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Synthesis and antiviral evaluation of base-modified deoxythreosyl nucleoside phosphonates

28-Jun-2017 | Chao Liu; Shrinivas G. Dumbre; Christophe Pannecouque; Brent Korba; Steven De Jonghe; Piet Herdewijn, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2017

l-α-2′-Deoxythreosyl nucleoside phosphonates and their phosphonodiamidate prodrugs with a hypoxanthine, 2,6-diaminopurine, 2-amino-6-cyclopropylaminopurine, 7-deazaadenine, 5-fluorouracil and 5-methylcytosine heterocycle as a nucleobase were synthesized and evaluated for their inhibitory activity ...


Improving bioassay sensitivity through immobilization of bio-probes onto reactive micelles

28-Jun-2017 | Gloria Jimenez-Sanchez; Céline Terrat; Bernard Verrier; Didier Gigmes; Thomas Trimaille, Chemical Communication, 2017

Antigen probe (p24) immobilized onto N-succinimidyl ester based micelles was used as solid phase coating in HIV-1 ELISA test, and induced a significant improvement in antibody detection sensitivity as compared to standard free antigen coating. The relevance of this straightforward approach to ...


Exploring the impact of side-chains length on peptide/RNA binding events

28-Jun-2017 | Lola Sbicca; Alejandro López González; Aleksandra Gresika; Audrey Di Giorgio; Jordi Teixidó; Roger E ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017

The impact of amino-acids side-chains length on peptide-RNA binding events has been investigated using HIV-1 Tat derived peptides as ligands and the HIV-1 TAR RNA element as an RNA model. Our studies demonstrate that increasing the length of all peptide side-chains improves unexpectedly the ...


Challenges with Mosquito-borne Viral Diseases: Outbreak of the Monsters

28-Jun-2017 | Gautam, Renu; Mishra, Sweta; Milhotra, Archana; Nagpal, Ritika; Mohan, Mradul; Singhal, Anchal; Kumari, Pratibha, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2017

Abstract: Background: The viruses responsible for mosquito-borne diseases are on an exploring mode, expanding their horizon, adapting to the situation and comfortably making their presence felt globally, from South Africa to Asia, Europe and United States. The current global scenario and ...


How much does a virus cost?

23-Jun-2017 | Caroline Ash, Science , 2017

Virology Without cells, viruses cease to be biologically functional. They need to consume a host's energy to replicate, and they can rewire cell metabolism to do so. To quantify the degree of selection that a virus exerts and experiences, Mahmoudabadi et al. asked what the energetic cost of viral


Bacteriophages as Factories for Eu2O3 Nanoparticle Synthesis

22-Jun-2017 | Piotr Golec; Kamila Żelechowska; Joanna Karczewska-Golec; Jakub Karczewski; Adam Leśniewski; Marcin Łoś; Grzegorz Wę ..., Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2017

The use of phage display to identify peptides with an ability to bind and synthesize Eu2O3 nanoparticles is demonstrated in this report. This is the first report of modified phages specifically binding a lanthanide. The peptides exposed on virions revealed very strong binding to Eu2O3 ...


Cross-Reactive Synbody Affinity Ligands for Capturing Diverse Noroviruses

22-Jun-2017 | Nidhi Gupta; John C. Lainson; Paul E. Belcher; Luhui Shen; Hugh S. Mason; Stephen Albert Johnston; Chris W. Diehnelt, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Noroviruses are the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis in the developed world. Noroviruses are a diverse group of nonenveloped RNA viruses that are continuously evolving. This leads to the rise of immunologically distinct strains of the same genotype on a frequent basis. This diversity ...


Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 1018: Synthesis and In Vitro Anti-Influenza Virus Evaluation of Novel Sialic Acid (C-5 and C-9)-Pentacyclic Triterpene Derivatives

22-Jun-2017 | Han, Xu ; Si, Long-Long ; Shi, Yong-Ying ; Fan, Zi-Bo ; Wang, Shou-Xin ; Tian, Zhen-Yu ; Li, Man ; Sun, Jia-Qi ; Jia ..., Molecules, 2017

The emergence of drug resistant variants of the influenza virus has led to a great need to identify novel and effective antiviral agents. In our previous study, a series of sialic acid (C-2 and C-4)-pentacyclic triterpene conjugates have been synthesized, and a five-fold more potent antiviral ...


Pathogen Detection: A Nanostructured Microfluidic Immunoassay Platform for Highly Sensitive Infectious Pathogen Detection (Small 24/2017)

21-Jun-2017 | Xu Yu, Yiqiu Xia, Yi Tang, Wen‐Long Zhang, Yin‐Ting Yeh, Huaguang Lu, Si‐Yang Zheng, Small, 2017

In article number 1700425, Si‐Yang Zheng and co‐workers, develop a smart ZnO nanorods integrated microdevice for highly sensitive and multiplex avian influenza virus detection. By dissolving ZnO nanorods in a low acid environment, the captured viruses could be released for the subsequent ...


Viral Aggregation: Impact on Virus Behavior in the Environment

21-Jun-2017 | Charles P. Gerba; Walter Q. Betancourt, Environmental Science & Technology, 2017

Aggregates of viruses can have a significant impact on quantification and behavior of viruses in the environment. Viral aggregates may be formed in numerous ways. Viruses may form crystal like structures and aggregates in the host cell during replication or may form due to changes in ...


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