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Pick & Decision Dispense

Ultimate "Pick & Decision Dispense" of Solid Compounds (true one-to-one; <100 μg - 100+ mg) more

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  • Sigma-Aldrich Acquires ChemNavigator, Inc.

    Sigma-Aldrich announced the acquisition of cheminformatics company, ChemNavigator .com, Incorporated, a provider of discovery research informatics software tools used for design, selection and procurement of chemical compound libraries. The acquisition links ChemNavigator's suite of virtual screenin more

  • Galapagos sells San Diego chemistry facility to ChemVentures

    Galapagos NV announced that it has completed the sale of its BioFocus DPI chemistry facility in San Diego to ChemVentures Pty Ltd, an Australian discovery research group. Financial terms were not disclosed. The San Diego facility currently employs 40 people and provides medicinal chemistry and cu more

  • ChemDiv to Supply Italien Nerviano Medical Sciences with Discovery Chemical Libraries

    ChemDiv, Inc. and Nerviano Medical Sciences (NervianoMS), Milano, Italy, announced an extension of their collaboration to an additional 2 year program. NervianoMS will use services of ChemDiv for building and enriching its portfolio of proprietary discovery chemical libraries. Such compound librarie more

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  • The Beginning of the End?

    Those of us who have been either directly involved in, or on the periphery of, the pharmaceutical industry over the last decade have seen at first hand a dramatic change. Times change, and technology changes. Take computer data storage for example. Not so long ago, the floppy disk was state of the art, replaced by the CD-ROM, and then by the USB drive. more


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