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Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Germany

Leading global manufacturer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. Analytical instruments and automated chemistry systems are mainly used in laboratory, quality control and r&d processes. Main industries are chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and f more

Ohaus Europe GmbH, Switzerland

OHAUS has been on the market for over a hundred years. The company manufactures an extensive line of high-precision electronic and mechanical balances and scales that meet the weighing needs of virtually every industry. We are a global leader in the laboratory, industrial, and education channels as more

Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Switzerland


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Next Generation of Precision Portable Balances

Simplified operation, versatile connectivity options, superior performance and slim design make new Scout® the best portable weighing experience to date more

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Next Generation of Precision Portable Balances

Efficient Navigation with Touchscreen Informative color touchscreen display on Scout STX allows for effortless operation of the balance through its icon driven menu structure which guides the user through every step of the weighing application. Overload Protection and Stackable Storage Integrated su more

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12-08 – 17-08
Newry, US

Ionic Liquids

Ionic liquids have been known for over a century, but they spent much of that time in relative scientific obscurity. Yet, beginning around 1998 interest in these unorthodox salts exploded, and in the intervening period some 85,000 papers have been published on the topic – a truly remarkable, near-un

12-08 – 17-08
New London, US

Membranes: Materials and Processes

Membrane processes have become ubiquitous in process industries, water and wastewater purification, and even in daily life. The science and engineering relevant to membrane processes span length scales from the molecular scale (angstroms to nm) to the module scale (meters) and further to large acre-


Energetic Material Process Development

The numerous challenges associated with scaling-up chemical processes are compounded when the materials manufactured are explosives. Chemical processing incidents are unacceptable and the community continues to develop best practices for mitigating risk associated with scale-up. The risk may be redu

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Comparison of temperature scales

Comparison of temperature scales ¹ Normal human body temperature is 36.8 °C ±0.7 °C, or 98.2 °F ±1.3 °F. The commonly given value 98.6 °F is simply the exact conversion of the nineteenth-century German standard of 37&n ... more


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