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Water soluble kraft lignin-acrylic acid copolymer: synthesis and characterization

01-Jul-2015 | Fangong Kong; Shoujuan Wang; Jacquelyn T Price; Mohan Konduri; pedram Fatehi, Green Chemistry, 2015

Lignin produced in the kraft pulping process is insoluble in water at neutral pH, which limits its application in industry. In this paper, kraft lignin (KL) was copolymerized with acrylic acid (AA) in an aqueous solution to produce a water soluble lignin-based copolymer. The copolymerization was ...


Reversible switching of amphiphilic self-assemblies between micelles and microemulsions by a thermal stimulus

01-Jul-2015 | Bin Dong; Xueqing Xing; Rui Wang; Bing Wang; Xiaoyan Zhou; Chang Wang; Li Yu; Zhonghua Wu; Yanan Gao, Chemical Communication, 2015

The ionic liquid (IL), tetrabutylphosphonium trifluoroacetate ([P4444][CF3COO]), showed a low critical solution temperature (LCST)-type phase transition in water. Using this temperature-sensitive IL and the Triton X-100/H2O system, the reversible transformation between micelles and microemulsions ...


DFT study of adenine‐uracil base pair damage by OH radical

26-Jun-2015 | Xiaofei Liao, Ling Diao, Li Kou, Zhonggao Li, Minjie Li, Wencong Lu, Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 2015

The hydrogen abstraction and addition reactions of OH radical with A·U base pair have been explored by using density functional theory (DFT) both in gas phase and in aqueous solution. Solvent effects were taken into consideration by using the polarized continuum model. All the reaction pathways ...


Do formalin fixation and freeze‐thaw affect near‐infrared Raman spectroscopy of cartilaginous tissue? A preliminary ex vivo analysis of native human articular cartilage

26-Jun-2015 | Yasuhito Takahashi, Takaaki Shishido, Kengo Yamamoto, Yasunobu Sawaji, Jun Nishida, Giuseppe Pezzotti, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2015

Near‐infrared (NIR) Raman microprobe spectroscopy has been applied to the non‐invasive characterization of the biochemical structure of extracellular matrix in articular cartilage, a step forward along the path of in vivo diagnostic application of chondropathy. In most studies handling ex vivo ...


Like-charge ion pairs of hydronium and hydroxide in aqueous solution?

26-Jun-2015 | Manik Kumer Ghosh; Tae Hoon Choi; Cheol Ho Choi, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The like-charge ion pairings of hydronium and hydroxide were investigated using both ab initio cluster calculations and QM/MM-MD aqueous simulations. While only a two-water-bridged H3O+(H2O)2H3O+ is found in hydronium cluster calculations, three clusters of HO−(H2O)2HO−, HO−(H2O)3HO− and ...


Geochemical Triggers of Arsenic Mobilization during Managed Aquifer Recharge

25-Jun-2015 | Sarah Fakhreddine; Jessica Dittmar; Don Phipps; Jason Dadakis; Scott Fendorf, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Mobilization of arsenic and other trace metal contaminants during managed aquifer recharge (MAR) poses a challenge to maintaining local groundwater quality and to ensuring the viability of aquifer storage and recovery techniques. Arsenic release from sediments into solution has occurred during ...


Incorporation of postconsumer polyurethane foam into a polymer/clay aerogel matrix

24-Jun-2015 | Rocco P. Viggiano, Edward E. Ball, Ronald E. Park, Karl W. Haider, David A. Schiraldi, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT The feasibility of incorporating ground recycled polyurethane (PU) foam into clay/polymer aerogels was demonstrated, and a range of compositions were prepared and characterized to determine the effect of variation in the formulations on density and mechanical properties of the ...


Poly(2‐oxazoline) block copolymer based formulations of taxanes: effect of copolymer and drug structure, concentration, and environmental factors

24-Jun-2015 | Youngee Seo, Anita Schulz, Yingchao Han, Zhijian He, Herdis Bludau, Xiaomeng Wan, Jing Tong, Tatiana K. Bronich, Mar ..., Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2015

Many current nanoformulations of taxanes are hampered by low drug‐loading capacity and unfavorable physicochemical characteristics such as large particles size (>100 nm) and/or low size uniformity. We have previously reported on taxane nanoformulations, based on poly(2‐oxazoline) polymeric ...


Mimicking the active site of aldehyde dehydrogenases: stabilization of carbonyl hydrates through hydrogen bonds

24-Jun-2015 | A. J. K. Roth; M. Tretbar; C. B. W. Stark, Chemical Communication, 2015

Aldehyde hydrates are important but highly unstable, transient intermediates in biological and synthetic oxidations to carboxylic acids. We here report N-oxides as the first class of chemical reagents capable of stabilizing such water adducts. This stabilizing effect (studied in solution and in ...


Measurement of CO2 Solubility in NaCl Brine Solutions at Different Temperatures and Pressures Using the Potentiometric Titration Method

24-Jun-2015 | Erfan Mohammadian; Hossein Hamidi; Mohammad Assadullah; Amin Azdarpour; Shervin Motamedi; Radzuan Junin, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

The solubility of CO2 in brine is one of the trapping mechanisms by which the CO2 is sequestrated in aquifers. In this research, an unconventional method, called the potentiometric titration, was used to obtain the solubility of CO2 in distilled water and NaCl brine. The solubility data for the ...


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