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Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 7048-7058: Effect of Isomorphous Substitution on the Thermal Decomposition Mechanism of Hydrotalcites

17-10-2014 | Crosby, Sergio ; Tran, Doanh ; Cocke, David ; Duraia, El-Shazly M.; Beall, Gary W., Materials, 2014

Hydrotalcites have many important applications in catalysis, wastewater treatment, gene delivery and polymer stabilization, all depending on preparation history and treatment scenarios. In catalysis and polymer stabilization, thermal decomposition is of great importance. Hydrotalcites form easily ...


The use of a combined respirometric – titrimetric setup to assess the effect of environmental conditions on micro – algal growth rate

16-10-2014 | Bjorge Decostere, Stijn W.H. Van Hulle, Mathieu Duyck, Thomas Maere, Han Vervaeren, Ingmar Nopens, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2014

Abstract Background Due to their complexity a lot of research is performed on micro‐algal systems for wastewater treatment. In this work a previously developed combined respirometric – titrimetric approach was used for the determination of micro ‐ algal kinetics. A Plackett‐ Burman design ...


Photoactive TiO2–montmorillonite composite for degradation of organic dyes in water

12-10-2014 | Author(s): R. Djellabi , M.F. Ghorab , G. Cerrato , S. Morandi , S. Gatto , V. Oldani , A. Di Michele , C.L. ..., Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2014

Publication date: 1 December 2014 Source:Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Volume 295 Author(s): R. Djellabi , M.F. Ghorab , G. Cerrato , S. Morandi , S. Gatto , V. Oldani , A. Di Michele , C.L. Bianchi TiO2–montmorillonite composite (TiO2–M) was prepared by ...


Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) Membranes for Fluid Separation

12-10-2014 | Author(s): Jing Ji , Fu Liu , N. Awanis Hashim , M.R. Moghareh Abed , Kang Li, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2014

Publication date: Available online 5 October 2014 Source:Reactive and Functional Polymers Author(s): Jing Ji , Fu Liu , N. Awanis Hashim , M.R. Moghareh Abed , Kang Li The importance of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) as a membrane material has long been recognised in many membrane ...


Decision Support for Redesigning Wastewater Treatment Technologies

08-10-2014 | Jennifer R. McConville; Rahel Künzle; Ulrike Messmer; Kai M. Udert; Tove A. Larsen, Environmental Science & Technology, 2014

This paper offers a methodology for structuring the design space for innovative process engineering technology development. The methodology is exemplified in the evaluation of a wide variety of treatment technologies for source-separated domestic wastewater within the scope of the Reinvent the ...


Complete Survey of German Sewage Sludge Ash

08-10-2014 | Oliver Krüger; Angela Grabner; Christian Adam, Environmental Science & Technology, 2014

The amount of sewage sludge produced worldwide is expected to further increase due to rising efforts in wastewater treatment. There is a growing concern against its direct use as fertilizer due to contamination of the sludge with heavy metals and organic pollutants. Incinerating the sludge ...


Microplastic is an Abundant and Distinct Microbial Habitat in an Urban River

06-10-2014 | Amanda McCormick; Timothy J. Hoellein; Sherri A. Mason; Joseph Schluep; John J. Kelly, Environmental Science & Technology, 2014

Recent research has documented microplastic particles (< 5 mm in diameter) in ocean habitats worldwide and in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Microplastic interacts with biota, including microorganisms, in these habitats, raising concerns about its ecological effects. Rivers may transport ...


Advancements in waste water characterization through NMR spectroscopy: review

03-10-2014 | Elenilson G. Alves Filho, Lorena M. Alexandre e Silva, Antonio G. Ferreira, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 2014

There are numerous organic pollutants that lead to several types of ecosystem damage and threaten human health. Wastewater treatment plants are responsible for the removal of natural and anthropogenic pollutants from the sewage, and because of this function, they play an important role in the ...


Adsorption of Colloidal Platinum Nanoparticles to Supports: Charge Transfer and Effects of Electrostatic and Steric Interactions

01-10-2014 | Galina Marzun; Carmen Streich; Sandra Jendrzej; Stephan Barcikowski; Philipp Wagener, Langmuir, 2014

Adsorption of colloidal nanoparticles to surfaces and supports is a convenient approach to heterogeneous catalysts, polymer additives, or wastewater treatment. We investigated the adsorption efficiency of laser-generated and initially ligand-free platinum nanoparticles to TiO2 supports as a ...


Fabrication of a low‐cost nano‐SiO2/PVC composite ultrafiltration membrane and its antifouling performance

02-08-2014 | Zhenjiang Yu, Xuyang Liu, Fangbo Zhao, Xiaoyang Liang, Yu Tian, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT A novel low‐cost SiO2/Polyvinylchloride (PVC) membrane with different nano‐SiO2 particles loading (0–4 wt %) was prepared by the phase‐inversion process. The optimum nano‐SiO2 dosage was determined as 1.5 wt % based on the casting solution compositions, the membranes' mechanical ...


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