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Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Universitätsstr. 1
40225 Duesseldorf

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The open structure of our university creates an excellent basis for knowledge transfer and cluster development: several Leibniz prize winners bear testament to this. Life sciences incorporating the interdisciplinary interaction of medicine and natural sciences are a core research area. There are six Collaborative Research Centres for outstanding achievement in biology, medicine and physi

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    Developing a nanoscale 'clutch'

    A model microscopic system to demonstrate the transmission of torque in the presence of thermal fluctuations - necessary for the creation of a tiny 'clutch' operating at the nanoscale - has been assembled at the University of Bristol as part of an international collaboration. When driving a ... more

    Enough Heat to Chill Out

    The search for sustainable ways of producing energy is currently a very popular and important topic of investigation. Water adsorption/desorption is a process that can be used for the transformation of energy. Porous solids enable larger amounts of adsorption/desorption, as they provide a g ... more

    Clariant and Jülich Fine Chemicals Lead Consortium to Investigate Broader Use of Oxynitrilases

    As part of its program "Sustainable Bio-production," Germany's Federal Ministry of Education & Research has awarded a consortium a grant to study the feasibility of oxynitrilase technologies as a more efficient method to manufacture chiral building block chemicals currently required by the ... more

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