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  • Up to EUR 20 million for catalysis research

    Süd-Chemie AG and Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) have formed a strategic alliance for catalysis research. In addition to basic research in the field of catalysis, a major aspect of this co-operation will be the development of innovative catalysts as a key technology to safeguard the rising g more

  • LANXESS: Megatrend mobility drives strong earnings momentum in Q3

    LANXESS achieved a strong set of results in the third quarter of 2010 due to strong demand for its synthetic rubber and high-tech plastics. As a result, the specialty chemicals group has lifted for the second time this year its earnings forecast for 2010. It now expects EBITDA pre exceptionals of ro more

  • Empa researchers clarify reaction pathway to fabricate graphene-like materials

    Graphene is a promising material for tomorrow’s nanoelectronics devices. Precise and upscaleable methods to fabricate graphene and derived materials with desired electronic properties are however still searched after. To overcome the current limitations, Empa researchers have fabricated graphene-lik more

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  • Battling Corrosion in Refineries

    Corrosion in refinery operations has been, and still is, the subject of many studies, papers, courses and web forums. Although a lot of what has been written shows that significant progress in understanding corrosion has been made, it also makes it more

  • Compressor Oils for the Chemical Industry

    The chemical industry relies on very special processing to manufacture many of its products and often times include the use of compressors to achieve the special process conditions required. The selection of a lubricant is not always as easy as relyi more

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Molecular replacement

Molecular replacement Molecular replacement (or MR) is a method of solving the phase problem in X-ray crystallography . MR relies upon the existence of a previously solved protein structure which is homologous (similar) to our unknown structure ... more


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