About 4Gene

4GENE develops and produces natural, biotechnologically engineered, activatable small molecules. Products are marketed as FLAVOR-ON-DEMAND to cosmetics and pharma and as SNIFF&SAVE® to industry customers worldwide.

Our innovative solutions for cosmetics, pharma and industry:

1 – the molecule becomes chemically inactive through glycosylation and can be reactivated when needed in cosmetic products

2 – the molecules of active pharmaceuticals are bonded to a glucose molecule; they have an antimicrobial effect and a much higher (up to 1000x) water solubility

3 – smoky odors can act as Early Alert Solution signaling the overheating of Li-Batteries, machines and cabling systems, preventing fire and saving investments

Facts about 4Gene
  • Founding: 2017
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Industry : Biotechnology

Product portfolio of 4Gene

Product portfolio

flavouring substances

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