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Interaction between multiply charged manganese nanoclusters and sulfur atoms in silicon

13-Mar-2012 | Z. M. Saparniyazova, M. K. Bakhadyrkhanov, O. E. Sattarov, Kh. M. Iliev, K. A. Ismailov, N. Norkulov, D. Zh. Asanov, Inorganic Materials, 2012

We have studied the interaction of manganese nanoclusters with sulfur atoms in silicon. The results indicate that both simultaneous and sequential codoping with manganese and sulfur has little effect on the electrical properties (resistivity, carrier mobility, and conductivity type) of silicon. ...


Chemical and physical transformations in Ge-S-I glass preparation

13-Mar-2012 | A. M. Kut’in, A. D. Plekhovich, A. P. Vel’muzhov, M. F. Churbanov, Inorganic Materials, 2012

Vapor pressure measurement results for a mixture of germanium tetraiodide and sulfur in the temperature range 150–300°C have been analyzed in terms of conditionally equilibrium states, and the degree of GeI4 conversion and temperature-dependent compositions of the condensed and vapor phases have ...


Paradigms and paradoxes: en route to the understanding of the aromaticity of the “iso-species” isobenzofuran, anthranil, benzofurazan and 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole

13-Mar-2012 | Margarida S. Miranda, M. Agostinha R. Matos, Victor M. F. Morais, Joel F. Liebman, Structural Chemistry, 2012

Using a model reaction, we recently investigated the thermochemistry and aromaticity systematics of nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur-containing heterocycles that are isoelectronic to the carbocyclic indane and its unsaturated counterpart indene. In this study all of the benzo-annelated species, e.g. ...


Sulfur compounds in crude oils of the Jurassic-Paleozoic play in Western Siberia

13-Mar-2012 | V. P. Sergun, R. S. Min, Petroleum Chemistry, 2012

The composition and structure of sulfur compounds in low-, medium-, and high-sulfur crude oils from the Jurassic-Paleozoic play of Western Siberia have been studied. It has been shown that the distribution of organic sulfur compounds in the oils is determined by the depositional environment of ...


Fracture of crystalline silicon nanopillars during electrochemical lithium insertion [Engineering]

13-Mar-2012 | Lee, Seok Woo; McDowell, Matthew T.; Berla, Lucas A.; Nix, William D.; Cui, Yi, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2012

From surface hardening of steels to doping of semiconductors, atom insertion in solids plays an important role in modifying chemical, physical, and electronic properties of materials for a variety of applications. High densities of atomic insertion in a solid can result in dramatic structural ...


Multiple self-splicing introns in the 16S rRNA genes of giant sulfur bacteria [Evolution]

13-Mar-2012 | Salman, Verena; Amann, Rudolf; Shub, David A.; Schulz-Vogt, Heide N., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2012

The gene encoding the small subunit rRNA serves as a prominent tool for the phylogenetic analysis and classification of Bacteria and Archaea owing to its high degree of conservation and its fundamental function in living organisms. Here we show that the 16S rRNA genes of not-yet-cultivated large ...


Measurement of Corrosive Gaseous Species in Staged Coal Combustion

10-Mar-2012 | Steven C. Kung, Oxidation of Metals, 2012

A comprehensive fireside corrosion study has been performed to gain further understanding of the corrosion mechanisms operating in coal-fired utility boilers. Nine commercial coals from eight coal mines, representing a wide range of coal chemistry, were selected for this study. Combustion of ...


Thermo-optic characteristics in transparent glass fabric reinforced composite using inorganic–organic hybrid materials

07-Mar-2012 | Eun-Seok Kang, KyungHo Jung, Deok Hai Park, Namseok Kang, Byunggil Ryu, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 2012

The thermo-optic characteristics of the transparent glass fabric composite and matrix resin have been investigated. The inorganic–organic hybrid materials modified with sulfur are synthesized as transparent matrix resin with the same refractive index and Abbe number as glass. The optical ...


Influence of H2O and SO2 on the activity of deposited cobalt oxide catalysts in the processes of reduction of nitrogen(I), (II) oxides with carbon monoxide and C3-C4 alkanes

06-Mar-2012 | P. I. Kirienko, T. M. Boichuk, S. N. Orlik, S. A. Solov’ev, Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, 2012

It is shown that palladium–cobalt oxide–cerium catalyst deposited on cordierite catalyzes the reduction of nitrogen(II) oxide with carbon monoxide, and cobalt–iron catalysts in simultaneous reduction of NO + N2O with C3-C4 alkanes retained high activity in the presence of water vapor and sulfur ...


Photophysics of aminobenzazole dyes in silica-based hybrid materials

06-Mar-2012 | Silvia Regina Grando, Fabiano da Silveira Santos, Márcia Russman Gallas, Tania Maria Haas Costa, Edilson Valmir Benv ..., Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 2012

In this work two aminobenzazole derivatives (5-AHBT and 5-AHBI) were dispersed in silica-based hybrid materials with different surface hydrophobicity, which were obtained by the sol–gel process using tetraethylorthosilicate as inorganic precursor and dimethyldimethoxysilane as organic precursor, ...


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