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Environmental Pesticide Standards and Certified Reference Materials

For Accurate Results. Every Time.

When carrying out your pesticide analysis, trusted standards are critical for accurate results. Our range of TraceCERT® and PESTANAL® standards offer more than 1300 high purity pesticides and their metabolites for food, environmental, toxicology, and forensic analyses. Depending on your needs, our proven standards are available neat, or as single or multicomponent certified solutions.

In ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs, where it is mandatory to show traceability of all results, discover our range of certified reference materials for calibration.

Certified reference materials (CRMs) are an essential part of quality assurance. Laboratories accredited according to ISO 17025 need to use CRMs on a regular basis to prove their quality. For organic compounds, only a very limited number of CRMs from metrological institutes are available; therefore, the big challenge is traceability. One option is to use a relative primary method, such as qNMR.

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