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NMR Studies of DNA Microcapsules Prepared By Sonochemical Methods

26-11-2014 | Irena Reytblat; Keren Adamsky; Jordan H Chill; H Gottlieb; Aharon Gedanken; Gil Goobes, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

DNA molecules were recently converted using ultrasonic irradiation into microcapsules that can trap hydrophobic molecules in aqueous solution. These DNA microcapsules are able to penetrate prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, deliver drugs and transfer genetic information e.g. for protein expression ...


Hydrogen peroxide concentration by pervaporation of a ternary liquid solution in microfluidics

26-11-2014 | Iwona Ziemecka; Benoît Haut; Benoit Scheid, Lab on a Chip, 2014

Pervaporation in a microfluidic device is performed on liquid ternary solutions of hydrogen peroxide–water–methanol in order to concentrate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by removing methanol. The quantitative analysis of the pervaporation of solutions with different initial compositions is performed, ...


Self-propulsion of a catalytically active particle near a planar wall: from reflection to sliding and hovering

26-11-2014 | William Eric Uspal; Mihail Popescu; Siegfried Dietrich; Mykola Tasinkevych, Soft Matter, 2014

Micron-sized particles moving through solution in response to self-generated chemical gradients serve as model systems for studying active matter. Their far-reaching potential applications will require the particles to sense and respond to their local environment in a robust manner. The ...


A novel phthalazine based highly selective chromogenic and fluorogenic chemosensor for Co2+ in semi-aqueous medium: Application in cancer cell imaging.

26-11-2014 | Smita Patil; Rahul D. Patil; Umesh A Fegade; Banashree Bondhopadhyay; Suban K Sahoo; Narinder Singh; Anupam Basu; Ra ..., Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 2014

A new phthalazine based chemosensor 3 was developed for the highly selective and sensitive detection of Co2+ in mixed solvent system CH3CN/H2O (1:1, v/v). In the presence of Co2+, colour of the solution 3 was changed from yellow to green, the absorption maxima of 3 was red-shifted from 383 nm to ...


Selective detection of Al3+ and citric acid with a fluorescent amphiphile

26-11-2014 | Ziya Köstereli; Kay Severin, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014

An amphiphilic fluorescent dye with a disulfonated BODIPY head group and a heptadecyl side chain is described. In buffered aqueous solution, the amphiphile can form aggregates with a critical micelle concentration of [[similar]] 20 μM. The aggregation of the dye is associated with a strong ...


A high efficiency solution processed polymer inverted triple-junction solar cell exhibiting a power conversion efficiency of 11.83%

25-11-2014 | Abd. Rashid bin Mohd Yusoff; Dongcheon Kim; Hyeong Pil Kim; Fabio Kurt Shneider; Wilson Jose da Silva; Jin Jang, Energy & Environmental Science, 2014

High efficiency, solution-deposited polymer inverted double- and triple-junction solar cells are demonstrated. The devices are composed of three distinctive photosensitive materials in three distinct subcells, with minimal absorption spectral overlap, and with a bandgap ranging from 1.3 eV to ...


Intriguing cysteine induced improvement of emissive property of carbon dots with sensing applications

25-11-2014 | T Pal; Jayasmita Jana; Mainak Ganguly, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

A simple fluorometric technique has been adopted for cysteine (Cys) sensing in alkaline medium down to the nM level. The huge fluorescent signal of the solution is a consequence of fluorescent carbon dots (CDs) produced in situ from modified hydrothermal (MHT) reaction between Cys and dopamine ...


Thermodynamics and preliminary pharmaceutical characterization of a melatonin–pimelic acid cocrystal prepared by a melt crystallization method

25-11-2014 | Yan Yan; Jia-Mei Chen; Tong-Bu Lu, CrystEngComm, 2014

Pharmaceutical cocrystals have been extensively investigated as a promising approach to improve drugs' physicochemical properties. Cocrystals are usually prepared using solution-mediated methods and grinding methods. In this study, a cocrystal of pimelic acid with poorly soluble melatonin was ...


Synthesis and characterization of Mg–Al-layered double hydroxides intercalated with cubane-1,4-dicarboxylate anions

25-11-2014 | Zolfaghar Rezvani; Farzad Arjomandi Rad; Fatemeh Khodam, Dalton Transactions, 2014

In the present work, Mg2Al-layered double hydroxide (LDH) intercalated with cubane-1,4-dicarboxylate anions was prepared from the reaction of solutions of Mg(ii) and Al(iii) nitrate salts with an alkaline solution of cubane-1,4-dicarboxylic acid by using the coprecipitation method. The successful ...


Copper-nicotinamide complex: sustainable applications in coupling and cycloaddition reactions

25-11-2014 | Nasir Baig; Buchi Reddy Vaddula; Mallikarjuna N Nadagouda; Rajender S Varma, Green Chemistry, 2014

Crystalline copper (II)-nicotinamide complex, synthesized via simple mixing of copper chloride and nicotinamide solution at room temperature, catalyzes the C-S, C-N bond forming and cycloaddition reactions under a variety of sustainable reaction conditions.


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