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Safe Extraction and Disposal of hazardous Fluids - in Laboratories and Production Facilities

Laboratory, Solvent, Safety

S.C.A.T. Europe Safety Solutions

Extraction Systems - SafetyCaps

Waste Systems – SafetyWasteCaps

Safety Funnels, Containers

Level Control

When working daily with hazardous fluids, your laboratory should be safe and trouble-free.

With more than 20 years of experience, SCAT Europe offers the most entire range of safety systems for safe conducting and disposal of solvents and other precarious substances.

With the new Ready-to-Run Sets for extraction and disposal, it will no longer be necessary to look for cap diameters and ISO codes to fit your caps to the containers. Automatic Level Controlling Systems and Disposal Devices complete this most extensive system of fluid management solutions.
New in this catalogue issue:

  • Ready-to-Run-Sets including Safety Caps and containers
  • New systems for automatic level controlling
  • Safety Caps for almost every container size available
  • Air valves and exhaust filters for preparative applications
  • Retention ponds and containers for larger volumes

For further information request the printed catalog now or download our pdf catalog.

We are happy to answer your questions by phone at +49 (0)6105 / 40 796 95

  • withdrawal systems
  • solvent extraction systems
  • extraction systems
  • fluid disposal
  • disposal stations
  • disposal systems
  • liquid disposal systems
  • fluid aspiration systems
  • liquid aspiration
  • aspiration systems
  • liquid handling
  • liquid handling systems
  • level controllers
  • level measurement
  • level sensors
  • laboratory safety
  • ventilation valves
  • ventilation filters
  • exhaust filters
  • exhaust air cleaning
  • retention basins
  • retention containers
  • safety caps
  • safety funnels
  • HPLC accessories
  • hose connections
  • hose connectors
  • thread adapters
  • adapters
  • jerry cans
  • disposal canisters
  • canisters
  • laboratory bottles
  • plastic bottles
  • bottles
  • wide neck bottles
  • decanters
  • CPC couplings
  • grounding cables
  • grounding systems
  • hoses
  • capillaries
  • aspiration filters
  • aspiration
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