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Kaunas University of Technology

K.Donelaicio g. 73
44029 Kaunas

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Future society will be surely knowledge-based, therefore, we assume that the success of Lithuania’s integration into the global political and economic structures will depend on the educational level of our citizens. Globalization and technological revolution has considerably influenced the nature of studies and research carried out at the University. The principle “to complete studies for the rest of the life” is being gradually substituted by the principle “life-long learning”. The research appears to be a mandatory constituent in the process of studies, as we have an aspiration to maintain the University, educating professionals to be working and making decisions in the new settings. We are proud that Kaunas University of Technology, the largest technological University in the Baltic States, meets all those requirements and challenges. The University shares the best traditions of classical Universities, offering almost all fields of technological studies and research. The Social and Physical Sciences are being particularly emphasized at the University, as a modern University graduate is expected to bear much more beyond the knowledge of his profession. Meanwhile the studies and research in the fields of Humanities and Biomedicine, as well as in the interdisciplinary fields, have recently been very successfully launched. New study programmes in Mechatronics, Sport Engineering, Musical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering appeared to be very popular among the students. The role of the University in the development of the industry and economy of Lithuania has an immense, or even crucial, importance. We are well-known in the world for our research achievements in the fields of Ultrasound, Organic Chemistry, Environmental Protection, Mechatronics, System Dynamics, Biomedical Engineering, and Educology. We carry out successfully the international projects and contracts in cooperation with foreign companies as well as enjoy close links with entities of the Lithuanian industry. We have left far behind other institutions of higher education in terms of both a number and a budget of the contracts to be carried out in cooperation with Lithuanian companies. The University takes its roots in 1920, since that outstanding date nearly 100 000 graduates, and President of the Republic of Lithuania, Prime Minister, Ministers and Members of the Parliament among them, graduated from it. We are proud that many leaders and top managers of Lithuanian business companies happened to be our graduates. They have contributed to the development of the Lithuanian economy, which is now recognized as one of the most successfully developing economies in comparison with those of the Eastern and Central European countries. I do believe that such skills of our graduates as high professional competence, entrepreneurship and creativity will be the major factors facilitating the graduates’ adaptation in the European Union, where Lithuania will become an equal partner among the other countries.

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