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Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 331: Geometric Shape Induced Small Change of Seebeck Coefficient in Bulky Metallic Wires

10-Feb-2017 | Li, Gang ; Su, Xiaohui ; Yang, Fan ; Huo, Xiaoye ; Zhang, Gengmin ; Xu, Shengyong, Sensors, 2017

In this paper, we report the results of slight changes in the thermopower of long W, Mo, Zn, Cu, brass, and Ti wires, that resulted from changes in the wire’s diameter or cross-sectional area. The samples used in the tests had a round shape with a diameter that ranged from tens of micron to 2 mm, ...


Carbon Dot Nanothermometry: Intracellular Photoluminescence Lifetime Thermal Sensing

31-Jan-2017 | Sergii Kalytchuk; Kateřina Poláková; Yu Wang; Jens P. Froning; Klara Cepe; Andrey L. Rogach; Radek Zbořil, ACS Nano, 2017

Nanoscale biocompatible photoluminescence (PL) thermometers that can be used to accurately and reliably monitor intracellular temperatures have many potential applications in biology and medicine. Ideally, such nanothermometers should be functional at physiological pH across a wide range of ionic ...


Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 266: Liquid Temperature Measurements Using Two Different Tunable Hollow Prisms

29-Jan-2017 | Calixto, Sergio ; Rosete-Aguilar, Martha ; Torres-Gomez, Ismael, Sensors, 2017

This paper describes the design, fabrication, and testing of two hollow prisms. One is a prism with a grating glued to its hypotenuse. This ensemble, prism + grating, is called a grism. It can be applied as an on-axis tunable spectrometer. The other hollow prism is a constant deviation one called ...


Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 251: Localized Temperature Variations in Laser-Irradiated Composites with Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

27-Jan-2017 | Jenkins, R. Brian; Joyce, Peter ; Mechtel, Deborah, Sensors, 2017

Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) temperature sensors are embedded in composites to detect localized temperature gradients resulting from high energy infrared laser radiation. The goal is to detect the presence of radiation on a composite structure as rapidly as possible and to identify its location, ...


Ultrahigh-sensitive optical temperature sensing based on quasi-thermalized green emissions from Er:ZnO

10-Jan-2017 | Subrata Senapati; Karuna Kar Nanda, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017

Fluorescence intensity ratio (FIR) based optical temperature sensors employ the variation of intensity ratio between two peaks, which are very close to each other. Here, we prepare Er doped ZnO microrods by a hydrothermal route and exploit them for FIR based temperature sensing. The Er:ZnO shows ...


Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 51: A Fully Transparent Flexible Sensor for Cryogenic Temperatures Based on High Strength Metallurgical Graphene

28-Dec-2016 | Pawlak, Ryszard ; Lebioda, Marcin ; Rymaszewski, Jacek ; Szymanski, Witold ; Kolodziejczyk, Lukasz ; Kula, Piotr, Sensors, 2016

Low-temperature electronics operating in below zero temperatures or even below the lower limit of the common −65 to 125 °C temperature range are essential in medical diagnostics, in space exploration and aviation, in processing and storage of food and mainly in scientific research, like ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 2087: A Portable Array-Type Optical Fiber Sensing Instrument for Real-Time Gas Detection

08-Dec-2016 | Hung, San-Shan ; Chang, Hsing-Cheng ; Chang, I-Nan, Sensors, 2016

A novel optical fiber array-type of sensing instrument with temperature compensation for real-time detection was developed to measure oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia simultaneously. The proposed instrument is multi-sensing array integrated with real-time measurement module for portable ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 1608: An SOI CMOS-Based Multi-Sensor MEMS Chip for Fluidic Applications

04-Nov-2016 | Mansoor, Mohtashim ; Haneef, Ibraheem ; Akhtar, Suhail ; Rafiq, Muhammad Aftab; De Luca, Andrea ; Ali, Syed Zeeshan; ..., Sensors, 2016

An SOI CMOS multi-sensor MEMS chip, which can simultaneously measure temperature, pressure and flow rate, has been reported. The multi-sensor chip has been designed keeping in view the requirements of researchers interested in experimental fluid dynamics. The chip contains ten thermodiodes ...


Temperature Sensors: Robust and Stable Ratiometric Temperature Sensor Based on Zn–In–S Quantum Dots with Intrinsic Dual‐Dopant Ion Emissions (Adv. Funct. Mater. 40/2016)

25-Oct-2016 | Sheng Cao, Jinju Zheng, Jialong Zhao, Zuobao Yang, Minghui Shang, Chengming Li, Weiyou Yang, Xiaosheng Fang, Advanced Functional Materials, 2016

A robust and stable ratiometric temperature sensor based on Zn‐In‐S quantum dots (QDs) with intrinsic dual‐dopant ion emissions is reported by W.Y. Yang, X.S. Fang, and co‐workers on page 7224. The environment‐friendly co‐doped QD sensor exhibits an excellent stability with almost no hysteresis ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 1256: Accurate Behavioral Simulator of All-Digital Time-Domain Smart Temperature Sensors by Using SIMULINK

08-Aug-2016 | Chen, Chun-Chi ; Chen, Chao-Lieh ; Lin, You-Ting, Sensors, 2016

This study proposes a new behavioral simulator that uses SIMULINK for all-digital CMOS time-domain smart temperature sensors (TDSTSs) for performing rapid and accurate simulations. Inverter-based TDSTSs offer the benefits of low cost and simple structure for temperature-to-digital conversion and ...


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