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Hydrodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene over MCM-41-Supported Pd and Pt Catalysts

26-Jul-2012 | Xiang Li; Feng Zhou; Anjie Wang; Linying Wang; Yao Wang, Energy & Fuels, 2012

Three series of aluminosilicate MCM-41 (Al-MCM-41) were synthesized using different aluminum sources, including aluminum isopropoxide (AlM-I), pseudoboehmite, and aluminum sulfate, by a hydrothermal method. The hydrodesulfurization (HDS) performance of the Al-MCM-41-supported Pd and Pt catalysts ...


Molecules, Vol. 17, Pages 8938-8954: Detection of Sulfur-Fumigated Paeoniae Alba Radix in Complex Preparations by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry

26-Jul-2012 | Wu, Jie ; Shen, Hong ; Xu, Jun ; Zhu, Ling-Ying ; Jia, Xiao-Bin ; Li, Song-Lin, Molecules, 2012

Detection of sulfur-fumigated Paeoniae Alba Radix (PAR) in different complex preparations is challenging due to the relatively lower content of PAR and interference from more complicated components in complex preparations with different multiple constituent herbs. In this study, a high ...


Nature of “chlorine effect” in the 17O NMR spectra of sulfur compounds XSO2Y

25-Jul-2012 | B. A. Suvorov, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2012

Nature of “chlorine effect” in the 17O NMR spectra of compounds XSO2Y associated with the exclusive influence of chlorine on the position of the signal of terminal oxygen is considered. The effect is found to be determined by the electron population of sulfur 3d orbitals, which reaches maximum in ...


Tunable fluorescence emission of ternary nonstoichiometric Ag–In–S alloyed nanocrystals

25-Jul-2012 | Jian Feng, Xiurong Yang, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 2012

Low toxic, nonstoichiometric colloidal Ag–In–S ternary quantum dots with different Ag content were synthesized by a one-pot hot-injection method based on the reaction of metal acetylacetonates with sulfur dissolved in octadecene. X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy, and ...


Ocean-atmosphere trace gas exchange

25-Jul-2012 | Lucy J. Carpenter; Stephen D. Archer; Rachael Beale, Chemical Society Reviews, 2012

The oceans contribute significantly to the global emissions of a number of atmospherically important volatile gases, notably those containing sulfur, nitrogen and halogens. Such gases play critical roles not only in global biogeochemical cycling but also in a wide range of atmospheric processes ...


Dispersion of copper species in confined space and their application in thiophene capture

25-Jul-2012 | Yu Yin; Wen-Juan Jiang; Xiao-Qin Liu; Yan-hua Li; Lin-Bing Sun, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Deep desulfurization via -complexation adsorption is an effective method for the selective capture of thiophenic sulfur compounds. The adsorptive desulfurization capacity of an adsorbent has been demonstrated to strongly depend on the dispersion degree of active species. In the present study, a ...


[Perspective] Geochemistry: The Marine Sulfur Cycle, Revisited

25-Jul-2012 | Matthew T. Hurtgen, Science , 2012

Model studies point to a larger role of the sulfur cycle in maintaining atmospheric oxygen levels than previously recognized.


[Report] Sulfate Burial Constraints on the Phanerozoic Sulfur Cycle

25-Jul-2012 | Itay Halevy, Shanan E. Peters, Woodward W. Fischer, Science , 2012

Sulfur isotopes from the stratigraphic record constrain evolving mass fluxes into sulfate-bearing evaporite sediments.


Characterization of enhancement-mode n-channel sulfur-treated InP MOSFET with liquid phase deposition-TiO2 gate oxide

25-Jul-2012 | Chih-Feng Yen and Ming-Kwei Lee, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 2012

TiO2 films were prepared with aqueous solutions of hexafluorotitanic acid and boric acid on an InP substrate with an ammonium sulfide treatment. The films showed greatly enhanced electrical characteristics compared to those prepared without the ammonium sulfide treatment. The leakage currents of ...


XANES Investigation on Sulfur Evolution during Victorian Brown Coal Char Gasification in Oxy-Fuel Combustion Mode

25-Jul-2012 | Juan Chen; Baiqian Dai; Fiona Low; Lian Zhang, Energy & Fuels, 2012

This study has clarified the speciation of sulfur in the pyrolysis char of Victorian brown coal and its evolution during char gasification in oxy-fuel combustion. The synchrotron XANES has been used for sulfur speciation. Coal pyrolysis was first carried out in a lab-scale drop-tube furnace ...


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