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Effect of TiO2 Doping on the Structure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Cordierite Ceramics

20-Mar-2015 | Song Wu, Kaixin Song, Peng Liu, Huixing Lin, Fangfang Zhang, Peng Zheng, Huibin Qin, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

The (1−x)Mg2Al4Si5O18–xTiO2 |(1−x)MAS‐xT| (0≤x≤ 0.35) cordierite ceramics are fabricated by solid‐state reaction method for obtaining near‐zero temperature coefficient of resonant frequency (τf). The XRD and SEM results show that (1−x)MAS‐xT (0≤x≤0.10) ceramics exhibit single cordierite ...


Low‐Temperature, Nontoxic Water‐Induced Metal‐Oxide Thin Films and Their Application in Thin‐Film Transistors

19-Mar-2015 | Guoxia Liu, Ao Liu, Huihui Zhu, Byoungchul Shin, Elvira Fortunato, Rodrigo Martins, Yiqian Wang, Fukai Shan, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015

Here, a simple, nontoxic, and inexpensive “water‐inducement” technique for the fabrication of oxide thin films at low annealing temperatures is reported. For water‐induced (WI) precursor solution, the solvent is composed of water without additional organic additives and catalysts. The ...


Long-Term Stable, Low-Temperature Remote Silicate Phosphor Thick Films Printed on a Glass Substrate

19-Mar-2015 | Jun Sik Kim; Oh Hyeon Kwon; Jin Woo Jang; Sung Hyun Lee; Sung Jun Han; Joo Hong Lee; Yong Soo Cho, Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, 2015

A critical step in providing better phosphor solution for white light emitting diode (LED) is to utilize inexpensive silicate phosphors with strong thermal stability. Here, we demonstrate yellow silicate phosphor-embedded glass thick films with a high luminous efficacy of ∼32 lm/W at 200 mA as a ...


Structures, Thermal Behaviors, and Luminescent Properties of Anhydrous Lanthanum Iodate Polymorphs

19-Mar-2015 | Mohamed B. Taouti; Yan Suffren; Olivier Leynaud; Djamal Benbertal; Alain Brenier; Isabelle Gautier-Luneau, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

The structural and thermal studies of six anhydrous lanthanum iodate polymorphs are presented. The variation of the [IO3–]:[La3+] molar ratio in the starting solution and the evaporation rate of the solution leads to either the centric La(IO3)3(HIO3) or the acentric La(IO3)3(HIO3)1.33 phases. The ...


Colorimetric Logic Gates Based on Poly(2‐alkyl‐2‐oxazoline)‐Coated Gold Nanoparticles

18-Mar-2015 | Victor R. de la Rosa, Zhiyue Zhang, Bruno G. De Geest, Richard Hoogenboom, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015

A straightforward end‐capping strategy is applied to synthesize xanthate‐functional poly(2‐alkyl‐2‐oxazoline)s (PAOx) that enable gold nanoparticle functionalization by a direct “grafting to” approach with citrate‐stabilized gold nanoparticles (AuNPs). Owing to the presence of remaining citrate ...


New formula for calculating time to ignition of semi‐infinite solids

18-Mar-2015 | Ulf Wickström, Fire and Materials, 2015

Summary An analytical closed form formula is presented for explicitly calculating time to reach ignition temperature of semi‐infinite solids exposed to constant incident radiation and gas temperature as for example in the cone calorimeter. The non‐linear boundary condition due to the emitted ...


Melting of Highly Oriented Fiber DNA Subjected to Osmotic Pressure

18-Mar-2015 | Andrew Wildes; Liya Khadeeva; William Trewby; Jessica Valle-Orero; Andrew Studer; Jean-Luc Garden; Michel Peyrard, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

A pilot study of the possibility to investigate temperature-dependent neutron scattering from fiber-DNA in solution is presented. The study aims to establish the feasibility of experiments to probe the influence of spatial confinement on the structural correlation and the formation of denatured ...


Self‐Template‐Directed Synthesis of Porous Perovskite Nanowires at Room Temperature for High‐Performance Visible‐Light Photodetectors

17-Mar-2015 | Sifei Zhuo, Jingfang Zhang, Yanmei Shi, Yi Huang, Bin Zhang, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015

Abstract The unique optoelectronic properties and promising photovoltaic applications of organolead halide perovskites have driven the exploration of facile strategies to synthesize organometal halide perovskites and corresponding hybrid materials and devices. Currently, the preparation of ...


Catalysis at room temperature ionic liquid|water interface: H2O2 generation

16-Mar-2015 | Marcin Opallo; Justyna Jedraszko; Wojciech Nogala; Wojciech Adamiak; Saustin Dongmo; Gunther Wittstock; Hubert Girault, Chemical Communication, 2015

H2O2 is produced at the interface between a room-temperature ionic liquid with decamethylferrocene as electron donor and an acidic aqueous solution. The electron donor can be regenerated electrochemically.


Formation of Multiple Structural Formats of DNA in a Bio‐Deep Eutectic Solvent

16-Mar-2015 | Chandrakant Mukesh, Kamalesh Prasad, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2015

A solution of DNA (salmon testes, 2.5% w/w) in a bio‐based deep eutectic solvent consisting of the mixture of choline chloride and ethylene glycol (Chol.Cl–EG 1:2) is turned to a soft ion gel upon addition of 6 n HCl (pH 2.9) at room temperature (25 °C). The gel structure is lost when 6 n NaOH ...


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