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Reversible Heme-Dependent Regulation of Human Cystathionine β-Synthase by a Flavoprotein Oxidoreductase

06-Sep-2011 | Omer Kabil; Colin L. Weeks; Sebastián Carballal; Carmen Gherasim; Beatriz Alvarez; Thomas G. Spiro; Ruma Banerjee, Biochemistry, 2011

Human CBS is a PLP-dependent enzyme that clears homocysteine, gates the flow of sulfur into glutathione, and contributes to the biogenesis of H2S. The presence of a heme cofactor in CBS is enigmatic, and its conversion from the ferric– to ferrous–CO state inhibits enzyme activity. The low heme ...


Electronic Structure, Molecular Electrostatic Potentials, Vibrational Spectra in Substituted Calix[n]arenes (n = 4, 5) from Density Functional Theory

06-Sep-2011 | Jayshree K. Khedkar; Rahul V. Pinjari; Shridhar P. Gejji, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2011

Electronic structure, molecular electrostatic potential, and vibrational frequencies of para-substituted calix[n]arene CX[n]-R (n = 4, 5; R = H, NH2, t-Bu, CH2Cl, SO3H, NO2) and their thia analogs (S-CX[n]-R; with R = H and t-Bu) in which sulfur bridges two aromatic rings of CX[n] have been ...


Reactivity of the sulfur center in rhodium-bound benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazones towards molecular oxygen. A theoretical investigation

05-Sep-2011 | Dipravath Kumar, Seth , Samaresh, Bhattacharya, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2011

The 4-R-benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazones (L-R) are known to react with [Rh(PPh3)3Cl] in refluxing ethanol in the presence of a base (NEt3) to afford organorhodium complexes (2-R), where the thiosemicarbazones are coordinated to rhodium as tridentate CNS donors with the sulfur atom oxidized by ...


Monoanionic N,P,S‐Janus Head Tripods in s‐Block Metal Coordination

05-Sep-2011 | Meinholz, Margret M.; Stalke, Dietmar, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract Polyimido sulfur phosphanyl complexes of alkaline earth metals can be synthesised by transmetallation of a suitable lithium precursor. By the same route heterobimetallic complexes of lithium, potassium or rubidium are accessible. [(tmeda)Li{Ph2PCH2S(NSiMe3)2}] (I) is an excellent ...


The 3 D Solution Structure of Thurincin H, a Bacteriocin with Four Sulfur to α‐Carbon Crosslinks

05-Sep-2011 | Clarissa S. Sit; Marco J. van Belkum; Ryan T. McKay; Randy W. Worobo; John C. Vederas; Marco J. van Belkum, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2011

Problem solved: Thurincin H is an antimicrobial peptide with suspected post‐translational modifications. MS/MS sequencing identified the residues that were modified, and NMR spectroscopic studies in solution led to the 3D structure of thurincin H, which features four SCα thioether crosslinks ...


Coverage‐Dependent Variation of Adsorption Configurations of Methionine on Ge(100)

05-Sep-2011 | Yang, Sena; Kim, Yaewon; Park, Sunmin; Kim, Ki‐jeong; Lee, Hangil, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2011

Abstract The adsorption configurations of methionine molecules on the Ge(100) surface have been studied by using DFT calculations, core‐level photoemission spectroscopy (CLPES), and low‐energy electron diffraction (LEED) to scrutinize the adsorption structure as a function of coverage. At ...


Camptothecin and Thiocamptothecin: the Role of Sulfur in Shifting the Hydrolysis Equilibrium towards the Closed Lactone Form

05-Sep-2011 | Pistolozzi, Marco; Varchi, Greta; Degli Esposti, Alessandra; Guerrini, Andrea; Sotgiu, Giovanna; Ballestri, M ..., ChemMedChem, 2011

Abstract Adverse effects have limited the clinical potential of 20‐(S)‐camptothecin (CPT) and led to a growing interest in the development of CPT analogues that exhibit less severe drawbacks, while maintaining their therapeutic activity. Recently, a thiopyridone isostere of CPT, ...


Influence of a crosslinked system on the morphology and properties of TPVs based on PA/NBR

02-Sep-2011 | Fagundes, Enio C. M.; Jacobi, Marly A. Maldaner, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2011

Abstract The mechanical properties of thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), depend strongly on their morphologies, which themselves depend on the properties of the primary polymers, the composition of the TPV, and the crosslink system and crosslink process. The morphology is defined during the ...


Matrix Infrared Spectroscopy and a Theoretical Investigation of SUO and US2

02-Sep-2011 | Andrews, Lester; Wang, Xuefeng; Liang, Binyong; Ruipérez, Fernando; Infante, Ivan; Raw, Adam D.; Ibers, James A., European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract US2 and SUO molecules have been prepared by laser ablation of the solid materials and reaction of the elements during condensation in solid argon, which give the same absorptions as earlier U atom reactions with sulfur vapor and sulfur dioxide. The antisymmetric stretching mode of US2 ...


Grain Size and Texture of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films Synthesized by Cosputtering Binary Sulfides and Annealing: Effects of Processing Conditions and Sodium

02-Sep-2011 | W.M. HLAING Oo, J.L. Johnson, A. Bhatia, E.A. Lund, M.M. Nowell, M.A. Scarpulla, Journal of Electronic Materials, 2011

We investigate the synthesis of kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) polycrystalline thin films using cosputtering from binary sulfide targets followed by annealing in sulfur vapor at 500°C to 650°C. The films are the kesterite CZTS phase as indicated by x-ray diffraction, Raman scattering, and optical ...


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