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4GENE is the developer and owner of a technology platform for the glucosylation of small molecules. Based on currently twelve patent applications (4 granted), the method for identifying glycosyltransferases and their biotechnological production and application is unique. We are currently supporting the glucosylation of alcohols, amines and thiols with our processes. We would be happy to examine other molecules on request.

To demonstrate the flexibility and efficiency of the technology platform, we have currently produced an available portfolio of around 50 glucosides for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial customers. Production up to the pilot scale in kg quantities takes place in-house, production on an industrial scale by contract manufacturers.

As a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich, 4GENE has been independent since 2017. You will find our business premises in Freising near Munich in the IZB start-up center. We carry out basic research there with five employees. Two other colleagues are responsible for process development in Stuttgart as part of a collaboration with the IBVT at the University of Stuttgart.

We make our technology available to anyone interested in the form of process licensing. Alternatively, we would also be happy to take on the production or research and development of your "house molecule" by order.

We look forward to getting in touch with you.


ACHEMA-Gründerpreis 2015

ACHEMA-Gründerpreis 2015

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