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Activity coefficients in deep eutectic solvents: implications for the solvent extraction of metals

24-Jan-2018 | Mark R. St J. Foreman; Stellan Holgersson; Conor McPhee; Mikhail S. Tyumentsev, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

An understanding of the effects of the water content on the solvent extraction of metals from the deep eutetic formed from choline chloride and lactic acid has been obtained. This change can be rationalised as being due to a change in the activity coefficient of chloride in the deep eutetic.


Bio-inspired unprecedented synthesis of reduced graphene oxide: a catalytic probe for electro-/chemical reduction of nitro groups in an aqueous medium

23-Jan-2018 | Suhasini Mahata; Anjumala Sahu; Prashant Shukla; Ankita Rai; Manorama Singh; Vijai K. Rai, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

The first green reduction of graphene oxide (GO) using cashew leaf extract as biorenewable reducing agents containing water soluble tannins and gallic acid is reported herein. The synthesized rGO has been well characterized by TEM, SEM, XRD, FTIR, Raman, UV-vis spectroscopy, and cyclic ...


One-Step Synthesis of Superhydrophobic Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework F-ZIF-90 for Efficient Removal of Oil

23-Jan-2018 | Chuanyao Liu; Aisheng Huang, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

One-step synthesis strategy is developed to prepare a novel superhydrophobic zeolitic imidazolate framework F-ZIF-90 by using a fluorine-functionalized imidazolate as organic linker. The F-ZIF-90 shows high water-stable and superhydrophobic, thus is very promising for oil removal. Through in-situ ...


Reaction-based fluorescent probe for the selective and sensitive detection of thiophenols with a large Stokes shift and its application in water samples

23-Jan-2018 | Mengzhao Zhang; Taohua Leng; Yongjia Shen; Chengyun Wang, Analyst, 2018

Although widely used in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, thiophenol has brought about a series of ecological problems due to its high toxicity. Therefore, the development of efficient methods to discriminate thiophenols from aliphatic thiols is of great importance. In this ...


Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction by a cobalt bis(pyridylmonoimine) complex: effect of acid concentration on catalyst activity and stability

23-Jan-2018 | Weixuan Nie; Charles McCrory, Chemical Communication, 2018

A Co complex with a redox-active bis(pyridylmonoimine) ligand has been prepared and shows catalytic activity for electrochemical CO2 reduction in acetonitrile. Addition of a proton source such as water or trifluoroethanol dramatically improves the activity and stability of the molecular catalyst. ...


New Insights into the Plasmonic Enhancement for Photocatalytic H2 Production by Cu-TiO2 upon Visible Light Illumination

23-Jan-2018 | Jinlin Nie; Antonio Otavio Patrocinio; Saher Hamid; Fabian Sieland; Joachim Sann; Shuwei Xia; Detlef Bahnemann W. De ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

Cu nanoparticles were deposited on the surface of commercial TiO2 nanoparticles (Cu-TiO2) by different methods aiming at the production of highly efficient visible light photocatalysts. Photocatalytic H2 evolution rates obtained from methanol/water mixtures revealed no significant influence of ...


Trends in adsorption of electrocatalytic water splitting intermediates on cubic ABO3 oxides

23-Jan-2018 | Joseph H. Montoya; Andrew D. Doyle; Jens K. Nørskov; Aleksandra Vojvodic, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The reactivity of solid oxide surfaces towards adsorption of oxygen and hydrogen is a key metric for the design of new catalysts for electrochemical water splitting. In this paper, we report on trends in the adsorption energy of different adsorbed intermediates derived from the oxidation and ...


Truncated concave octahedral Cu2O nanocrystals with {hkk} high-index facets for enhanced activity and stability in heterogeneous catalytic azide-alkyne cycloaddition

23-Jan-2018 | Zelun Zhao; Xue Wang; Jiaqi Si; Chengtao yue; Chungu Xia; Fuwei Li, Green Chemistry, 2018

We report a facile synthesis of Cu2O truncated concave octahedral nanocrystals mainly with {511} high-index facets in a system of oil in water emulsion. In azide-alkyne cycloaddition with water as a green solvent, Cu2O truncated concave octahedra showed greatly enhanced activity with turnover ...


Towards understanding the behavior of polyelectrolyte–surfactant mixtures at the water/vapor interface closer to technologically-relevant conditions

23-Jan-2018 | Sara Llamas; Laura Fernández-Peña; Andrew Akanno; Eduardo Guzmán; Víctor Ortega; Francisco Orteg ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

Polyelectrolyte–surfactant mixtures and their interactions with fluid interfaces are an important research field due to their use in technological applications. Most of the existing knowledge on these systems is based on models in which the polyelectrolyte concentration is around 50 times lower ...


Aquatic photochemistry of sulfamethazine: Multivariate effects of main water constituents and mechanisms

23-Jan-2018 | Yingjie Li; Xiangliang Liu; Biaojun Zhang; Qun Zhao; Ping Ning; Senlin Tian, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2018

Ubiquity of sulfonamides (SAs) in natural waters urges insights into their environmental fate for ecological risk assessment. Extensive studies focused on the effect of univariate water constituents on the photochemical fate of SAs, yet the multivariate effects of water constituents in ...


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