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Sisal fiber‐reinforced green composites: Effect of ecofriendly fiber treatment

19-Jul-2017 | Saurabh Chaitanya, Inderdeep Singh, Polymer Composites, 2017

This research endeavor explores the effect of economical and environment‐friendly treatment of sisal fibers, prior to their incorporation into poly‐lactic acid (PLA). Biocomposites incorporating sisal fibers (30% [w:w]) treated with sodium bicarbonate (10% [w:v]) aqueous solution for varying ...


Crystal Growth and Optical Properties of a UV Nonlinear Optical Material KSrCO3F

19-Jul-2017 | Weiguo Zhang; P Shiv Halasyamani, CrystEngComm, 2017

Large, centimeter size, single crystals of the UV nonlinear optical material KSrCO3F were successfully grown by the top seeded solution growth (TSSG) method. The morphology and quality of as-grown single crystals with different rotation speeds is discussed. UV-Vis-NIR transmission spectra ...


Supramolecular Semifluorinated Dendrons Glued by Weak Hydrogen-Bonds

19-Jul-2017 | Senbin Chen; Annette Meister; Wolfgang H Binder, Chemical Communication, 2017

H-bonded semifluorinated dendritic polymer networks are generated by association of macromolecules, driven by the weak diaminopyridine (DAP) and thymine (THY) couple. Solvent-dependent morphologies are observed: a continuous film structure when drop-cast from tetrahydrofuran (THF) solution or ...


Optical Absorption and Magnetic Circular Dichroism spectra of thiouracils: a quantum mechanical study in solution

19-Jul-2017 | Lara Martinez-Fernandez; Tobias Fahleson; Patrick Norman; Fabrizio Santoro; Sonia Coriani; Roberto Improta, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 2017

The excited electronic states of 2-thiouracil, 4-thiouracil and 2,4-dithiouracil, the analogues of uracil where the carbonyl oxygens are substituted by sulphur atoms, have been investigated by computing magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) and one-photon absorption (OPA) at the Time-Dependent ...


Solution blow spun PMMA nanofibers wrapped with reduced graphene oxide as efficient dye adsorbent

19-Jul-2017 | Luiza Mercante; Murilo Facure; Danilo Locilento; Rafaela Sanfelice; Fernanda Migliorini; Luiz Henrique Mattoso; Dani ..., New Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Nanotechnology has provided innovative solutions to guarantee sustainable energy and maintain a clean environment for the future. In this regard, 1D nanostructured materials, such as nanofibers, are very attractive, especially for the development of economic and environmental friendly approaches ...


Bottom-up hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry: data analysis and interpretation

19-Jul-2017 | Kerene A. Brown; Derek J. Wilson, Analyst, 2017

Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange (HDX) Mass Spectrometry (MS) is a sensitive analytical technique that provides information on protein conformation and dynamics in solution. It is commonly used in the study of protein–ligand and protein–protein interactions and more recently in the pharmaceutical ...


p-TsOH-Catalyzed one-pot transformation of di- and trihydroxy steroids towards diverse A/B-ring oxo-functionalization[dagger]

19-Jul-2017 | Antara Sarkar; Jayanta Das; pranab nil ghosh, New Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Abstract A solid support-mediated p-TsOH-catalyzed milder transformative protocol is developed to furnish diverse ring-A and/or ring-B oxo-functionalized steroids. To flourish interesting isomers involving A/B-ring of the biomolecules in one-pot, only solid-supports (and not solution!) were ...


Holographic Microscope Slide in Spatio-Temporal Imaging Modality for Reliable 3D Cell Counting

19-Jul-2017 | Biagio Mandracchia; Vittorio Bianco; Zhe Wang; Martina Mugnano; Alessia Bramanti; Melania Paturzo; Pietro Ferraro, Lab on a Chip, 2017

In the current trend of miniaturization and simplification of imaging flow cytometry, Lab-on-a-Chip (LoC) microfluidic devices represent an innovative and cost-effective solution. In this framework, we propose for the first time a novel platform based on the compactness of a Holographic ...


Ultrafast X-ray measurements of the glass-like, high-frequency stiffness of aqueous solutions

19-Jul-2017 | Yishuo Jiao; Bernhard Adams; Christoph Rose-Petruck, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017

The ultrafast dynamics of the domains surrounding solutes in aqueous solution have been measured by laser-generating GHz phonons inside of 30 mM ferrocyanide solutions and detecting the resulting molecular motions of the solutes and their hydrogen-bonded solvation shells using ultrafast X-ray ...


Nanostructured CoO/NiO/CoNi Anodes with Tunable Morphology for High Performance Lithium-ion Batteries

19-Jul-2017 | Huan Liu; Xinlu Wang; Hang Xu; Wensheng Yu; Xiangting Dong; Ying Yang; Hongbo Zhang; Jinxian Wang, Dalton Transactions, 2017

Nanostructured CoO/NiO/CoNi composites as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) have been successfully prepared by a facile, straightforward, and large-scale dealloying method. The effect of NaOH solution concentration on the structure, morphology and electrochemical performances of ...


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