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Mobile Gas Chromatograph Catalogue

Gas Chromatographs from SRI Instruments Europe GmbH

SRI Instruments Inc. is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of mobile gas chromatographs.

SRI Instruments Europe GmbH is the European master distributor based in Bad Honnef, Germany. We carry out all the necessary modifications to meet our customers' application requirements.

Working closely with scientists at many universities we are always expanding our range of hardware options for our gas chromatographs.

Each gas chromatograph can be built to the specification required for each customer's application.

The catalog gives an overview of the available Gas Chromatographs

Educational Gas Chromatographs

  • Educational FID and TCD GC’s

Preconfigured Gas Chromatographs

  • Greenhouse Gaschromatograph
  • Sulfur Analyser
  • Multiple Gas Analyser#1
  • Multiple Gas Analyser#2
  • Multiple Gas Analyser#3
  • Biodiesel GC
  • TO-14 Air Monitoring GC
  • BTEX Gas Chromatograph
  • Mud Logging GC

and many more

For further information request the printed catalog now or download our pdf catalog.

More about SRI Instruments
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    SRI Instruments Europe GmbH

    Originally founded as Schambeck SFD GmbH in 1991, SRI Instruments Europe GmbH was expanded in 2008, and has functioned as the European master distributor of SRI Instruments. SRI Instruments Europe GmbH offers a wide range of Gas Chromatographs. Our educational line is very affordable from ... more

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