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Highly Efficient Forward Osmosis Based on Porous Membranes—Applications and Implications

19-Mar-2015 | Saren Qi; Ye Li; Yang Zhao; Weiyi Li; Chuyang Y. Tang, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

For the first time, forward osmosis (FO) was performed using a porous membrane with an ultrafiltration (UF)-like rejection layer and its feasibility for high performance FO filtration was demonstrated. Compared to traditional FO membranes with dense rejection layers, the UF-like FO membrane was 2 ...


Understanding and tailoring the degradation of PVA‐tyramine hydrogels

16-Mar-2015 | Khoon S. Lim, Justine J. Roberts, Marie‐Helene Alves, Laura A. Poole‐Warren, Penny J. Martens, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT We have previously reported on a hydrogel system fabricated from poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) functionalized with tyramine groups (PVA‐Tyr) that has the ability to co‐polymerize with proteins in their native state. These gels were also shown to be hydrolytically degradable through the ...


A Compton-suppression detection system for use in manganese bath measurements

15-Mar-2015 | Author(s): N. Ghal-Eh , H. Doostizadeh , Z. Hazami , V. Doust-Mohammadi, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: July 2015 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 112 Author(s): N. Ghal-Eh , H. Doostizadeh , Z. Hazami , V. Doust-Mohammadi The manganese sulfate bath technique is a standard tool for neutron source strength measurement (Park et al., 2005). However, the ...


An NH Moiety Is Not Required for Anion Binding to Amides in Aqueous Solution

12-Mar-2015 | Kelvin B. Rembert; Halil I. Okur; Christian Hilty; Paul S. Cremer, Langmuir, 2015

Herein, we use a combination of thermodynamic and spectroscopic measurements to investigate the interactions of Hofmeister anions with a thermoresponsive polymer, poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide) (PDEA). This amide-based polymer does not contain an NH moiety in its chemical structure and, thus, can ...


Facile Method To Synthesize Na-Enriched Na1+xFeFe(CN)6 Frameworks as Cathode with Superior Electrochemical Performance for Sodium-Ion Batteries

12-Mar-2015 | Wei-Jie Li; Shu-Lei Chou; Jia-Zhao Wang; Yong-Mook Kang; Jian-Li Wang; Yong Liu; Qin-Fen Gu; Hua-Kun Liu; Shi-Xue Dou, Chemistry of Materials, 2015

Different Na-enriched Na1+xFeFe(CN)6 samples can be synthesized by a facile one-step method, utilizing Na4Fe(CN)6 as the precursor in a different concentration of NaCl solution. As-prepared samples were characterized by a combination of synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction (S-XRD), Mössbauer ...


Hydration of Hyaluronan: Effects on Structural and Thermodynamic Properties

11-Mar-2015 | Cathrine Albèr; Johan Engblom; Peter Falkman; Vitaly Kocherbitov, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

Hyaluronan (HA) is a frequently occurring biopolymer with a large variety of functions in nature. During the past 60 years, there have been numerous reports on structural and dynamic behavior of HA in water. Nevertheless, studies covering a wider concentration range are still lacking. In this ...


Model Study of Enhanced Oil Recovery by Flooding with Aqueous Surfactant Solution and Comparison with Theory

06-Mar-2015 | Paul D. I. Fletcher; Luke D. Savory; Freya Woods; Andrew Clarke; Andrew M. Howe, Langmuir, 2015

With the aim of elucidating the details of enhanced oil recovery by surfactant solution flooding, we have determined the detailed behavior of model systems consisting of a packed column of calcium carbonate particles as the porous rock, n-decane as the trapped oil, and aqueous solutions of the ...


Se‐catalyzed Process of Sodium Bisulfite Disproportionation

05-Mar-2015 | Liyuan Chai, Bentao Yang, Hui Liu, Kaisong Xiang, Shu Yang, Cong Peng, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2015

Abstract Background SO2 is an important gaseous pollutant that seriously affects environment and human health. The most common method for SO2 removal is absorption by NaOH solution and then forming HSO3−. Since generation of high‐valuable products and reduction of alkali consumption are ...


Cation Effects on the Phase Transition of N‐isopropylacrylamide Hydrogels

04-Mar-2015 | Kevin J. Pastoor, Charles V. Rice, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Polymers formed from N‐isopropylacrylamide (NIPAM) are highly water soluble and undergo a temperature‐induced phase transition to an insoluble state. The phase behavior is determined by competing hydrophilic and hydrophobic forces. In this report, additional insight regarding the effect soluble ...


Evaluation of surface alterations in different retreatment nickel‐titanium files: AFM and SEM study

04-Mar-2015 | Baran Can Sağlam, Güliz Görgül, Microscopy Research and Technique, 2015

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the surface changes of nickel titanium (Ni‐Ti) rotary retreatment files after three and five uses. Furthermore, the effects of 2% sodium hypochlorite and chloroform solutions and sterilization procedures on the NiTi rotary retreatment surfaces ...


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