3 Lab Automation Companies From Switzerland

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PromoChrom - Presto New

PromoChrom - Presto by PromoChrom Technologies

New SPE system with 8 channels: Ultimate efficiency in solid phase extraction

Ultra-fast - process 1,000 mL samples in just 10 to 20 minutes

extraction systems
Data Management Platform New

Data Management Platform by LabV Intelligent Solutions

Turn data into better products

Maximum efficiency in the laboratory with LabV’s AI-powered data management platform

laboratory information management systems
Synaptic New

Synaptic by Synaptic Lab

Combine any laboratory devices to create an automated experimental procedure

Dose, stir, measure, report - control your process centrally and collect measured values



Streamlining the process of mycotoxin analysis

From extraction to chromatogram, fully automated

sample preparation systems
SAN++® Compact

SAN++® Compact by Skalar Analytic

Continuous flow analyzer - latest generation to automate your photometric analysis

Analyze numerous samples with different matrices – quick and cost-effective

continuos flow analyzers

HYDROTHERM by C. Gerhardt

Efficiency in food analysis: Safe and precise total fat determination made easy

Fully automatic acid hydrolysis in 90 minutes - validated for continuous operation

acid hydrolysis systems

LabBox by HiTec Zang

Automation made easy for every laboratory

Discover the all-in-one automation solution for greater efficiency


m-VROC II by Sphera Analytics

Viscometer for small volume samples

Viscosity Measurements with Controlled Shear Rates and Small Samples


LabVision by HiTec Zang

Flow and batch processes - visualize and automate cleverly

Optimize processes in the lab, pilot plant or miniplant with this smart software solution

process visualization software

OMNIS by Metrohm

Comprehensive water analysis - fully automated

pH-value, conductivity, and acid-base capacity without manual sample size adjustment

laboratory robots

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