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ChemInform Abstract: Ring Transformations of β‐Lactam‐Condensed 1,3‐Benzothiazines to Isoquinoline and Thiazole Derivatives by Sulfur Extrusion and Addition Sequences.

10-Dec-2012 | Lajos Fodor, Peter Csomos, Antal Csampai, Pal Sohar, ChemInform, 2012

Abstract The ring transformation of dichloro β‐lactams (I) in the presence of sodium methoxide is investigated.


ChemInform Abstract: Cysteine as a Sustainable Sulfur Reagent for the Protecting‐Group‐Free Synthesis of Sulfur‐Containing Amino Acids: Biomimetic Synthesis of L‐Ergothioneine in Water.

10-Dec-2012 | Irene Erdelmeier, Sylvain Daunay, Remi Lebel, Laurence Farescour, Jean‐Claude Yadan, ChemInform, 2012

Abstract The preparation of L‐ergothioneine (IV) and 2‐thiohistidine compounds in a one‐pot, two‐step procedure in water involves the regioselective, bromine‐induced introduction of cysteine followed by thermal cleavage in the presence of a thiol.


Experimental Study of an SOFC Stack Operated With Autothermally Reformed Diesel Fuel

07-Dec-2012 | M. Rautanen, M. Halinen, M. Noponen, K. Koskela, H. Vesala, J. Kiviaho, Fuel Cells, 2012

Abstract A 500 W SOFC stack provided by Topsoe Fuel Cells A/S was run with reformed diesel fuel for 1,200 h. Diesel fuel used was Swedish Environmental Class 1 containing –3, a very low value even below daily exposure limits in ambient air set by the European Comission directives. The stack ...


Entropy, Vol. 14, Pages 2492-2530: Is Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase a Moonlighting Protein Whose Day Job is Cholesterol Sulfate Synthesis? Implications for Cholesterol Transport, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

07-Dec-2012 | Seneff, Stephanie ; Lauritzen, Ann ; Davidson, Robert ; Lentz-Marino, Laurie, Entropy, 2012

Theoretical inferences, based on biophysical, biochemical, and biosemiotic considerations, are related here to the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other degenerative conditions. We suggest that the “daytime” job of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), when ...


Sensors, Vol. 12, Pages 16892-16906: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Five Odor Reducing Agents for Sewer System Odors Using an On-Line Total Reduced Sulfur Analyzer

07-Dec-2012 | Choi, Il ; Lee, Hyunjoo ; Shin, Joungdu ; Kim, Hyunook, Sensors, 2012

Sewer odors have been a concern to citizens of the Metropolitan Seoul region, which has installed combined sewer systems (CSSs) in 86% of its area. Although a variety of odorants are released from sewers, volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) have been recognized as major ones. A number of ...


Energies, Vol. 5, Pages 5190-5197: Improved Cyclability of Liquid Electrolyte Lithium/Sulfur Batteries by Optimizing Electrolyte/Sulfur Ratio

07-Dec-2012 | Zhang, Sheng S., Energies, 2012

A liquid electrolyte lithium/sulfur (Li/S) cell is a liquid electrochemical system. In discharge, sulfur is first reduced to highly soluble Li2S8, which dissolves into the organic electrolyte and serves as the liquid cathode. In solution, lithium polysulfide (PS) undergoes a series of complicated ...


Surprising Intrinsic Photostability of the Disulfide Bridge Common in Proteins

06-Dec-2012 | Anne B. Stephansen; Rasmus Y. Brogaard; Thomas S. Kuhlman; Liv B. Klein; Jørn B. Christensen; Theis I. Sølling, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2012

For a molecule to survive evolution and to become a key building block in nature, photochemical stability is essential. The photolytically weak S–S bond does not immediately seem to possess that ability. We mapped the real-time motion of the two sulfur radicals that result from disulfide ...


Conversion of Hydroperoxoantimonate Coated Graphenes to Sb2S3@Graphene for a Superior Lithium Battery Anode

06-Dec-2012 | Petr V. Prikhodchenko; Jenny Gun; Sergey Sladkevich; Alexey A. Mikhaylov; Ovadia Lev; Yee Yan Tay; Sudip K. Batabyal ..., Chemistry of Materials, 2012

We describe a method for conformal coating of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) by stibnite nanocrystallites. First, graphene oxide (GO) supported amorphous hydroperoxoantimonate was produced using the recently introduced hydrogen peroxide synthesis route. Sulfurization of the amorphous antimonate ...


Organoalkoxysilane-Grafted Silica Composites for Acidic and Basic Gas Adsorption

05-Dec-2012 | Amanda M. B. Furtado; Dushyant Barpaga; Lucas A. Mitchell; Yu Wang; Jared B. DeCoste; Gregory W. Peterson; M. Dougla ..., Langmuir, 2012

With the prevalence of air quality issues in our society, the ability to remove toxic gases from air is a necessity. This work addresses the development of biphasic, nanostructured, organoalkoxysilane-grafted, siliceous materials for use in single pass filters of various types for the removal of ...


Alkali Metal Thioselenophosphinates, M[SeSPR2]: One‐Pot Multicomponent Synthesis, DFT Study, and Synthetic Application

04-Dec-2012 | Alexander V. Artem'ev, Nina K. Gusarova, Irina Yu. Bagryanskaya, Evgeniya P. Doronina, Svetlana I. Verkhoturova, Val ..., European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2012

Abstract Diverse alkali metal thioselenophosphinates, M[SeSPR2] (M = Li, Na, K, Rb, and Cs; R = alkyl, aryl, aralkyl, and hetaralkyl), have been synthesized in 78–94 % yields by means of a one‐pot multicomponent reaction between secondary phosphanes, sulfur, selenium, and alkali metal ...


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