Universität Potsdam


Modern, young, manageable - this is a brief description of the University of Potsdam. Beyond that, it is excellent in teaching. The University of Potsdam is a university at the interface between tradition and modernity. Dynamic, ambitious, grown and growing in an academic location that can compete with the most internationally renowned.

In the 26 years since its foundation, the University of Potsdam has achieved outstanding results in teaching and research and has earned itself a good position in national and international comparison. The fact that this has been achieved under consistently difficult economic conditions speaks for the extraordinary qualifications and motivation of our professors, academic staff and administration.

Now it is important to maintain and further expand the position we have achieved. We want to play a permanent role in the concert of the strong research universities in the German-speaking world and take top positions in our profile areas. Only in this way can we succeed in attracting the brightest minds to Brandenburg and offer them career prospects here.

We are convinced that the investments made in teaching and research today will pay off for Brandenburg in the near future. This is one of the reasons why we are committed to providing qualified training for the urgently needed skilled workers and ensuring that the latest scientific findings are quickly put into practice.

In this way, we are particularly concerned to win strong partners in politics, business and society. When we report here on our work and our goals, we not only want to inform, but also to arouse interest and point out points of contact so that our network for education, science and knowledge transfer gains in density and stability - for the benefit of Brandenburg.

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