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Addition of molybdenum into amorphous glass‐coated microwires usable as temperature sensors in biomedical applications

18-Nov-2015 | Radovan Hudak, Rastislav Varga, Irenej Polacek, Peter Klein, Ivan Skorvanek, Vladimir Komanicky, Rafael P. del. Real ..., physica status solidi (a), 2015

Compared to other sensors, such as radio‐frequency identification sensors, microwires have a significant advantage due to their small dimensions and contact‐free reading. The most important advantage is that a microwire is considered to be a biocompatible material due to the glass‐coating ...


Temperature Sensors: Ultrasensitive, Biocompatible, Self‐Calibrating, Multiparametric Temperature Sensors (Small 43/2015)

13-Nov-2015 | Haiguang Zhao, Alberto Vomiero, Federico Rosei, Small, 2015

PbS/CdS core/shell quantum dots are applied as ultrasensitive, biocompatible, self‐calibrating, multi‐parametric temperature sensors by H. Zhao, A. Vomiero, and F. Rosei. On page 5741, they show how part of the colour emission comes from the PbS core and part from the CdS shell. The relative ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 26929-26939: Highly Sensitive Liquid Core Temperature Sensor Based on Multimode Interference Effects

23-Oct-2015 | Fuentes-Fuentes, Miguel A.; May-Arrioja, Daniel A.; Guzman-Sepulveda, José R.; Torres-Cisneros, Miguel ; Sánchez-Mon ..., Sensors, 2015

A novel fiber optic temperature sensor based on a liquid-core multimode interference device is demonstrated. The advantage of such structure is that the thermo-optic coefficient (TOC) of the liquid is at least one order of magnitude larger than that of silica and this, combined with the fact ...


Ultrasensitive, Biocompatible, Self‐Calibrating, Multiparametric Temperature Sensors

15-Oct-2015 | Haiguang Zhao, Alberto Vomiero, Federico Rosei, Small, 2015

Core–shell quantum dots serve as self‐calibrating, ultrasensitive, multiparametric, near‐infrared, and biocompatible temperature sensors. They allow temperature measurement with nanometer accuracy in the range 150–373 K, the broadest ever recorded for a nanothermometer, with sensitivities among ...


Nanothermometry: from microscopy to thermal treatments

07-Oct-2015 | Haiying Zhou, Monica Sharma, Oleg Berezin, Darryl Zuckerman, Mikhail Y Berezin, ChemPhysChem, 2015

Measuring temperature in cells and tissues remotely, with sufficient sensitivity, and in real time presents a new paradigm in engineering, chemistry and biology. Traditional sensors, such as contact thermometers, thermocouples, and electrodes, are too large to measure the temperature with ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 22914-22940: Piezotronic Effect: An Emerging Mechanism for Sensing Applications

11-Sep-2015 | Jenkins, Kory ; Nguyen, Vu ; Zhu, Ren ; Yang, Rusen, Sensors, 2015

Strain-induced polarization charges in a piezoelectric semiconductor effectively modulate the band structure near the interface and charge carrier transport. Fundamental investigation of the piezotronic effect has attracted broad interest, and various sensing applications have been demonstrated. ...


Optical Thermometry Based on Up‐Conversion Luminescence Behavior of Er3+ ‐Doped Transparent Sr2YbF7 Glass‐Ceramics

10-Aug-2015 | XiaoMan Li, JiangKun Cao, YunLe Wei, ZhiRong Yang, Hai Guo, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

Transparent novel glass‐ceramics containing Sr2YbF7:Er3+ nanocrystals were successfully fabricated by melt‐quenching technique. Their structural and up‐conversion luminescent properties were systemically investigated by XRD, HRTEM, and a series of spectroscopy methods. The temperature‐dependent ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 18579-18586: Multi-Stress Monitoring System with Fiber-Optic Mandrels and Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors in a Sagnac Loop

29-Jul-2015 | Kim, Hyunjin ; Sampath, Umesh ; Song, Minho, Sensors, 2015

Fiber Bragg grating sensors are placed in a fiber-optic Sagnac loop to combine the grating temperature sensors and the fiber-optic mandrel acoustic emission sensors in single optical circuit. A wavelength-scanning fiber-optic laser is used as a common light source for both sensors. A fiber-optic ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 17232-17240: On-Chip Sensing of Thermoelectric Thin Film’s Merit

16-Jul-2015 | Xiao, Zhigang ; Zhu, Xiaoshan, Sensors, 2015

Thermoelectric thin films have been widely explored for thermal-to-electrical energy conversion or solid-state cooling, because they can remove heat from integrated circuit (IC) chips or micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) devices without involving any moving mechanical parts. In this paper, ...


Thermal imaging using polymer nanocomposite temperature sensors

30-Jun-2015 | Elizabeth Sauerbrunn, Ying Chen, Jeffrey Didion, Miao Yu, Elisabeth Smela, Hugh A. Bruck, physica status solidi (a), 2015

Sensing temperature distributions over an area is of interest for many applications, and it is currently performed using sensors that are attached to the structure. In this work a conductive “smart paint”, made from latex and exfoliated graphite, is introduced for temperature sensing. This ...


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