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HPTLC made easy with visionCATS

visionCATS - next generation software for qualitative and quantitative HPTLC analysis

visionCATS guides the user through all steps of the chromatographic processes

Image Comparison Viewer

Calibration function - polynomial regression via peak height

Data view of an analysis

Method Library: Each method file includes a method document, a ready for execution instrument file and an image comparison file

visionCATS, the next-generation software for qualitative and quantitative HPTLC, comes up with an intuitive user interface and broad range of useful features, that make analysts’ life easier. The software puts the user in complete control of the entire HPTLC process and guides through all process steps. Even unexperienced users can easily perform HPTLC analysis with visionCATS. Thanks to the modern software architecture, a sample-oriented approach is achieved which enables quick and easy search for relevant samples based on a unique sample-ID.

For analysts using HPTLC for identification of plants visionCATS offers breakthrough support with a Method Library for seamless import of validated methods and images of standards and botanical reference materials. Licensed users can download library files and import them into their own database.

Based on a client-server system, visionCATS offers enormous flexibility to the number of instruments and users that are working together and enables access to the same data for all members of a work group. In the simplest case of a small laboratory, client and server as well as all available instruments are connected to the same workstation. In larger organizations instruments in different laboratories can be networked to the same server so that users in different locations can work with the software through multiple clients.

The heart of the software is a powerful database, allowing the retrieval of all data associated with each individual sample based on the sample ID while samples are still analyzed in the context of a plate.

When powering the CAMAG TLC Visualizer, visionCATS supports low noise, high dynamic range imaging. The unprecedented Image Comparison Viewer allows for comparison of tracks originating from different plates and different detection modes on the same screen side by side. Samples can be rearranged and compared to reference substances or samples, independent of their plate origin. Thus “artificial” plates can be generated that include dozens of tracks. The comprehensive set of Image Enhancement Tools exploits the TLC Visualizer’s full potential. Sophisticated algorithms ensure highest imaging performance for identification of even the weakest zones.

With the CAMAG TLC Scanner, visionCATS 2.0 allows for quantitative evaluation of each individual substance on a plate. For the determination of substance concentration in a sample, five different regression functions are available. Several scanning steps and up to five evaluations can be performed in multiple plate states. Each scanning step may contain a single wavelength scan, a scan at multiple wavelengths with up to 31 selected wavelengths or a combination of measurements in absorption and fluorescence detection mode.

visionCATS is a server-based application to control, perform and document HPTLC analysis in a multi-user lab network and supports compliance with cGMP - and FDA 21 CFR part 11.

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