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Altai State University

Russian Federation
+73852 667584
+73852 667626

Short description

Our University is the first institution of classical education in Altai. It has rich traditions, fame and high intellectual potential. We are very grateful to the people who made their contribution to the creation and development of our alma mater, who supported the university, and helped it become one of the leading universities in Siberia, and be among the best universities in the country. We involve our students in the development of our university. We try to be creative in implementing the ideas based by its founders. Our aim is to raise highly educated and thoughtful people, to help them open up, to reveal the most of their abilities. The university is not only a place for learning and research, it provides an opportunity for self-realization in art studios, ensembles and interest groups, development of leadership and an active life stance in public organizations, and sports. I sincerely believe that studying at our university gives you an opportunity to take a respectable place in society, to achieve the highest results in your professional activities. Student years will become the most memorable in your life. I am pleased to invite you to a nice community named the Altai State University!

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