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Production of polyamic acid in supercritical carbon dioxide with N,N‐dimethylformamide

13-Sep-2013 | Masashi Haruki, Yumi Hasegawa, Naoya Fukui, Shin‐ichi Kihara, Shigeki Takishima, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT To develop a microscale processing technique for aromatic polyimides (APIs) in supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2), the relationships between the polymerization condition, the phase behavior during polymerization and the molecular weight of polyamic acid (PAA)—an intermediate in the ...


The morphology and optical properties of ZnO crystals fabricated by hydrothermal method under pulsed magnetic field

12-Aug-2013 | Ying Li, Weiqiang Bo, Min Zhong, Yemin Hu, Mingyuan Zhu, Haimin Zhang, Yibing Li, Huijun Zhao, physica status solidi (c), 2013

Abstract In this study, ZnO crystals have been synthesized via hydrothermal method by adjusting the component of the precursor with the pulsed magnetic field. The effects of the molar ratio of the reactants and pulsed magnetic field applied in the synthesis process on the microstructure and ...


Sensitization of CdS nanoparticles onto reduced graphene oxide (RGO) fabricated by chemical bath deposition method for effective removal of Cr(VI)

01-Jul-2013 | Author(s): Rajendra C. Pawar , Caroline Sunyong Lee, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2013

Publication date: Available online 24 June 2013 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics Author(s): Rajendra C. Pawar , Caroline Sunyong Lee RGO (Reduced Graphene Oxide)–CdS composites were successfully synthesized by chemical bath deposition (CBD) method onto soda lime glass substrate at ...


Effective models for correlating spectral reflectance between spectrophotometers

28-Jun-2013 | Yang Xu, M Ronnier Luo, Pei‐Li Sun, Changjun Li, Coloration Technology, 2013

This paper describes different models to achieve satisfactory interinstrument agreement between spectrophometers. The models investigated include the Berns and Petersen method, the modified Berns and Petersen method, the Reniff method, the Rich and Martin method and the R‐model developed by ...


Synthesis and Photoelectric Properties of Cu2ZnGeS4 and Cu2ZnGeSe4 Single-Crystalline Nanowire Arrays

26-Jun-2013 | Liang Shi; Peiqun Yin; Haojun Zhu; Quan Li, Langmuir, 2013

Cu2ZnGeS4 (CZGS) and Cu2ZnGeSe4 (CZGSe) single crystalline nanowire arrays have been prepared via a convenient one-step nanoconfined solvothermal approach. The porous anodic aluminum oxide was used as a morphology directing template by offering nanospace in the AAO pores for confined solvothermal ...


Synthesis and characterization of elastomeric polyurethane and PU/clay nanocomposites based on an aliphatic diisocyanate

17-Jun-2013 | Chinmoy Saha, Tapan K.Chaki, Nikhil K. Singha, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT This investigation reports preparation of polyurethane and polyurethane/clay nanocomposites based on polyethylene glycol, isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI), an aliphatic diisocyanate and 1,4‐ Butanediol as chain extender by solution polymerization. In this case PU/clay nanocomposites ...


Sensors, Vol. 13, Pages 6394-6404: Performance of a Cyanobacteria Whole Cell-Based Fluorescence Biosensor for Heavy Metal and Pesticide Detection

14-May-2013 | Wong, Ling Shing ; Lee, Yook Heng ; Surif, Salmijah, Sensors, 2013

Whole cell biosensors always face the challenge of low stability of biological components and short storage life. This paper reports the effects of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (pHEMA) immobilization on a whole cell fluorescence biosensor for the detection of heavy metals (Cu, Pb, Cd), and ...


A novel membrane diffusion process for the preparation of chitosan/hydroxyapatite composite

03-May-2013 | Wanpen Tachaboonyakiat, Dusida Sahawat, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to create a suitable method to hybridize hydroxyapatite into chitosan solution with a good dispersion of inorganic matter in the organic phase. The preparation of chitosan/hydroxyapatite composites via a membrane diffusion process was evaluated and optimized. ...


Effect of Alkyl Chain of Room Temperature Ionic Liquid (RTILs) on the Phase Behavior of [C2mim][CnSO4]/TX-100/Cyclohexane Microemulsions: Solvent and Rotational Relaxation Study

03-May-2013 | Surajit Ghosh; Chiranjib Banerjee; Sarthak Mandal; Vishal Govind Rao; Nilmoni Sarkar, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2013

In this investigation, we present microemulsions comprising a nonionic surfactant, Triton X-100 (TX-100), cyclohexane as nonpolar phase, and room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) as a polar medium. To investigate the effect of alkyl chain length of ionic liquid on the physicochemical properties ...


Materials, Vol. 6, Pages 1608-1620: Accelerated Thermal Cycling Test of Microencapsulated Paraffin Wax/Polyaniline Made by Simple Preparation Method for Solar Thermal Energy Storage

29-Apr-2013 | Silakhori, Mahyar ; Naghavi, Mohammad Sajad; Metselaar, Hendrik Simon Cornelis; Mahlia, Teuku Meurah Indra; Fauzi, H ..., Materials, 2013

Microencapsulated paraffin wax/polyaniline was prepared using a simple in situ polymerization technique, and its performance characteristics were investigated. Weight losses of samples were determined by Thermal Gravimetry Analysis (TGA). The microencapsulated samples with 23% and 49% paraffin ...


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