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Free up Your Time – Easy Automation of Your Routine Liquid Handling Tasks

You know Eppendorf for decades of high quality liquid handling handheld devices – now get in touch with the epMotion® automated liquid handling systems and learn how easy you can automate your everyday pipetting tasks. The webinar is directed to scientists and lab technicians with no or limited experience in automated liquid handling. We will discuss routine liquid handling tasks and illustrate how fast and effortless they can be transferred to our liquid handling workstation. Eppendorf’s automated liquid handling products will be introduced and we demonstrate how its flexibility and features help saving time and getting better reproducibility of your pipetting tasks.

Key Learning Objectives:

- Learn about general liquid handling tasks
- Pipetting from tube to plate
- Serial dilutions
- Hit picking via spread sheet import
- Normalization (DNA or Antibodies for assays)
- Learn about challenges in frequent lab tasks and how automation helps saving time and getting better reproducibility of your pipetting task
- Introduction to epMotion portfolio


Dr. Ulrich Wilkening, Director Applications Liquid Handling, Eppendorf AG
Dr. Carsten Buhlmann, International Product Manager Automation, Eppendorf AG


By appointment: Yes
Language: English
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