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Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Thiol-Activated Sources of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) as Antimycobacterial Agents

19-Dec-2011 | Satish R. Malwal; Dharmarajan Sriram; Perumal Yogeeswari; V. Badireenath Konkimalla; Harinath Chakrapani, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2011

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/jm201023g


Visible-Light-Enhanced Interactions of Hydrogen Sulfide with Composites of Zinc (Oxy)hydroxide with Graphite Oxide and Graphene

19-Dec-2011 | Mykola Seredych; Oluwaniyi Mabayoje; Teresa J. Bandosz, Langmuir, 2011

Composites of zinc(oxy)hydroxide–graphite oxide and of zinc(oxy)hydroxide–graphene were used as adsorbents of hydrogen sulfide under ambient conditions. The initial and exhausted samples were characterized by XRD, FTIR, potentiometric titration, EDX, thermal analysis, and nitrogen adsorption. An ...


Reactivity of the bridged-sulfide complex Pd2Cl2([small mu ]-S)([small mu ]-dmpm)2 toward electrophiles

19-Dec-2011 | Craig B. Pamplin; Steven J. Rettig; Brian O. Patrick; Brian R. James, Dalton Transactions, 2011

The dipalladium(i) complex Pd2Cl2(dmpm)2 (1a) [dmpm = bis(dimethylphosphino)methane] is known to react with elemental sulfur (S8) to give the bridged-sulfide complex Pd2Cl2(μ-S)(dmpm)2 (2a) but, in the presence of excess S8, PdCl2[P,S-dmpm(S)] (4a) and dmpm(S)2 are generated. Treatment of 1a with ...


Ionic liquids and acid gas capture: water and oxygen as confounding factors

12-Dec-2011 | Luke J. Murphy; Alex M. McPherson; Katherine N. Robertson; Jason A. C. Clyburne, Chemical Communication, 2011

Amines dissolved in ionic liquids react rapidly with SO2 to produce new materials. Compounds related to the stepwise conversion of SO2 to sulfite and sulfate salts have been isolated. Trapping SO2 in the form of the sulfite anion does not change the oxidation state of sulfur and should maintain ...


Hydrogenation of coal from the Zashulanskoe field in Chita oblast

08-Dec-2011 | A. S. Maloletnev, D. Yu. Ryabov, V. N. Osoka, O. A. Mazneva, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2011

The results of evaluation of coal from the Zashulanskoe field of Chita oblast as a feedstock for liquid fuel manufacturing by hydrogenation are reported. Zashulanskoe coals whose reserves exceed 250 million tons have favorable mining and geological occurrence conditions, are recovered by ...


Synthesis and Organocatalytic Applications of Imidazol(in)ium‐2‐thiocarboxylates

01-Dec-2011 | Hans, Morgan; Wouters, Johan; Demonceau, Albert; Delaude, Lionel, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract Five imidazol(in)ium‐2‐thiocarboxylates bearing cyclohexyl, mesityl, or 2,6‐diisopropylphenyl substituents on their nitrogen atoms were prepared from the corresponding imidazol(in)ium chlorides or tetrafluoroborates in a one‐pot, two‐step procedure involving the in situ generation of ...


Graphene-Enveloped Sulfur in a One Pot Reaction: a Cathode with Good Coulombic Efficiency and High Practical Sulfur Content

01-Dec-2011 | Linda Nazar; Scott Evers, Chemical Communication, 2011

Graphene-sulfur composites with sulfur fractions as high as 87 wt% are prepared using a simple one-pot, scalable method. The graphene envelops the sulfur particles, providing a conductive shrink-wrap for electron transport. These materials are efficient cathodes for Li-S batteries, yielding 93% ...


Graphene-enveloped sulfur in a one pot reaction: a cathode with good coulombic efficiency and high practical sulfur content

01-Dec-2011 | Scott Evers; Linda F. Nazar, Chemical Communication, 2011

Graphene–sulfur composites with sulfur fractions as high as 87 wt% are prepared using a simple one-pot, scalable method. The graphene envelops the sulfur particles, providing a conductive shrink-wrap for electron transport. These materials are efficient cathodes for Li–S batteries, yielding 93% ...


Effect of calcination temperature on the physicochemical and catalytic properties of FeSO4/SiO2 in hydrogen sulfide oxidation

30-Nov-2011 | M. A. Shuvaeva, I. V. Delii, O. N. Mart’yanov, O. A. Bayukov, E. I. Osetrov, A. A. Saraev, V. V. Kaichev, N. S. Saka ..., Kinetics and Catalysis, 2011

The effect of calcination temperature on the state of the active component of iron-containing catalysts prepared by the impregnation of silica gel with a solution of FeSO4 and on their catalytic properties in selective H2S oxidation to sulfur was studied. With the use of thermal analysis, XPS, ...


Thiolation of symmetrical and unsymmetrical diketopiperazines

30-Nov-2011 | Bettina M. Ruff; Sabilla Zhong; Martin Nieger; Stefan Bräse, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2011

The introduction of sulfur units into a variety of symmetrical and unsymmetrical diketopiperazines (DKPs) is described. We investigated different thiolation methods utilizing several bases and electrophilic sulfur reagents, leading to monomethylthio-, bis(methylthio)-, and epithio-DKPs. Their ...


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