saeedi; Eric Litwiller; Ingo Pinnau, Macromolecules, 2014

Based on high-pressure pure- and mixed-gas (50:50) CO2/CH4 separation properties of two intrinsically microporous triptycene-based polyimides (TPDA–TMPD and TPDA–6FpDA), the intrachain rigidity central to “conventional PIM” design principles is not a singular solution to intrinsic plasticization ...


Flame atomic absorption spectrometry determination of trace amount of gold after separation and preconcentration onto ion-exchange polyethylenimine coated on Al2O3

21-10-2014 | Author(s): Daryoush Afzali , Zahra Daliri , Mohammad Ali Taher, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Publication date: November 2014 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry, Volume 7, Issue 5 Author(s): Daryoush Afzali , Zahra Daliri , Mohammad Ali Taher The object of this work is to develop a simple and selective method for efficient extraction of Au(III) ions in aqueous solution using a ...


Hierarchical Structures in Thin Films of Miktoarm Star Polymers: Poly(n-hexyl isocyanate)(12K)–Poly(ε-caprolactone)1–3(5K)

21-10-2014 | Young Yong Kim; Sungmin Jung; Changsub Kim; Brian J. Ree; Daisuke Kawato; Naoki Nishikawa; Daichi Suemasa; Takuya Is ..., Macromolecules, 2014

A series of miktoarm star polymers, [poly(n-hexyl isocyanate)(12K)]–[poly(ε-caprolactone)1–3(5K)] (PHIC–PCL1–3) (composed of a rigid self-assembling PHIC arm and one to three flexible crystallizable PCL arms), were investigated to examine the polymers’ thermal properties and nanoscale thin film ...


Electrodriven Selective Transport of Cs+ Using Chlorinated Cobalt Dicarbollide in Polymer Inclusion Membrane: A Novel Approach for Cesium Removal from Simulated Nuclear Waste Solution

20-10-2014 | Sanhita Chaudhury; Arunasis Bhattacharyya; Asok Goswami, Environmental Science & Technology, 2014

The work describes a novel and cleaner approach of electrodriven selective transport of Cs from simulated nuclear waste solutions through cellulose tri acetate (CTA)/poly vinyl chloride (PVC) based polymer inclusion membrane. The electrodriven cation transport together with the use of highly Cs+ ...


Formation of a CdO Layer on CdS/ZnO Nanorod Arrays to Enhance their Photoelectrochemical Performance

16-10-2014 | Thanh Khue Van, Long Quoc Pham, Do Yoon Kim, Jin You Zheng, Dokyoung Kim, Amol U. Pawar, Young Soo Kang, ChemSusChem, 2014

Abstract The performance and photocatalytic activity of the well‐known CdS/ZnO nanorod array system were improved significantly by the layer‐by‐layer heterojunction structure fabrication of a transparent conductive oxide (TCO) CdO layer on the CdS/ZnO nanorods. Accordingly, a CdO layer with a ...


Interfacial Separation and Characterization of Al‐PE Composites During Delamination of Post‐consumer Tetra Pak Materials

15-10-2014 | Sufeng Zhang, Ke Luo, Lulu Zhang, Xingxian Mei, Shumiao Cao, Baiji Wang, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2014

Abstract Background In order to understand more details of the Al‐PE composite delaminating during the separation process for enriching the present theoretical analysis of of Al‐PE separation and providing new ideas for the recycle and reuse of post‐consumer Tetra Pak, interfacial separation ...


Generalized Gaussian reference curve measurement model for high‐performance liquid chromatography with diode array detector separation and its solution by multi‐target intermittent particle swarm optimization

13-10-2014 | Lizhi Cui, Zhihao Ling, Josiah Poon, Simon K. Poon, Hao Chen, Junbin Gao, Paul Kwan, Kei Fan, Journal of Chemometrics, 2014

In order to separate a high‐performance liquid chromatography with diode array detector (HPLC‐DAD) data set to chromatogram peaks and spectra for all compounds, a separation method based on the model of generalized Gaussian reference curve measurement (GGRCM) and the algorithm of multi‐target ...


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