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Colorimetric Detection of Influenza A Virus Using Antibody-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles

15-Apr-2015 | Liu Yuanjian; Lin-Qun Zhang; Wei Wei; Hongyu Zhao; Zhenxian Zhou; Zhang Yuanjian; Songqin Liu, Analyst, 2015

Early and accurate diagnosis is considered the key issues to prevent the further spread of viruses and facilitate influenza therapy. Herein, we report a colorimetric immunosensor for influenza A virus (IAV) based on gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) modified with monoclonal anti-hemagglutinin antibody ...


Structure of the paramyxovirus parainfluenza virus 5 nucleoprotein-RNA complex [Microbiology]

07-Apr-2015 | Maher Alayyoubi; George P. Leser; Christopher A. Kors; Robert A. Lamb, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

Parainfluenza virus 5 (PIV5) is a member of the Paramyxoviridae family of membrane-enveloped viruses with a negative-sense RNA genome that is packaged and protected by long filamentous nucleocapsid-helix structures (RNPs). These RNPs, consisting of ∼2,600 protomers of nucleocapsid (N) protein, ...


Analysis of the Contrasting Pathogenicities Induced by the D222G Mutation in 1918 and 2009 Pandemic Influenza A Viruses

06-Apr-2015 | Cheng Shang; Chris S. Whittleston; Kyle H. Sutherland-Cash; David J. Wales, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2015

In 2009, the D222G mutation in the hemagglutinin (HA) glycoprotein of pandemic H1N1 influenza A virus was found to correlate with fatal and severe human infections. Previous static structural analysis suggested that, unlike the H1N1 viruses prevalent in 1918, the mutation did not compromise ...


A sensitive electrochemical biosensor for specific DNA sequence detection based on flower-like VS2, graphene and Au nanoparticles signal amplification

05-Apr-2015 | Author(s): Lin-Xia Fang , Jun-Tao Cao , Ke-Jing Huang, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: 1 June 2015 Source:Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 746 Author(s): Lin-Xia Fang , Jun-Tao Cao , Ke-Jing Huang Flower-like VS2 was prepared by a simple one-step hydrothermal strategy. A highly sensitive and label-free electrochemical aptasensor was ...


Bis(benzoyloxybenzyl)‐DiPPro Nucleoside Diphosphates of Anti‐HIV Active Nucleoside Analogues

02-Apr-2015 | Lina Weinschenk, Tristan Gollnest, Dominique Schols, Jan Balzarini, Chris Meier, ChemMedChem, 2015

Abstract Nucleoside analogues are extensively used as antiviral and anticancer agents. Their efficiency is dependent on their metabolism into the ultimately active nucleoside triphosphates. Often one step or even more in the metabolism of the nucleoside to the triphosphate is inefficient. To ...


Mechanisms of Virus Assembly

01-Apr-2015 | Jason D. Perlmutter; Michael F. Hagan, Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, 2015

Viruses are nanoscale entities containing a nucleic acid genome encased in a protein shell called a capsid and in some cases are surrounded by a lipid bilayer membrane. This review summarizes the physics that govern the processes by which capsids assemble within their host cells and in vitro. We ...


CFTR and sphingolipids mediate hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction [Medical Sciences]

31-Mar-2015 | Christoph Tabeling; Hanpo Yu; Liming Wang; Hannes Ranke; Neil M. Goldenberg; Diana Zabini; Elena Noe; Adrienn Krausz ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV) optimizes pulmonary ventilation-perfusion matching in regional hypoxia, but promotes pulmonary hypertension in global hypoxia. Ventilation-perfusion mismatch is a major cause of hypoxemia in cystic fibrosis. We hypothesized that cystic fibrosis ...


Prevention of early HIV transmissions might be more important in emerging or generalizing epidemics [Biological Sciences]

31-Mar-2015 | Tetyana I. Vasylyeva; Samuel R. Friedman; Gkikas Magiorkinis, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

Early HIV infection accounts for up to 50% of transmission events in diverse epidemics, including those among men who have sex with men, heterosexuals, and injection drug users (IDUs). Early antiretroviral treatment initiation stops disease progression and prevents onward transmissions. Eaton and ...


Behavior of Nanoparticles in Extended Nanospace Measured by Evanescent Wave-Based Particle Velocimetry

30-Mar-2015 | Yutaka Kazoe; Kazuma Mawatari; Takehiko Kitamori, Analytical Chemistry, 2015

The transport and behavior of nanoparticles, viruses, and biomacromolecules in 10–1000 nm confined spaces (hereafter “extended nanospaces”) are important for novel analytical devices based on nanofluidics. This study investigated the concentration and diffusion of 64 nm nanoparticles in a ...


Impact of Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence on CD4+ and CD8+ T Cell Decay in HIV Infected Women: Longitudinal Study

27-Mar-2015 | Rachel Jewkes et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Rachel Jewkes, Kristin Dunkle, Nwabisa Jama-Shai, Glenda Gray Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a risk factor for HIV acquisition in many settings, but little is known about its impact on cellular immunity especially in HIV infected women, and if any impact differs according to the form of ...


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