Kromasil Guide: Useful Facts and Applications from Analytical to Preparative Chromatography

From UHPLC to Process Chromatography under One Source including NP, RP, SFC and Chiral Applications

The Kromasil-Guide 2nd Edition is a resource for analysts, scientists, engineers and plant managers dealing with chromatography including NP, RP, SFC and chiral chromatography. This guide offers useful tips and tricks as well as fundamentals for scientists working on the separation and purification of samples within the pharmaceutical, natural products, food and beverage, clinical and industrial and environmental markets. The new guide covers a wide range of applications serving as examples for users dealing with, for example, small molecules, peptides and proteins.

The guide provides insights into the Kromasil product range, for both slurry packed UHPLC and HPLC columns as well as bulk material when packing preparative scale columns in pilot plants, kilo labs and manufacturing:

  • Kromasil Classic/ClassicShell: Platform for the first-in-class spherical and SolidCore silica stationary phases. Designed for the whole range from analytical through development to production scale in normal and reversed phase.
  • Kromasil Eternity/EternityShell: Platform based on Nouryon’s state-of-the-art grafting technology. Designed for reversed-phase separations in potentially harsh conditions.
  • Kromasil SFC: The platform specific for supercritical fluid chromatography applications. Designed for users focused on green technologies when developing more sustainable purification processes.
  • Kromasil Chiral: Platform based on Nouryon's in-house developed silica matrix coated with a functionalized amylose or cellulose selector. Designed for analytical and industrial chiral chromatography.

Users will benefit from having this resource to guide them in the analysis, development and manufacture of key compounds including pharmaceuticals; in the discovery of active ingredients and quality control of samples and in purification scenarios for impurity isolation, small scale campaigns, support of Phase I, II and III, and production under HPLC, SFC and SMB.

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