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Since they were teenagers, Dr. Marco Teiber and Dr. Dominik Urselmann, reaxon’s two founders, shared an enthusiasm for chemistry. A fully equipped laboratory in grandmother’s basement was the early foundation stone for a professional laboratory in their own company. Together they went on to study chemistry – in particular the field of preparative organic synthesis – at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, where they worked on method development and target molecule synthesis. During their doctoral studies, they often asked themselves why buying certain substances meant long delivery times and exorbitant prices. Their own concept emerged, which included innovative processes and methods, systems, and ideas which would facilitate a more cost-efficient, faster, and more environmentally friendly production method than before.

That was the moment reaxon was born. From then on the idea was showcased and first awards encouraged the founders to develop their processes to market maturity in the framework of an EXIST Business Start-up Grant. A friend, Clemens Pietza, was recruited to take care of the commercial side, who apart from the business acumen he had acquired during his international studies in Finland and the Netherlands also contributed his experience in the area of start-ups. The chemistry was perfect: The three-strong team not only emerged as the winner of the Rhineland Innovation Award but was also able to secure its financing up until 2017, so that reaxon can now concentrate entirely on expanding its product portfolio.

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