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Sheffield Hallam University

Howard Street
S1 1WB Sheffield
United Kingdom
+44 114 225 5555
+44 114 225 4449

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Sheffield Hallam is one of the UK's largest universities with around 36,000 students and more than 4,100 staff. Around 27,000 are undergraduate students and 8,500 are postgraduate. The University has around 4,000 international students from 120 countries and in the International Student Barometer survey was voted 1st for the quality of our laboratories, our virtual learning environment, and support for students with finance. Sheffield Hallam runs approximately 580 different courses, and is England's largest provider of courses involving work placements. The University has 16 research centres and institutes, undertaking a range of world leading innovative research projects. The University's total research and knowledge transfer income in 2010/11 was £13,313,000.

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    New test detects drug use from a single fingerprint

    Led by the University of Surrey, a team of researchers from the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NL), the National Physical Laboratory (UK), King’s College London (UK) and Sheffield Hallam University (UK), used different types of an analytical chemistry technique known as mass spectrometry t ... more

    How to tell the sex of a criminal from a fingerprint

    Scientists in the UK claim to be able to determine the sex of a person from their fingerprints, by profiling peptides and small proteins in latent fingerprints. The team have used matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation mass spectrometry and multivariate modelling to detect peptides and ... more

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