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Asociación Interamericana de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambienta (AIDIS)

Rua Nicolau Gagliardi, 354
05429-010 São Paulo, SP

Short description

AIDIS - Interamerican Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Association is a non-profitable scientific civil society. It holds the main student and professional institutions of the Americas that are dedicated to environmental, sanitary and health preservation. It was founded on April 14th 1948, and represented an important mark for the sector. AIDIS was founded 7 days after World Health Organization (WHO) foundation. Since then, it has kept close collaboration with this entity, which guarantees recognition and representation at executives assemblies and committees at WHO and Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO). The association reaches 32 countries in the American continent and the Caribbean. It currently has 10 thousand associates in its 24 national sections. The coordination of these activities has place in through 20 technical divisions.

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