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Significant Human Impact on the Flux and δ34S of Sulfate from the Largest River in North America

07-Apr-2015 | Bryan A. Killingsworth; Huiming Bao, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Riverine dissolved sulfate (SO42–) flux and sulfur stable isotope composition (δ34S) yield information on the sources and processes affecting sulfur cycling on different spatial and temporal scales. However, because pristine preindustrial natural baselines of riverine SO42– flux and δ34S cannot ...


Time Domain-NMR Combined with Chemometrics Analysis: An Alternative Tool for Monitoring Diesel Fuel Quality

07-Apr-2015 | Poliana M. Santos; Renata S. Amais; Luiz A. Colnago; Åsmund Rinnan; Marcos R. Monteiro, Energy & Fuels, 2015

Time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance (TD-NMR) was explored as a rapid method for simultaneous assessment of the quality parameters in commercial diesel samples (B5 diesel-biodiesel blend). A principal component analysis (PCA) obtained with the relaxation decay curves revealed tight and ...


Parametric Study for Upgrading Petroleum Vacuum Residue Using Supercritical m-Xylene and n-Dodecane Solvents

07-Apr-2015 | Doo-Wook Kim; Fanzhong Ma; Anton Koriakin; Soon-Yong Jeong; Chang-Ha Lee, Energy & Fuels, 2015

The upgrading of petroleum vacuum residue was conducted with activated carbon (AC) based catalysts in sub- and supercritical m-xylene and n-dodecane. The conversion, liquid yield, coke formation, sulfur removal, and the product distribution were evaluated at various reaction conditions; different ...


Ligand-Doped Liquid Crystal Sensor System for Detecting Mercuric Ion in Aqueous Solutions

07-Apr-2015 | Chih-Hsin Chen; Yi-Cheng Lin; Hao-Hsiang Chang; Adam Shih-Yuan Lee, Analytical Chemistry, 2015

We developed a liquid crystal (LC) sensor system for detecting mercuric ion (Hg2+) in aqueous solutions. In this system, 4-cyano-4′-pentyl biphenyl (5CB) was doped with a sulfur- and nitrogen-containing ligand 5-(pyridine-4-yl)-2-(5-(pyridin-4-yl)thiophen-2-yl)thiazole (ZT) as the Hg2+ specific ...


Sustainability, Vol. 7, Pages 4004-4021: Metafrontier Environmental Efficiency for China’s Regions: A Slack-Based Efficiency Measure

07-Apr-2015 | Mei, Guoping ; Gan, Jingyi ; Zhang, Ning, Sustainability, 2015

A metafrontier slack-based efficiency measure is presented to measure environmental efficiency for various regions in China. The objective of the new approach is to investigate the change of environmental efficiency while incorporating group heterogeneities and all variable slack and ...


Theoretical Study on the Microhydration of Atmospherically Important Carbonyl Sulfide in Its Neutral and Anionic Forms: Bridging the Gap between the Bulk and Finite Size Microhydrated Cluster

07-Apr-2015 | Saptarsi Mondal; Avula Uday Teja; Prashant Chandra Singh, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

Carbonyl sulfide (OCS) is the most abundant and stable sulfur-containing triatomic gas present in the atmosphere that plays an important role in aerosol formation. Structure, energetics, and photoelectron spectral properties of the microhydrated OCS in its neutral and anionic forms have been ...


Structural Origin of Fragility in Ge–As–S Glasses Investigated by Calorimetry and Raman Spectroscopy

03-Apr-2015 | Yan Yang; Bin Zhang; Anping Yang; Zhiyong Yang; Pierre Lucas, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

The fragility index (m) of a series of Ge–As–S glasses covering a wide range of mean coordination (⟨r⟩) and stoichiometry is measured by differential scanning calorimetry. The evolution of the fragility index appears to be better predicted by the stoichiometry than the mean coordination, and m ...


Regional Air Quality Management Aspects of Climate Change: Impact of Climate Mitigation Options on Regional Air Emissions

03-Apr-2015 | Jason Rudokas; Paul J. Miller; Marcus A. Trail; Armistead G. Russell, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

We investigate the projected impact of six climate mitigation scenarios on U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and nitrogen oxides (NOX) associated with energy use in major sectors of the U.S. economy (commercial, residential, industrial, electricity generation, and ...


Oxidative Desulfurization Process Monitoring Using Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography and Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry

03-Apr-2015 | Frederick Adam; Hendrik Muller; Adnan Al-Hajji; Abdennour Bourane; Omer Koseoglu, Energy & Fuels, 2015

Clean fuel legislation throughout the world is driving the demand for ultralow-sulfur ...


ChemInform Abstract: Formal [4 + 2] Annulation of Enaminones and Cyanomethyl Sulfur Ylide: One‐Pot Access to Polysubstituted Pyridin‐2(1H)‐ones.

02-Apr-2015 | Qian Zhang, Xu Liu, Xiaoqing Xin, Rui Zhang, Yongjiu Liang, Dewen Dong, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract For the title transformation, a mechanism involving sequential nucleophilic vinylic substitution, intramolecular nucleophilic cyclization, and dealkylation is suggested.


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