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Influenza A virus isolation, culture and identification

01-11-2014 | Amie J Eisfeld; Gabriele Neumann; Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Nature Protocols, 2014

Nature Protocols 9, 2663 (2014). doi:10.1038/nprot.2014.180 Authors: Amie J Eisfeld, Gabriele Neumann & Yoshihiro Kawaoka Influenza A viruses (IAVs) cause epidemics and pandemics that result in considerable financial burden and loss of human life. To manage annual IAV epidemics ...


Aptamer-based biosensors for the rapid visual detection of flu viruses

28-10-2014 | Thao Le; Beata Adamiak; Donald Benton; Christopher Johnson; Sanjiv Sharma; Rob Fenton; John McCauley; Munir Iqbal; A ..., Chemical Communication, 2014

RNA aptamers showing affinity and specificity for different strains of human influenza virus were assembled onto gold nanoparticles that subsequently formed a gold nanoshell (AuNS) around the viral envelope. These shells could be visualised by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Changes in ...


Pressure induced structural changes and dimer destabilization of HIV-1 protease studied by molecular-dynamics simulations.

28-10-2014 | Eva Kutálková; Josef Hrnčiřík; Marek Ingr, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

High-pressure methods became an attractive tool of investigation of structural stability of proteins. Besides protein unfolding, dimerization can be studied this way, too. HIV-1 protease is a convenient target of experimental and theoretical high-pressure studies. In this study molecular-dynamics ...


Lipid directed assembly of the HIV capsid protein

28-10-2014 | Penny Miles; Daniel Frankel, Soft Matter, 2014

Experimental evidence for in-vivo capsid assembly suggests that capsid formation initiates from interactions between capsid (CA) proteins and lipids in the viral envelope. Various in-vitro studies aiming to elucidate the detailed mechanisms of capsid self-assembly products have been carried out ...


Journey Describing the Discoveries of Anti-HIV Triterpene Acid Families Targeting HIV-Entry/Fusion, Protease Functioning and Maturation Stages

28-10-2014 | V. Patel, Rahul; Won Park, Se, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2014

Abstract: HIV infection/AIDS, is a fatal disease multiplying rapidly in virtually every country. Extensive creations are in progress to arrest the replication of the HIV, following the destruction of either particular step involved in the progression of HIV infection. In such endeavors, ...


The Prevalence of HIV-1 Drug Resistance among Antiretroviral Treatment Naïve Individuals in Mainland China: A Meta-Analysis

24-10-2014 | Yingying Su et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Yingying Su, Fujie Zhang, Huixin Liu, M. Kumi Smith, Lin Zhu, Jing Wu, Ning Wang Background Surveillance of drug resistance in antiretroviral treatment-naïve patients in China is needed to ensure optimal treatment outcomes and control of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic. ...


Serotype Distribution and Antibiotic Susceptibility of Streptococcus pneumoniae Strains Carried by Children Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus

24-10-2014 | Dodi Safari et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Dodi Safari, Nia Kurniati, Lia Waslia, Miftahuddin Majid Khoeri, Tiara Putri, Debby Bogaert, Krzysztof Trzciński Background We studied the serotype distribution and antibiotic susceptibility of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates carried by children infected with HIV in Jakarta, Indonesia. ...


Outbreak of Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis Caused by Human Adenovirus Type 56, China, 2012

24-10-2014 | Guohong Huang et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Guohong Huang, Wenqing Yao, Wei Yu, Lingling Mao, Haibo Sun, Wei Yao, Jiang Tian, Ling Wang, Zhijian Bo, Zhen Zhu, Yan Zhang, Zhuo Zhao, Wenbo Xu HAdV-56 is a new recombinant type isolated from epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC) patients and has been sporadically isolated in Japan several ...


Multiplexed Analysis of Genes Using Nucleic Acid-Stabilized Silver-Nanocluster Quantum Dots

24-10-2014 | Natalie Enkin; Fuan Wang; Etery Sharon; H. Bauke Albada; Itamar Willner, ACS Nano, 2014

Luminescent nucleic acid-stabilized Ag nanoclusters (Ag NCs) are applied for the optical detection of DNA and for the multiplexed analysis of genes. Two different sensing modules including Ag NCs as luminescence labels are described. One sensing module involves the assembly of a three-component ...


pH-REMD Simulations Indicate That the Catalytic Aspartates of HIV-1 Protease Exist Primarily in a Monoprotonated State

23-10-2014 | T. Dwight McGee, Jr.; Jesse Edwards; Adrian E. Roitberg, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014

The protonation state of the catalytic aspartates of HIV-1 protease (HIVPR) is atypical and as a result is the subject of much debate. Modeling of the correct protonation state of the aspartates is vital in computational drug design. Using pH replica-exchange molecular dynamics, we simulated the ...


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