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ENMOhydro - dynamic continuously control of automated water quality measuring nets

Software system for water quality monitoring

ENMOhydro is the software system for the control of automated water quality measuring nets. The modularly developed, 100% web-based multi-tier system continuously collects  the data records and status messages of the devices installed in the respective measuring stations and conveys these via internet (DSL/UMTS) to a oracle data base in the measuring net center.

In case of conspicuous water conditions ENMOhydro immediately informs the responsible editors  by mail/SMS - the workflow for the analysis of automatically obtained alarm samples from the measuring stations can start.

The modern, intuitive interface of the ENMOhydro Clients offers the uswer various options for data evaluation, - export and - representation. With a few clicks all relevant data in any combination is available at a glance. Free zoom shot stages, the synchronous announcement of diagrams and tables, sliding average values and many other features simplify the automatic water monitoring and open new possibilities at the same time.

Furthermore, ENMOhydro supports you during quality assurance and reflects necessary workflows for it – it simplifies an accreditation substantially.

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