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Efficient quality management for the contract or production laboratory

Measurement-value logging, limit-value monitoring, quality control charts, reporting system

Tidy interface, intuitive operation: job list with all backlogged laboratory activities.

A wizard guides the laboratory staff step by step through the sample receipt.

When entering the measured values the defined limits are checked automatically; infringements are notified immediately.

The compliance with defined limits can be displayed in quality control charts, for example for online monitoring during the production.

Integrated reporting system for reports, certificates, dockets etc.

pdv-lims 3 is a laboratory information management system which supports the processes in contract and production laboratories.

The user interface of pdv-lims 3 is divided clearly into two main areas: the laboratory section for all laboratory processes, means sample receipt, processing, commenting, deallocation and output, and also the management section for completed orders and samples as well as for the administration of users, master data, devices and limit values.

The basis of any investigation for contract laboratories is the definition of a contract. Based on the order it is defined which analysis are to be executed and which parameters are to be determined by the investigation. An order may include several samples; also supplement samples can be added subsequently. The standard scope of analysis for production laboratories can be predefined on the material.

The measurement results are gathered by structured analysis manually or taken directly from connected analyzers. Via self-defined formulas further measured values can be calculated. For each sample, repeated measurements can be performed with different scope of analysis. Activity-related documents can be attached to measurements, centrally stored in the database or stored as reference and executed as audit-proof.

pdv-lims 3 contains a module for displaying values in the form of quality control charts, for example, for online production monitoring on the basis of the data obtained in the laboratory. By selectable time periods trends can be visualized and measurement outliers be evaluated in the laboratory or in production.

Based on stored templates multilingual reports, certificates, dockets etc. can be created from the system optionally in PDF or Excel file format. The reporting system supports functions for grouping, summarization and statistical analysis of data.

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