Unity Scientific GmbH


Unity Scientific is a multinational, privately held corporation committed to delivering innovative analytical solutions and superior customer support. We are a leading global provider of near infrared (NIR) instrumentation, automated wet chemistry analyzers and sample preparation equipment, all designed for reliability, ease of use and maximum value.

Unity Scientific, formed by the merger of Westco Scientific Inc. and Unity Scientific, is a leading global provider of near infrared analysis instrumentation, automated wet chemistry analyzers and sample preparation apparatus all designed to make our customers’ analysis needs easier and more efficient.

Unity Scientific is one of several analytical instrument companies operating as part of KPM Analytics, a group of complimentary technology companies dedicated to providing customer focused, value driven solutions for quantitative and qualitative measurements. KPM Analytics is owned by Union Park Capital, a private equity firm solely focused on Industrial Technology companies.

Technologies include:

Near Infrared Analysis Discrete Chemistry Analysis Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA) Sample Preparation Compositional Analysis

Unity Scientific has assembled a group of people around the world with unparalleled Near Infrared (NIR) and Wet Chemistry expertise. Our global employees have an average of 20 years of experience working with near infrared analyzers and spectrometers, discrete and continuous flow analyzers at companies such as FOSS® and NIRSYSTEMS®, Perstorp Analytical, Bran+Luebbe®, Perten Instruments®, DICKEY-john®, Technicon, Tecator and SEAL Analytical.

Experience and expertise with near infrared analyzers and spectrometers are the cornerstones of Unity Scientific. Our knowledge of NIR technology and spectroscopy solutions and our experience with the markets we serve, allow us to provide the correct solution for every situation, without making promises that can’t be delivered. Our long history with NIR technology has allowed us to perfect the implementation process, allowing our customers to be up and running quickly for maximum return on investment. We partner with our customers to define their needs and then implement the best solution in a timely manner.

Unity has equal expertise with wet chemistry applications. Our technical staff has extensive experience with both discrete and continuous flow technologies. Our product offering is diverse and it allows Unity to offer the right solution for your particular analysis needs. Whether you need to analyze a handful of samples per day or hundreds – our staff can assess your situation and offer the best solution for the job.