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Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 965: Development of a GIS Tool for High Precision PV Degradation Monitoring and Supervision: Feasibility Analysis in Large and Small PV Plants

06-Jun-2017 | de Simón-Martín, Miguel ; Diez-Suárez, Ana-María ; Álvarez-de Prado, Laura ; González-Martínez, Alberto ; de la Puen ..., Sustainability, 2017

It is well known that working photovoltaic (PV) plants show several maintenance needs due to wiring and module degradation, mismatches, dust, and PV cell defects and faults. There are a wide range of theoretical studies as well as some laboratory tests that show how these circumstances may affect ...


Alternative chitosan-based EPR dosimeter applicable for a relatively wide range of gamma radiation doses

04-Jun-2017 | Author(s): Thananchai Piroonpan, Pichayada Katemake, Eagkapong Panritdam, Wanvimol Pasanphan, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2017

Publication date: Available online 3 June 2017 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry Author(s): Thananchai Piroonpan, Pichayada Katemake, Eagkapong Panritdam, Wanvimol Pasanphan Chitosan biopolymer is proposed as an alternative EPR dosimeter. Its ability to be EPR dosimeter was ...


Poly(oligo (ethylene glycol) vinyl acetate)s: A versatile new class of thermoresponsive and biocompatible polymers

02-Jun-2017 | Guillaume Hedir, Maria Arno, Marvin Langlais, Jonathan Husband, Rachel O'Reilly, Andrew Dove, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2017

Polymers with a thermally‐triggered phase transition are important in the design of materials for biological applications where their behavior can be used to trigger release or (dis)assembly events. Despite their advantages, a system with tuneable thermal response, end‐group reactive sites, low ...


MADIX polymerization of vinyl acetate using ethyl acetate as a green solvent; near‐complete monomer conversion with molecular weight control

16-May-2017 | Martin E. Levere, Pierre Chambon, Steve P. Rannard, Tom O. McDonald, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2017

The MADIX polymerization of vinyl acetate in the green solvent ethyl acetate allows near‐complete monomer conversion, high molecular weights and targeting of molecular weight to be achieved. High‐molecular‐weight poly(vinyl acetate) up to Mn = 100,000 Da was synthesized by this facile ...


Effect of intumescent compositions on flammable properties of ethylene vinyl acetate and polypropylene

16-May-2017 | Thanhkieu Giang, Dongquy Hoang, Jinhwan Kim, Fire and Materials, 2017

Summary An intumescent flame retardant (IFR) system was prepared by 2 ways. Firstly, bis(2,6,7‐trioxa‐1‐phosphabicyclo[2,2,2]octane‐1‐oxa‐4‐hydroxymethyl) phosphonate methyl (bis‐PM) was synthesized and characterized by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), 31P NMR, and Fourier transform ...


Controlled Synthesis of Fluorinated Copolymers via Cobalt-Mediated Radical Copolymerization of Perfluorohexylethylene and Vinyl Acetate

12-May-2017 | Jérémy Demarteau; Bruno Améduri; Vincent Ladmiral; Maarten A. Mees; Richard Hoogenboom; Antoine Debuigne; Christophe ..., Macromolecules, 2017

Designing novel polyfluoropolymer architectures is attractive for the development of new applications, such as advanced coatings, purification membranes, or materials for energy. Nevertheless, controlling the radical polymerization of fluoroalkenes is very challenging due to the high reactivity ...


Rheological behavior of ethylene–vinyl acetate copolymer and fabrication of micro‐pyramid arrays by roll‐to‐roll hot embossing on its thin films

08-May-2017 | Wenjun Li, Shiqiang Song, Yinghao Zhai, Yong Zhang, Peiyun Yi, Xinmin Lai, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017

ABSTRACT Films of ethylene–vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) with different vinyl acetate (VA) contents were adopted as flexible substrates for fabrication of micro‐pyramid arrays by roll‐to‐roll hot embossing at roller temperatures 40–80 °C. An empirical relationship between rheological behavior ...


Factors screening to statistical experimental design of racemic atenolol kinetic resolution via transesterification reaction in organic solvent using free Pseudomonas fluorescens lipase

25-Apr-2017 | Joni Agustian, Azlina Harun Kamaruddin, Hassan Y. Aboul‐Enein, Chirality, 2017

Abstract As the (R)‐enantiomer of racemic atenolol has no β‐blocking activity and no lack of side effects, switching from the racemate to the (S)‐atenolol is more favorable. Transesterification of racemic atenolol using free enzymes investigated as a resource to resolve the racemate via this ...


Synthesis of random and block copolymers of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate by RAFT miniemulsion polymerizations mediated by a fluorinated xanthate

16-Mar-2017 | Zhihui Huang, Pengju Pan, Yongzhong Bao, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017

ABSTRACT RAFT miniemulsion (co)polymerizations of vinyl acetate (VAc) and vinyl chloride (VC) are conducted in the presence of a fluorinated xthanate (X1). VAc miniemulsion polymerization can be well controlled by X1, and PVAc with small polydispersity index (PDI,


Two-Level Shape Changes of Polymeric Microcuboids Prepared from Crystallizable Copolymer Networks

13-Mar-2017 | Yue Liu; Muhammad Yasar Razzaq; Tobias Rudolph; Liang Fang; Karl Kratz; Andreas Lendlein, Macromolecules, 2017

Polymeric microdevices bearing features like nonspherical shapes or spatially segregated surface properties are of increasing importance in biological and medical analysis, drug delivery, and bioimaging or microfluidic systems as well as in micromechanics, sensors, information storage, or data ...


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