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Emerging Tools for Studying Single Entity Electrochemistry

27-Sep-2016 | Yixian Wang; X Shan; Nongjiao Tao, Faraday Discussions, 2016

Electrochemistry studies charge transfer and related processes at various microscopic structures (atomic steps, islands, pits and kinks on electrodes), and mesoscopic materials (nanoparticles, nanowires, viruses, vesicles and cells) made by nature and humans, involving ions and molecules. The ...


IJERPH, Vol. 13, Pages 948: The Health, Enlightenment, Awareness, and Living (HEAL) Intervention: Outcome of an HIV and Hepatitis B and C Risk Reduction Intervention

24-Sep-2016 | Henry-Akintobi, Tabia ; Laster, Nastassia ; Trotter, Jennie ; Jacobs, DeBran ; Johnson, Tarita ; King Gordon, Tandec ..., International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2016

African American women have among the highest HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C incidence rates in the United States, especially among those homeless or incarcerated. The objective of this study was to evaluate the Health Enlightenment, Awareness and Living Intervention, designed to decrease ...


Manipulating adenoviral vector ion‐exchange chromatography: Hexon versus fiber

23-Sep-2016 | Jelena Ruščić, Andreja Ambriović‐Ristov, Dragomira Majhen, Sandra Kolundžija, Miloš Barut, Karim Benihoud, Mladen Kr ..., Journal of Separation Science, 2016

The serotype specificity of adenovirus ion‐exchange chromatography has previously been studied using standard particle‐based columns, and the hexon protein has been reported to determine retention time. In this study, we have submitted Adenovirus type 5 recombinants to anion‐exchange ...


Maternally Derived Immunity Extends Swine Influenza A Virus Persistence within Farrow-to-Finish Pig Farms: Insights from a Stochastic Event-Driven Metapopulation Model

23-Sep-2016 | Charlie Cador; Nicolas Rose; Lander Willem; Mathieu Andraud, PLoS ONE, 2016

by Charlie Cador, Nicolas Rose, Lander Willem, Mathieu Andraud Swine Influenza A Viruses (swIAVs) have been shown to persist in farrow-to-finish pig herds with repeated outbreaks in successive batches, increasing the risk for respiratory disorders in affected animals and being a threat for ...


[Research Article] Replication of human noroviruses in stem cell–derived human enteroids

23-Sep-2016 | Khalil Ettayebi; Sue E. Crawford; Kosuke Murakami; James R. Broughman; Umesh Karandikar; Victoria R. Tenge; Frederic ..., Science , 2016

The major barrier to research and development of effective interventions for human noroviruses (HuNoVs) has been the lack of a robust and reproducible in vitro cultivation system. HuNoVs are the leading cause of gastroenteritis worldwide. We report the successful cultivation of multiple HuNoV ...


Divergent Sapovirus Strains and Infection Prevalence in Wild Carnivores in the Serengeti Ecosystem: A Long-Term Study

23-Sep-2016 | Ximena A. Olarte-Castillo; Heribert Hofer; Katja V. Goller; Vito Martella; Patricia D. Moehlman; Marion L. East, PLoS ONE, 2016

by Ximena A. Olarte-Castillo, Heribert Hofer, Katja V. Goller, Vito Martella, Patricia D. Moehlman, Marion L. East The genus Sapovirus, in the family Caliciviridae, includes enteric viruses of humans and domestic animals. Information on sapovirus infection of wildlife is limited and is ...


IJMS, Vol. 17, Pages 1613: PlGF and VEGF-A Regulate Growth of High-Risk MYCN-Single Copy Neuroblastoma Xenografts via Different Mechanisms

23-Sep-2016 | Zins, Karin ; Kovatchki, Daniel ; Lucas, Trevor ; Abraham, Dietmar, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016

Neuroblastoma (NB) is the most common extracranial solid tumor of childhood and is a rapidly growing, highly-vascularized cancer. NBs frequently express angiogenic factors and high tumor angiogenesis has been associated with poor outcomes. Placental growth factor (PlGF) is an angiogenic protein ...


Whole-Virus Screening to Develop Synbodies for the Influenza Virus

23-Sep-2016 | Nidhi Gupta; John Lainson; Valeriy Domenyuk; Zhan-Gong Zhao; Stephen Albert Johnston; Chris W. Diehnelt, Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2016

There is an ongoing need for affinity agents for emerging viruses and new strains of current human viruses. We therefore developed a robust and modular system for engineering high-affinity synbody ligands for the influenza A/Puerto Rico/8/1934 H1N1 virus as a model system. Whole-virus screening ...


Incorporation of Privileged Structures into Bevirimat Can Improve Activity against Wild-Type and Bevirimat-Resistant HIV-1

22-Sep-2016 | Yu Zhao; Qiong Gu; Susan L. Morris-Natschke; Chin-Ho Chen; Kuo-Hsiung Lee, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2016

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.6b00461


Thermoresponsive Polymer Nanoparticles Co-deliver RSV F Trimers with a TLR-7/8 Adjuvant

22-Sep-2016 | Joseph R. Francica; Geoffrey M. Lynn; Richard Laga; M. Gordon Joyce; Tracy J. Ruckwardt; Kaitlyn M. Morabito; Man Ch ..., Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2016

Structure-based vaccine design has been used to develop immunogens that display conserved neutralization sites on pathogens such as HIV-1, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and influenza. Improving the immunogenicity of these designed immunogens with adjuvants will require formulations that do ...


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