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Standardless Quantification of Heavy Elements by Electron Probe Microanalysis

21-Jul-2015 | Aurélien Moy; Claude Merlet; Olivier Dugne, Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Absolute Mα and Mβ X-ray intensities were measured for the elements Pt, Au, Pb, U, and Th by electron impact for energies ranging from 6 to 38 keV. Experimental data were obtained by measuring the X-ray intensity emitted from bulk samples with an electron microprobe using high-resolution ...



16-Jul-2015 | ;, Nature, 2015

Corrections Nature 523, 7560 (2015). The News Feature ‘Weighing the world’s trees’ (Nature523, 20–22; 2015) incorrectly described the photosynthesis measurements made by the Orbiting Carbon ...


Field Switching Combined with Bradbury–Nielsen Gate for Ion Mobility Spectrometry

15-Jul-2015 | Chuang Chen; Mahmoud Tabrizchi; Weiguo Wang; Haiyang Li, Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Bradbury–Nielsen gate (BNG) is commonly used in ion mobility spectrometers. It, however, transmits only a small fraction of the ions into the drift region, typically 1%. In contrast, all ions in the ionization chamber could be efficiently compressed into the drift region by the field switching ...


Behavior of Supported Palladium Oxide Nanoparticles under Reaction Conditions, Studied with near Ambient Pressure XPS

15-Jul-2015 | Astrid Jürgensen; Niels Heutz; Hannes Raschke; Klaus Merz; Roland Hergenröder, Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Near ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (NAP-XPS) is a promising method to close the “pressure gap”, and thus, study the surface composition during heterogeneous reactions in situ. The specialized spectrometers necessary for this analytical technique have recently been adapted to ...


Forensic Mass Spectrometry

10-Jul-2015 | William D. Hoffmann; Glen P. Jackson, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Developments in forensic mass spectrometry tend to follow, rather than lead, the developments in other disciplines. Examples of techniques having forensic potential born independently of forensic applications include ambient ionization, imaging mass spectrometry, isotope ratio mass spectrometry, ...


Evolution of Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation

10-Jul-2015 | Shannon Eliuk; Alexander Makarov, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

We discuss the evolution of OrbitrapTM mass spectrometry (MS) from its birth in the late 1990s to its current role as one of the most prominent techniques for MS. The Orbitrap mass analyzer is the first high-performance mass analyzer that employs trapping of ions in electrostatic fields. Tight ...


Orthogonal Injection Ion Funnel Interface Providing Enhanced Performance for Selected Reaction Monitoring-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

08-Jul-2015 | Tsung-Chi Chen; Thomas L. Fillmore; Spencer A. Prost; Ronald J. Moore; Yehia M. Ibrahim; Richard D. Smith, Analytical Chemistry, 2015

The electrodynamic ion funnel facilitates efficient focusing and transfer of charged particles in the higher-pressure regions (e.g., ion source interfaces) of mass spectrometers, thus providing increased sensitivity. An “off-axis” ion funnel design has been developed to reduce the source ...


Combining Denitrifying Bacteria and Laser Spectroscopy for Isotopic Analyses (δ15N, δ18O) of Dissolved Nitrate

07-Jul-2015 | David X. Soto; Geoff Koehler; Keith A. Hobson, Analytical Chemistry, 2015

We present a novel approach for nitrogen (δ15N) and oxygen (δ18O) isotopic analysis of nitrate in water based on the isotopic analysis of N2O produced from the conversion of NO3– by cultured denitrifying bacteria and off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy (OA-ICOS). The headspace N2O was ...


Fast comprehensive analysis of vitamin D and triacylglycerols in dietary supplements using multiple parallel mass spectrometers

02-Jul-2015 | William Craig Byrdwell, Lipid Technology, 2015

New, faster methods have been developed for analysis of vitamin D and triacylglycerols that eliminate hours of wet chemistry and preparative chromatography, while providing more information than classical methods for analysis. Unprecedented detail is provided by combining liquid chromatography ...


Isotopic composition of sheep wool records seasonality of climate and diet

01-Jul-2015 | A. Zazzo, T. E. Cerling, J. R. Ehleringer, A. P. Moloney, F. J. Monahan, O. Schmidt, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2015

Rationale Hair keratin is a very important material in ecological and archaeological studies because it grows continuously, can be obtained non‐invasively, does not require extensive processing prior to analysis and can be found in archaeological sites. Only a few studies have examined ...


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