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CAMAG Chemieerzeugnisse & Adsorptionstechnik AG, Switzerland

CAMAG has a tradition of support for Thin-Layer Chromatography since 1961. We develop and manufacture simple as well as sophisticated instruments and associated software for all steps of TLC: -Sample Application -Chromatogram Development -Derivatization -Evaluation -Documentation We provide com more

LECO Instrumente GmbH, Germany

Since more than 80 year customers trust in analytical solutions produced by LECO. We deliver perfect solutions for a huge variety of markets. Minerals and metals, agriculture, food, environmental analysis energy and Life science (pharmaceutical samples, metabolomics, forensic, fragrances and more) more

CHEMIE.DE Information Service GmbH, Germany

From research to business and from family-owned enterprises to big industry, CHEMIE.DE brings together the world of chemistry, life science and analytics - and has become synonymous with finding industry and product information fast and efficiently. The Berlin-based company provides high-quality, in more

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Rely on the Worldwide Largest ATR-FTIR and Raman Spectra Collection for the Identification of Your Samples

Improve your results by choosing from over 120 different spectral libraries with overall more than 15.2700 for the successful identification and classification of your unknown substances more

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Merck Millipore Introduces Unique Lab Water E-Solution: Millitrack® Compliance

This unique fully-embedded water purification system software has been developed especially for the pharmaceutical, biotech and contract labs more

Fast Development of Quantitative and Qualitative Models with SL Chemometric Software

The individual software modules support the workflow-oriented process, from data acquisition and management to model development and routine operation more

P&ID Software with Extensive Functionality for a Special Price

Intelligent P&ID software with extensive functionality is now available for a special price incl. Maintenance and eLearning. Test it free of charge now! more

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  • Merck Acquires Grzybowski Scientific Inventions to Expand Chemical Synthesis Offering

    Merck announced the acquisition of Grzybowski Scientific Inventions (GSI), a company that developed the computer-aided retro-synthesis tool, Chematica. Chematica uses advanced reaction rules and proprietary algorithms to identify synthesis pathways that meet user-defined constraints. Financial detai more

  • Method for designing fusion experiments improved

    "Measure twice, cut once" is an old carpenter's proverb--a reminder that careful planning can save time and materials in the long run. The concept also applies to the design of stellarators, which are complex nuclear fusion experiments meant to explore fusion's potential as an energy source. Stellar more

  • labfolder signs agreement with Max Planck Society

    labfolder GmbH and the Max Planck Society announced a licensing agreement to provide up to 11,000 Max Planck scientists with labfolder's laboratory data management digital platform. This is the first time that a tool for digital laboratory data management is being provided across an entire research more

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Looking for chromatography software? Try Clarity! We offer a free demonstration version

Clarity is more than just usual chromatography software. It enables to control more than 500 different instruments from one environment and this makes Clarity one of the most flexible chromatography software. Clarity solution is modular; users can configure Clarity to fit their needs. Clarity can gr more

HPTLC made easy with visionCATS

visionCATS, the next-generation software for qualitative and quantitative HPTLC, comes up with an intuitive user interface and broad range of useful features, that make analysts’ life easier. The software puts the user in complete control of the entire HPTLC process and guides through all process st more

One Software Solution for GC, LC, IC and MS – Chromeleon 7.2 CDS Chromatography Data System

Have you ever wondered why you need to use two different software packages for instruments that sit on the same bench in the same lab and the only difference is that one has a mass spectrometer (MS) for detection? Our customers told us that there is a big need to unify chromatography and MS software more

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22-08 – 25-08
Mississauga, CA

Empower 2/3 Software Enterprise System Administration

This four-day course provides attendees with the basic knowledge to administer Empower in an Enterprise or Workgroup environment. The class accommodates those with either Information Technology or laboratory experience. The class format is a combination of lecture, hands-on practical application and

Pleasanton, US

Empower 3 Software Advanced Topics: Custom Fields and Reports

In this intensive one-day course, you will use the custom fields and report publisher features of the Empower chromatography software. The emphasis is on adding custom sample descriptions, creating custom calculations and reporting chromatographic data and instrument parameters. This instructor led

Pleasanton, US

Reviewing Data Electronically with Empower 3 Software

In this course you will investigate data, view changes and view audit trail information to examine the record of final results. It is important to view the electronic record of the data generated by the analyst rather than referring to printed documents. Although viewing the final results is easily

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  • Isabelle Schrepfer

    Isabelle Schrepfer, born in 1986, graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (the ETH) with a Bachelors degree in biology. She continued her studies here and obtained a Masters in neuroscience. Schrepfer was then employed as a researcher by the Institut für Hirnforschung (bra more

  • Fraser McLeod

    Fraser McLeod studied chemistry at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, where he graduated with an MSc in Analytical Chemistry. He subsequently worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years, primarily in analytical development, before he became a software solutions consultant for t more

  • Mark Hovde

    Mark Hovde is Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Business Development for Certara. Certara focuses on reducing the barriers between the phases of research to speed discoveries in chemistry and enables pharma­ceutical and biotechnology companies to achieve significant and enduring impro more


Ingo software

Ingo software Ingo is an open-source PHP -based mail filter frontend. Ingo is a component of the Horde project. Related article * Horde * IMP External links * Ingo website more


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