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Investigating Acid-Induced Structural Transitions of Lysozyme in an Electrospray Ionization Source

26-11-2014 | Jong Wha Lee; Hugh Inkon Kim, Analyst, 2014

The effect of acids on the structure of lysozyme (Lyz) during electrospray ionization (ESI) was studied by comparing the solution and gas-phase structures of Lyz. Investigation using circular dichroism spectroscopy and small-angle X-ray scattering demonstrated that the folded conformation of Lyz ...


The Influence of Two‐Dimensional Organization on Peptide Conformation

21-11-2014 | Simon J. White, Steven D. Johnson, Mark A. Sellick, Agnieszka Bronowska, Peter G. Stockley, Christoph Wälti, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014

Abstract Molecular crowding plays a significant role in regulating molecular conformation in cellular environments. It is also likely to be important wherever high molecular densities are required, for example in surface‐phase studies, in which molecular densities generally far exceed those ...


Ionic‐Radius‐Driven Selection of the Main‐Group‐Metal Cage for Intermetalloid Clusters [Ln@PbxBi14−x]q− and [Ln@PbyBi13−y]q− (x/q=7/4, 6/3; y/q=4/4, 3/3)

20-11-2014 | Rodica Ababei, Werner Massa, Bastian Weinert, Patrik Pollak, Xiulan Xie, Rodolphe Clérac , Florian Weigend, Stefanie ..., Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract Reactions of the binary, pseudo‐homoatomic Zintl anion (Pb2Bi2)2− with Ln(C5Me4H)3 (Ln=La, Ce, Nd, Gd, Sm, Tb) in the presence of [2.2.2]crypt in ethane‐1,2‐diamine/toluene yielded ten [K([2.2.2]crypt)]+ salts of lanthanide‐doped semimetal clusters with 13 or 14 surface atoms. ...


Highly Photocatalytically Active Iron(III) Titanium Oxide Thin films via Aerosol‐Assisted CVD

20-11-2014 | Sanjayan Sathasivam, Davinder S. Bhachu, Yao Lu, Salem M. Bawaked, Abdullah Y. Obaid, Shaeel Al‐Thabaiti, Sulaiman N ..., Chemical Vapor Deposition, 2014

This paper presents, for the first time, the synthesis, via aerosol‐assisted (AA)CVD followed by annealing at 620 °C for 5 h, of pure Fe2TiO5 thin films on glass. The thin film is deposited from a one pot solution containing titanium isopropoxide and tris(acetylacetonato)iron in an ethyl ...


Morphologic, structural, and optical characterization of sol‐gel derived TiO2 thin films for memristive devices

19-11-2014 | Valentina Prusakova, Cristina Armellini, Alessandro Carpentiero, Andrea Chiappini, Cristian Collini, Sandra Dirè, Ma ..., physica status solidi (c), 2014

Abstract Sol‐gel derived TiO2 thin films were prepared by spin‐ coating from an alcoholic solution of titanium isopropoxide. With the aim to develop titania layers suitable for memristive devices, the films were deposited onto test structures based on fused silica quartz substrates patterned ...


Synthesis and Characterization of the Platinum-Substituted Keggin Anion α-H2SiPtW11O404–

19-11-2014 | Peter Klonowski; James C. Goloboy; Fernando J. Uribe-Romo; Furong Sun; Lingyang Zhu; Felipe Gándara; Corinne Wills; ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Acidification of an aqueous solution of K8SiW11O39 and K2Pt(OH)6 to pH 4 followed by addition of excess tetramethylammonium (TMA) chloride yielded a solid mixture of TMA salts of H2SiPtW11O404– (1) and SiW12O404– (2). The former was separated from the latter by extraction into an aqueous solution ...


A facile synthesis of a novel three‐phase nanocomposite: Single‐wall carbon nanotube/silver nanohybrid fibers embedded in sulfonated polyaniline

18-11-2014 | Rajesh K. Agrawalla, Subhasish Paul, Pratap K. Sahoo, Amit K. Chakraborty, Apurba K. Mitra, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT A three‐phase water‐soluble nanocomposite of single wall carbon nanotube/silver nanoparticle hybrid fibers embedded in sulfonated polyaniline has been synthesized by a simple chemical solution mixing process. The nanocomposite has been characterized by high resolution electron ...


Mechanisms of SnO2 Nanoparticles Formation and Growth in Acid Ethanol Solution Derived from SAXS and Combined Raman–XAS Time-Resolved Studies

18-11-2014 | Bruno L. Caetano; Florian Meneau; Celso V. Santilli; Sandra H. Pulcinelli; Marina Magnani; Valérie Briois, Chemistry of Materials, 2014

Although nanocrystalline SnO2 is among the most intensely studied nanoscale semiconductor metal oxide, the actual mechanisms of nanoparticle formation and growth often remain unclear due to limited accessibility to in situ derived time-resolved information about the evolutions of precursor ...


Spontaneous Aryldiazonium Film Formation on 440C Stainless Steel in Nonaqueous Environments

17-11-2014 | Leo J. Small; Michael R. Hibbs; David R. Wheeler, Langmuir, 2014

The ability of three aryldiazonium salts to spontaneously assemble onto the surface of type 440C stainless steel is investigated in acetonitrile (ACN) and the model hydraulic fluids tributyl phosphate (TBP) and hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDS). Competition between native oxide formation and organic ...


Syntheses of Enantiopure Bifunctional 2-Guanidinobenzimidazole Cyclopentadienyl Ruthenium Complexes: Highly Enantioselective Organometallic Hydrogen Bond Donor Catalysts for Carbon–Carbon Bond Forming Reactions

17-11-2014 | Tathagata Mukherjee; Carola Ganzmann; Nattamai Bhuvanesh; John A. Gladysz, Organometallics, 2014

2-Guanidinobenzimidazole (GBI) derivatives with a NHR group in place of NH2 (R: a, CH2Ph; b, (SC)-CH(CH3)Ph; c, (RCRC)-CH(CH2)4CHNMe2; d, (RCRC)-CH(CH2)4CH-NCH2(CH2)3CH2) are prepared in four steps from 2-aminobenzimidazole. Reactions with [(η5-C5H5)Ru(CO)(NCCH3)2]+PF6– (5+PF6–) afford the ...


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