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  • Sometimes less is more

    The harder you pull, the quicker it goes. At least, that used to be the rule in mechanochemistry, a method that researchers apply to set chemical reactions in motion by means of mechanical forces. However, as chemists led by Professor Dominik Marx, Chair of Theoretical Chemistry at the Ruhr-Universi more

  • Bonds going for gold!

    Rai-Shung Liu and co-workers at the National Tsing-Hua University, in Hsinchu, have reported a gold-catalysed procedure for the oxidative cleavage of aryl-substituted alkynyl ethers using molecular oxygen. ‘This work serves the first example that a C-H, single and triple carbon-carbon bonds can be more

  • Weizmann Institute Scientists Develop a Unique Approach for Splitting Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen

    Weizmann Institute scientists have devised a unique new mechanism for the formation of hydrogen and oxygen from water, without the need for sacrificial chemical agents, through individual steps, using light. The design of efficient systems for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, driven by sun more

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Cleavage crystal

Cleavage crystal with prominent cleavage. Cleavage, in mineralogy , is the tendency of crystalline materials to split along definite planes, creating smooth surfaces, of which there are several named types: *Basal cleavage: cleavage parallel ... more


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